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Remember Love ~ A Message of Cosmic Light

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Blessings Family of Light,

Love is the Key, Love is the Answer, Love is “All” there is, Love is what's Real, Love is Infinite, Love is Divine. We have all heard these sayings over and over. But do you truly believe it? It's easy to say these words and show not a bit a true “Love” while saying them. Love is more than just a word that is used in new age spirituality. It is Truth, and the Deepest Feeling one can have for another being. Love is not desire or even intimacy. Love is a Much Higher frequency, then these Vibrations. This World has used the lower vibrations of Desire and Sex to “Replace” True Love. Desire and Sexual Intimacy are of the Energy of “wanting or greed,”and even “selfishness,” Not Love. Love can be added with these energies, And enhance the Vibration to Higher Form, But they are not True Love Energy. Love is, When you would Give Up Your own Life for Another being. Love is the Parents Love for their Child, and Love is, The Pureness of a Child’s Love for the Parent. These examples are, the purest form of Love that a person can have for another being. The world today has tried to erase that pure Love, By putting the Idea into the heads of humanity, that Their life is above another. The Woman is Sacred and the Man is Divine, in the Physical aspects of ourselves, As well as the Spiritual and Mental aspects of ourselves. This is the Secret to this Universe. Within the Womb of a Woman she creates another being with the Help of the mans energy. Within the Womb of this Universe, Reality is Created With Source/God Energy. This is the Hidden Truth. This is the Fractal of What we are. When we use the term Love, as in Love is the Key or Love is the Answer, This is that Pure Unconditional Love, that a Parent “Should” have for their Child, This is the Same Love Energy that is Source Energy. Most of Humanity has forgotten What Love Is, and Where it Comes from. We Must Remember the True meaning of Love, to bring change to this world. We must remember that Love is What we are made of. To Be Love is To Be Truth, and It is To Be Unconditional. Ask the Parents of a murderer if they still Love their child, Their Reply will be, Of Course they Do. This is the Love of this Universe. This is the Love we are to have for one another. This is the Love that is the Key and this is the Love that is the Answer. As more Awaken to Truth, More Will begin to see that Love for one another is the only way. In every culture and every religion, "Love Thy Neighbor," has always been the top commandment. Many Ask how can you love Someone you don't Know? It's about surrendering the Ego. We must let go of the thought that we are above others, and we must learn our connection to All. The Pure Love of Source/God is the Light Energy that makes up all matter and Surrounds Everything. This is Who we are and What we are Made of. Surrender to BE LOVE. With Every Word, Thought, and Action. When We Love Ourselves, We Care for our Needs and Protect ourselves from Harm. When we Love a Child we care for them and protect them in anyway possible. This Feeling of Compassion must be shared with the Rest of the World. We Must Care for the rest of Humanity and Make sure nothing causes them harm. We Must Love one another no matter what has been done in the Past. Forgiveness is needed, For they know Not, what they Do. As Humanity Grows in this Everlasting Light, they are Growing in Everlasting Love, Which is the Oneness of All that is. Remember Love, Remember Where it comes From, and Remember to Be The Love you Know that you are, to Everyone You Meet. We Love You, and We are Honored to Be the Light The Cosmic Light, Universal Lighthouse.

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