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Sacred Geometry - Spiritual Science (Robert J. Gilbert)

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Please Subscribe to Knowledge is Power - Gary Lite Dr. Robert Gilbert shares his teachings on the divine designs which manifest everything in material existence, and offers practical methods for raising awareness to utilize Sacred Geometry and evolve consciousness on individual and global levels. I welcome you to an exclusive presentation on my channel, presented to you by Gaia, called: (Sacred Geometry: Spiritual Science) with Dr. Robert J. Gilbert. Special offer from Gaia, exclusive to all of my subscribers 🎁 ◉ Visit my Gaia Portal by clicking the link in the description area or pinned to the comment section below. You can watch Free videos and join with a special 7-day FREE Trial. 👉 at Links to the series pages: Series Page – Sacred Geometry: Gaia Home: Gaia TV Series: Gaia Films: HELP SUPPORT MY WORK 💗🙏💗 If you wish to make a small Donation click on the link below: Thank you ◉ PayPal Donation Link: ◉ My Websites: ◉ Like me on Facebook Gary Lite ~ :// ~ ~ ◉ Gary Lite on Instagram ~