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Reincarnation: Angelic & Interplanetary Souls - COAST TO COAST AM 2022


COAST TO COAST AM - May, 2022. A psychologist and regression therapist Linda Backman discussed reincarnation, past lives, and the time that souls spend between incarnations - both earthly and interdimensional— as well as visitors from the angelic realm. Her knowledge has been gleaned from her clients and the consistent information they shared during regression sessions. The soul's purpose is to grow and learn and evolve, she noted, as we reincarnate in a series of lives as part of this process. There are various types of souls, she outlined, including "interplanetary" or "starseeds" who are designed to incarnate mostly on other planets. To learn more about featured guest speakers on this show please visit COAST TO COAST AM is Produced and Owned by Premiere Networks Inc/iHeartMedia 2022 All Rights Reserved


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