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Receiving the Expansion ~ The Council of Radiant Light ~ Ailia Mira


Receiving the Expansion

a message from The Council of Radiant Light channeled by Ailia Mira Divine Ones, Living in the world now, is a new experience. The world is opening up to greater expression of diversity. This is being empowered by many different types of human beings refusing to suppress who they are anymore. And with this courageous authenticity, the world is opening up. More people are daring to honor their unique beauty and expression is becoming more true, more authentic. Evolution is always going to result in greater expansion and also in diversification. Consciously becoming aware of the expansion of Life Itself is an exciting way to participate! It can make real to you, that Life is dynamic! Spontaneous. Evolving and expanding. You can begin to realize your own life is not what it was. Human beings tend to be very habitual and prefer stability, or sameness. We understand that with the plethora of choices that finding some way to create a sense of stability is helpful. It is far more empowering, though, to create that stability by your connection within. To create an experience of steadiness and calm by learning to trust yourself and trusting the connection with Life Itself that is always within you. This is one of the great benefits of spiritual development -- you can grow your experience of faith such that you rely more and more on inner knowing and this empowers you to let your manifest life experience, be more dynamic. Life can provide your with experiences that expand your joy, expand your creativity, expand your sense of connection and friendship with others. You can learn to see beauty in so many things that you’ve yet to encounter and doing so enriches your humanity. The openness of your heart is a huge factor in how fulfilling your life is. Many people have, over time, closed their hearts or held back from speaking their truth. They believe this makes them happier, because they feel it will keep them “safe.” Unfortunately the more closed your heart is, the more diminished your capacity for joy. We are encouraging you to open your heart wide. To discover now how resilient and free you are to change, evolve, expand and experience Life differently. Life is new all the time. Are you feeling it that way? That is an important question to reflect upon and if you discover that life has not felt that new for you... If you discover that your own life feels a bit like it’s in a rut, this is a good insight! The insight that your life has become a bit stale can help you to open up to new things. To break your patterns of familiarity experimenting a bit.

  • What would you like to do, that you haven’t tried yet?

  • What calls to you, that you hesitate to answer?

  • What do you feel and want to express, but you hold back from expressing?

Your answers to these questions reveal potential new ways of expression for you. Ways of being that will expand your flow. Life is available to you, in abundance! To live an abundant life you simply learn to receive more. When you hold back your own flow of expression, you also limit how much you can receive. Receiving and expressing go hand in hand. The more openly and freely you express yourself the more your ability to receive. Authenticity is abundant. Innately. Contemplate this and see today if there might be even some small choices you can make that make your life, more true for you! We love you very much. I AM Archangel Michael with Ashira, Ailia, Quan Yin, the Galactic Dragons and the Council of Radiant Light Copyright © Ailia Mira Media | Expect Wonderful by Ailia Mira. All rights reserved.



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