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Stargate Meditation with Light Languages and Codes for Starseed DNA and Light Body Activation

Stargate 2 Heaven Meditation

This is the recording of a group stargate meditation: while Andrea connects you to a real stargate, Sarah Yogi channels light languages and codes (and messages in English) for starseed DNA activation and light body activation from intergalactic beings and angels assisting us in the ascension to the New Earth. While listening to the meditation, you can typically experience any of the following: strong emotional release, sudden lethargy, vibrations flowing through your body, limbs or head shaking, pressures on specific chakras (typically those affected by blockages), past life memories, unusual high-pitched sounds or ear ringing, strong visuals of sacred geometries, bright lights, higher beings (e.g. cosmic beings and star families, angels, ascended masters like Sananda, spirit guides). #LightLanguage#DNAActivation#stargate#meditation#NewEarth#GalacticFederation#starseed#ascension#lightBody#lightCodes#cosmicBeings#angels​ We organize weekly group meditations (45-90 minutes typically) via our FB page:​ We also offer 1:1 sessions via our website:​. Feel free to contact us at We look forward to connecting with you and welcome any feedback from your experience with our meditation(s)!! Spray paint art by Sarah.


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