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Seeing Beyond The Veil 👻 By Chellea

Seeing Beyond The Veil, By Chellea.

Blessings Dear Family of Light,

It's very interesting to see the dark Scramble and Scatter, when I am around. For many years now I have been opening my awareness beyond the physical view. As my awareness is rising and my Third eye is opening I am beginning to see more and more everyday. For the last several years, I have been slowly becoming more aware of things beyond the veil. I see movement of different beings in all sizes and shapes and also other things, like tears in the TimeSpace, or strange writing and codes. David too has become aware of these while in high vibrational state. This all started in 2012 and is now becoming more enhanced and intense. It was a few years ago I began to notice small Dark like flies that wasn't physical. I would see them in swarms, Flying in circles. As soon as I would go to them they would disperse, literally scatter. I told David one day about them and he too could see them when I made him aware. I also see things reaching in an out of our reality. Like for example, a school locker appearing on the bathroom wall then quickly disappearing, and that same locker appearing and opening in the kitchen a few days later, then suddenly again disappearing. These strange happenings have been going on for sometime with David and I, seeing or experiencing different strange things, we can not explain. I have become use to the little dark flies, I feel they are mechanical somehow. Like maybe mini invisible drones??? that can manipulate people and animals. They seem to know when I am aware of them, and scatter out of my area. There is a lot of strange things happening that no one is seeing. And it's happening right on the other side of our vision. This is what the Dark is trying to stop, as soon as you are aware of their manipulation, they can no longer do their dark work on you. When our third eye begins to open, we begin to see things that we did not know was there in our presence. We are never alone. Never Ever. Most people don't have a clue that this is happening.

I watched a video one time, I can't find that video now, But it was about a boy whose third eye had become open and he could see all the dark entities that attach themselves to humans of lower vibration, and it almost drove him crazy, so he decided to block his gift. I have been a professional paranormal investigator for years and have recorded lots of evidence showing that many different beings of all vibrations are just out of our view, living right beside us. There is all vibrations ranging from lower vibration absorbing parasites, to Angelic.

The Dark uses the lower vibrational beings to do their bidding and dark work during these times. Fear is the agenda they wish to generate.

During this time of year especially, is when this veil becomes even thinner. More reports of paranormal activity and even UFO activity occur during this time, than any other time of year.

In the olden days, this was a season of high vibrational celebration of Harvest and Abundance. The dark has worked very hard to flip that vibration into as much Fear as they can push.

The reason is, as we vibrate at a higher frequency, the veil is lifted from our eyes. If we are vibrating high we see through the veil and see all that is being done to humanity. This is one of the biggest fears of the dark ones, once you are made aware of the presence of the Darkness, and what it is doing, it can not stick around. It scatters. Our presence as Light beings, literally disperse all Darkness when we become aware of it.

Many people like to sage there space and keep Crystals around their Living area. This is a wonderful way to help clear areas of the dark energies that may be lingering. I find it interesting though that when a person who is focused on the Higher vibration energies of Love, compassion and gratitude, the Darkness can not stick around at all. So by focusing the energies of Love, you can not get or receive an attachment of lower vibration, no matter where you are at. They can not come close to you. The power of Love itself, is what dispels and removes them.

Once you become aware of this knowledge, nothing can manipulate you through the veil. When you harbor fear and Lower vibrations of separation and greed, you allow the lower vibrational entities, that are hidden from our eyes, to attach themselves to your physical form and to suck your energies, and manipulate your actions. This is what an attachment of lower vibration does. This is the Darkness just on the other side of the veil. By staying within higher vibrations, we block all Dark manipulation in that since. They can however, use those around us to effect our emotions and vibration. When you are in Fear or any other lower vibration, it is there chance to attach themselves to you. They will continue to pull you down vibrationally, causing chaos within your lives. Any Lower vibrational activities, such as getting drunk, or listening to Dark Music, can be an open Door to these dark entity attachments. Most know within the spiritual communities, that Alcohol is the Darks favorite tool of entity possession, They even call it "Spirits". Anytime we wallow in lower vibrations we take a chance of an entity attachment.

Here in the 4th Dimension we are next to both the Dark dimensions and the Light dimensions. Meaning we can potentially see into our full multidimensional existence, on both sides of the spectrum, Light and dark.

By staying focused in the Heart which is being service to Others, you raise your vibration and you begin to open yourself to see through the Veil.

Once you become aware of your power of Light and Love, there is no more fear of the unseen. All Darkness scatters in the presence of the Light.

Just the beautiful radiance of the vibration of Love is so powerful that darkness can not harm those who obtain it. The Power of Love has been underestimated and even belittled as weakness. The Real truth is that the Love vibration is the most powerful Energy in this Universe. Love is the force of the Infinite Creator., Which is the Light itself. It is where you come from and what we are made of. It is the only thing that removes Darkness completely. Fear is the darks weapon against humanities ascension. By raising your vibration to become of Love and service to others, you begin to dispel all Darkness within your life. and this includes the unseen darkness that is hidden from our eyes. Have a wonderful Autumn Season, filled with Light and Love, scattering all darkness in your Path.

and so it is, and it is so.

In so much Love and Light,

Chellea @


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