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Reptilian and Grey Alien Alliances on Earth - Part 12 of The Extraterrestrial Interference

VIDEO HAS BEEN REMOVED FROM YOUTUBE But Still is available on Rumble

Reptilian and Grey Alien Alliances on Earth - Part 12 of The Extraterrestrial Interference

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

Today I am being Guided to Disclose the Extraterrestrial Interference at one of its deepest darkest most hidden Karmic interactions with Humanity and this Earth. I know that there are some channelers out there Claiming that all the Dark entities have been removed. This is not Truth. as long as the Darkness still rules this Planet, and are still in Power and control over humanity, the Darkness still exists. Yes, we are making waves against the dark alliances. But we still have much work to do. Most Planets take a while to be fully liberated from the Dark alliance of the reptilian and the Grey alien species. There are subspecies that are reptilian that still exist within the 3D plane, These subspecies do not pose the Threat to Humanity as the Ones known as the Dracos do.

The Draco Reptilians who call themselves the Vlash, are very ancient and have been placed within the Lower 4th dimension to help Humanity evolve out from under their control. But, They are Artificial intelligence, AI hive mind and they found a way through the veil to manipulate, deceive, and control Humanity. These Archonic Entities get called up in The Dark Rituals performed by the elites to bring them wealth and power. However, it goes much deeper than that. it takes Human blood to call them into this reality, preferably a Childs Blood. And for thousands of years the ones who wish to control Humanity, have been calling them into this realm, through their Black Magic, sacrifice and Rituals. Throughout the centuries, Humanity has been Tricked, Manipulated, and controlled by these beings who have now begun the steps of a total take over here on Earth. They Possess most of the Top Leaders around the world, They control most of the wealth and are behind the main Earth control system through the UN, WEF, WHO, and all the other organizations that are pushing for World domination. These beings can not be removed as such the way that some of the channelers have claimed them to be. Yes, They do have strongholds that may have been destroyed, but, They are using Human reptilian hybrids to do their dirty work here on Earth. The Hybrids hold the Darkest Entities known to exist. They Incarnate into the Human reptilian Hybrids Body To directly manipulate, interfere and Control this Planet and Humanity.

However, the alliances with the Tall Greys, who call themselves The Maitre, are a little different, They have been doing experiments for hundreds if not thousands of years and now have made alliances with the Different governments, to continue these different experiments. These experiments are not what the mainstream disclosure wants you to believe. Most of the Mainstream want you to think that the experiments are innocent in nature and they are not here to harm Humanity. This is False info. There are several Different species of Grey, The smaller ones are mostly drones, while there are a few of the smaller ones who work with different higher vibration Entities and are like a slave or Workers That can be used within this Dimension. However, The Ones I am referring to Today is the Tall Grey, The same ones who attacked The well-known Whistleblower Phil Schneider. These Beings are some of the Darkest beings in the Universe. They too make alliances with the Reptilian species, But They also battle with Them often. They View Humans as Cattle, we are nothing but a commodity for them. They use us as food and to help reproduce. They believe they own us, literally like a property claim. They also are very involved in our Military. The Tall Greys are also the Creators of Different religions. They claim that they are our God. They have been the manipulators of our History. They have distorted every bit of Information that is given to the Public. These 2 species Play Both sides of the Spiritual spectrum to try and confuse us and control our spiritual development. The Greys are Manipulating the Church While the Reptilian Archons are The demons who possess the wicked.

There have been Treaties set up here on Earth to keep control of certain territories. These Territories are Countries that have made alliances with these different Species. The Territories at the Moment are beginning to get challenged. As stated before The Karistus, who have Incarnates on Earth at this Time, are now becoming more active in the Clearing of the Dark Forces here on this Planet.

For many this is causing fear and confusion. But, we are being reminded, that The Divine is now in full control of this Cleansing and actively removing the Darkness as we speak. We can help with this Transformation if we Focus on the Intentions of Bringing in the Light, and helping to Cleanse our Earth Mother Gaia Sophia. She is aware now of your True intentions and she will respond, with her Love, towards those who cherish her and send their Light to keep her safe. </