Reptilians Control The Earth - Part 8 of The Extraterrestrial Interference

Reptilians Control The Earth - Part 8 of The Extraterrestrial Interference.

Full Disclosure, Channeling, and Gnostic Guidance

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

Today I am being guided to disclose more about the Extraterrestrial Interference That is Happening on Earth. As Stated before Nothing is as it seems. For as long as the Earth Gaia Sophia has been in form, there has been a dark overrule, that has claimed Her to be theirs. These beings are very ancient and have been on Earth long before Humans. Even Long before the rise of the Ancient Cultures of Atlantis and Lemuria. They call themselves the Vlash, But to us, they are Known as the Reptilians.

Within the Nag Hammadi Codices, it refers to these Reptilian beings as the "authorities of the darkness." The name that is given to them was the Archons. These beings in very ancient times were here in the physical realm of Matter. According to The Codices, they were thrown into Darkness being the Void or what we know as the Lower 4th dimension, By Zoe, the Divine Daughter of Sophia and Christos. This has kept them behind a veil they can only penetrate with remote interaction. However, by literally possessing their prey they control the mind. In some cases, there is a full walk-in that takes place, where the Soul of the Human is removed and the Soul of the Reptilian takes over the Body.

As stated before within this Series, They also can incarnate into the hybrids they have created.

The Emerald tablets speak of the “children of the shadows” who manipulate this reality:

This is an Excerpt from the Emerald Tablets, wrote By Thoth.

“I speak of the ancient Atlantis, I speak of the days of the Kingdom of Shadows, I speak of the coming children of the shadows. They came out of the great depth, called by the wisdom of the men of the Earth with the purpose of getting great power.

In the remote past, before Atlantis existed, the men of those times were the ones who delved into the darkness, using dark magic, calling beings from the great depth below us. Then they entered this cycle, they were amorphous, of another vibration, and they existed hidden from the children of the men of the Earth. Only with blood could they form a being, only through man could they live in the world.

In past ages they were defeated by the Masters, pushed down to the place from where they had come. But some stayed, hidden in spaces and planes unknown by man. They lived in Atlantis as shadows, but sometimes they appeared among men.

In the form of a man they moved among us, but only for the eyes they were like men. With a snake’s head when the appearance dissipated, but they appeared to men as men among men. They entered the councils, taking forms that were similar to those of men. Giving death to the heads of the kingdoms, taking their form and ruling their men. Only by magic could they be discovered, only by sound could their faces be seen. Wanted by the kingdom of shadows, to destroy man and rule in his place.

The Masters were powerful magicians, capable of lifting the veil of the snake’s face, capable of sending it back to its place. They went to the man and taught him the secret: “the Word that only a man can pronounce; then they quickly lifted the veil of the serpent and threw it out of place among the men. But beware, the snake still lives in its open place, sometimes, to the world. Hidden walk among you in places where the rites have taken place; again, as time passes, they will take on the appearance of men. ”

“Called, they may be, by the teacher who knows whites and blacks, but only the white master can control and bind them in life. Do not seek the kingdom of shadows, for evil will appear safe, since only the master of light will conquer the shadow of fear. May you know, my brother, that this fear is a great obstacle; be the master of all in the brightness, the shadow will soon disappear.

As we move into the 4th dimension it will be much easier for us to see these beings as what their true forms are. As Thoth expressed, The secret to exposing them is Vibration. The Ancient Masters knew how to project the vibration needed to be able to expose their real appearance. As the Earth Raises herself in vibration, it will become very clear who is actually controlling things on this planet.

As Thoth stated we must become the Master of All in Brightness. This means to raise ourselves in Vibration, and Brightening our own Spark. By doing this the Shadow will disappear.

As we raise in Vibration They can not Harm us any more. For so long they have hidden behind the scenes controlling and manipulating everything that happens on this Planet.

As the Veil gets thinner, more will begin to wake up to the truth that's hiding right in front of us.

It's up to us to open our eyes to the Truth of our existence, Nothing is as it seems to be.

Only we can break ourselves free from the control and Manipulation of The Extraterrestrial Interference that has always existed. To break free you must first Know Truth.

and so it is and it is so,

In so much Love and Light,

Chellea, Mystic and Channel of the Aeon's Sophia, Christos and the Karistus, The New Earth of Light, Full Disclosure, Channeling, and Gnostic Guidance. @


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