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Sending Healing To All The Indigenous Peoples of the World, Especially Canada #everychildmatters


Blessings Dear Family of Light,

On this page I post everything from Spiritual Teachings to Full Disclosure. Well today it's a bit of Both.

So much is happening that most people are not even aware of. Right now one of the biggest protests in history, and one of the Most important ones is taking place across the globe. The Protest taking place is being hidden from ALL media because it has to do with mass genocide of Indigenous peoples of Canada from the Catholic Churches themselves. It Seems 7 Churches have been burnt to the ground in Canada because of this uprising. All the Media has turned a blind eye on this because it goes against their chosen narrative in the moment.

The Indigenous Peoples of this Planet are rising up, to fight against their oppressors, and that happens to be the Churches themselves who Tortured and Killed over 1000 indigenous Children in Canada, and the Numbers are still multiplying in this investigation. This was done to simulate the Native People into a "White Mans" culture, under the "control of the church". If you do not know anything about this information I suggest that you do some research on it. Here are a few links to start.

Over 750 unmarked graves found near former Indigenous school in Canada, First Nation group says

Canada: 751 unmarked graves found at residential school

St. Pete protesters protest Roman Catholic Church’s massacre of Indigenous children

This isn't the first Time that the Indigenous of America and Canada have stood up recently. They Have been Fighting against Pipelines for years, because they are being placed through Indigenous Lands. and in the process destroying Land and waterways. Please check out these Headlines for more information on that.

Tribes Respond to KXL Pipeline Termination

Native Americans Hail Oil and Gas Pipeline Decisions

In three separate cases, pipelines planned to go through or near Native lands have been either delayed or stopped.

The reason I am bringing this up in my writing is because of the Lack of care and concern amongst the Lightworker community about these Indigenous Issues. We within the Lightworker community LOVE to take the Indigenous teachings and there Prophecies and claim them for our own Starseed Journey. Even Praising the Native Americans themselves for being the Starseeds of the Pleiadian. However, When it comes to the real Indigenous Native Americans, The rest of Americans Like to forget about them. The Americans are taught to look the other way when it comes to our Native Indigenous peoples.

In The United States at The Moment, the Native Americans from all over the Country are working to see if the churches Here did the same as Canada. If so, there will be a mass push against the Catholic Churches here in the US as well. The problem is, for generations we have all been taught to look away from the activities of the Churches horrific Sexual Abuse and torture. Now is the Time to expose it once and for all.

We Must Stop continuing to "protect" the very ones who have oppressed us and abused us.

The Natives that have not been Christianized into the Church, Remember their Ancient Ways.

The Native Peoples across this planet are truly for the Earth and the Water. They don't play around and pretend to care, they actually do. Most of them Believe It's not a climate change issue it's a Humanity issue on how we Care for this Earth. They LOVE this Earth as their Mother. They Know she is a Living Breathing Being, with a Heart Beat. She is very Conscious of each and everyone of us and our true intentions towards her. The Water we drink is her Life giving Blood, it is what we Humans are made of. Most Indigenous believe that they are this Planets protectors, this Right given to them by the Great Spirit.

If you claim to be Lightworker and are not taking the time to care for this earth then you are not a true lightworker. Part of this Journey is remembering your connection to Nature. Nature is God in Motion. The Natives have always known their connection to this Universe. This is why the Church tried to suppress them and force them to believe differently. Anyone in the time of the Catholic Crusades who were different in Looks and belief, they Captured and Forced into submission.

Most people on this Planet have been suppressed one way or another by the Church. This is an extreme part of the control system on this Planet, and Most, even Lightworkers, don't want to see it.

They protect the very thing that has controlled them. This is the extreme programming of the Dark. The Catholic Organization is pure Darkness, in disguise. We must see the truth when it's shown to us, to be able to heal it. If you can't open yourself to see this truth because of your belief system, then you are not on the path of true Enlightenment. Enlightenment means, To embody the Light through Knowledge.

We are in the moments of Disclosure, but also the Moments of Healing. We must see the darkness and transform it to Light. Nothing of the lower vibration will enter the New Earth. We must rise to the occasion and become the Love we know ourselves to be. I send Healing to all The Indigenous Peoples of the World, But Especially our Brothers and Sisters in Canada. May you be Blessed and May you be Healed through the Love of the Great Spirit/Infinite Creator.

and so it is, and it is so.

In so much love and Light,

The Below images are in Honor of the Indigenous People of Canada. #everychildmatters


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