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SSP Alliance Update: RECON - Reptilian ET bases on the Moon, Mars, & Antarctica Pt. 1

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IT"S NOT OVER FOLKS, PLEASE CONTINUE SENDING YOUR LIGHT and focusing your energies towards the Places that has been Named in the video!!!!!

We here at Universal lighthouse, are very cautious and hold Big discernment for what we post.

I have been watching and listening to much disclosure information, But do not post it because I see the disinformation campaign happening. However, One thing with Corey, he has always been consistent in his information. I do kind of understand his frustration with this topic. It is sad That the disinformation has to be of hope, but what it is doing under the cover is causing many Light-workers to stop doing the work needed to Clear these areas in our solar system. If you are Not Doing your Work by believing everything is okay, then it gives the Dark ones a chance to take over, because you have then allowed them to continue their deception and harm. Plus I know that Corey is honest when he is referring to Others Taking over the UFO disclosure info that is not of Positive Alliance. The ones we know as the Elites (Illuminati) do have a BIG hand in the disclosure happening now. I know this first hand Dealing with the First Disclosure Project that Came out, Which went no where. (Hint:::Sirius Movie)

If you have read any of my work, you may remember what my higher self's occupation/job is. I am a Universal Light-grid Programmer, I work with the Natural Consciousness of this Universe, against the Alien AI interference. I now work directly with That knowing. What that Job entails, is for me to see the Darkness where it may be, so I can Transform it with Love Light energies. When I hear of where the Darkness is camping out, That becomes a Major place of Focus for my Higher-self. With that being said We as humans Have the power through the divine Light, to Clear these Areas in our Solar System.

~ Chellea @


SphereBeing Alliance

Official Secret Space Program Alliance Update: Reconnaissance Mission over the Orion Group bases on the Moon, Mars, and Antarctica – Part I Soon: Find more SSP Alliance Update Episodes on Ascension Works TV: #SSP #20andBack #CoreyGoode #AscensionWorksTV

Statement from Corey Goode:

SphereBeing Alliance

52 minutes ago

I understand there is a lot of discourse in the community about disclosure narratives. I think it is important to be very careful when delivering intel because it directly affects the lives of people in the community that are experiencers and abductees. This point is VERY IMPORTANT. The hopeful information coming from some in this community is not consistent with what I am witnessing and reporting. I am witnessing the same types of events I have consistently reported publicly for over 6 years and these sources remain consistent in what they are showing me first hand. Nothing would make me happier than if the Solar System had been cleared of Tall Greys, Reptilians, and other ET's that have interfered with humanity but that is not what I am witnessing. I am getting angry emails from people who are still getting abducted by these dark ET's despite people in the community saying they were defeated. People who are saying this because they want it to be true are being irresponsible to those abductees who are still going through hell. We will bring stories from these current abductees soon. I am sure these people will say humans are doing the abductions in costumes or with androids which would be even more irresponsible to those still having genuine abduction experiences. I think we will look back at this time and attribute much of it to the mental state the last 2 years of lockdowns have caused in us (In addition to End Times Madness). I will continue to report the information the way I witness it first hand and wish nothing but love to those who feel they want to follow the alternative narrative being created at the moment.


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