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Step Out of the Matrix, and Become Truly FREE

Beautiful blessings Dear Family of Light,

When you open your eyes to all the deception and trickery that has been happening over the last several years to gain total control of humanity, you stop the allowance of their agenda, and become a sovereign being. The secret to their control over you is your allowance, whether its the "masks" or the "shot" or "money is power", it is all a form of control. This is the illusion that is stopping most of humanity from their ascension. The biggest majority of Humanity has lost their true nature, and can not think outside of the matrix. Everything they know and believe is confined to the little boxes in front of their faces. Most are still caught up in this side or that side being the right Side, never disconnecting from the matrix that controls them, never understanding bothsides that they are being shown, work for the "same" side, they just push a different Lie.

Most Left are ignorant to the concept of ALL life is sacred, and want to kill their very own soul, and anyone else's soul on the way, engulfing themselves in pure evil. This is the Agenda of Trans-humanism and AI and BIG TECH, This is their form of control, This is the Left Partnering with the Dark.

While the Right is much more deceiving and all about the Rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. The only ones they care about is the WORKER (Slaves), the ones making them their Money, paying very low wages forcing people to live below poverty. . They literally don't care about those less fortunate then them, and only look to gain by stepping all over them.. The Right are the Ones trying to stop all aid to the needy. This is the Self - Serving agenda Literally doing the Opposite of what they are Preaching in their Churches, and literally doing the opposite of what Jesus really taught himself. This is the deception of the Right, They are BIG OIL and BIG CORP and this Their Form of Control, This is the Rightside Partnering with the Dark.

Many forget that 911 was on a Republican's watch, and Kennedy was a Democrat. and Both sides have been and still go to the Bohemian Grove resort and perform their rituals. Here is a Link in case you don't know what I am talking about.

Both Sides are not here to help you or to save you, they are here to control you for an eternity if you let them. This is not to say that their isn't a few good souls out there trying to make a difference, because their definitely is, many here on the planet and throughout the higher dimensions.

I guess I stand out a little from others because I am not bound by this 3D Matrix. I have seen myself outside of this illusion. I have always considered myself a sovereign being. I think differently then most, because I can see the Darkness on "bothsides" of this fake control system that has been created to stop humanities ascension. Its a matter of your perception, in these moments most people are focusing on the stage show of events, that the dark has laid out, rather than focusing inward on the changes that's occurring within their own self. The governments all over the world, the USA included, are purposely trying to alter our DNA through, Spraying stuff in our air, genetically altering our food with pesticides, genetic engineering virus's to attack us, and trying to force the injection of who knows what then To find out that this stuff they are putting in you is probably going to kill you in the long run, this is the dark wanting to cause mass genocide and DNA manipulation. This is all being done to stop the reconfiguration or re-connection of our DNA back to source Light. We are in an on going event of Growth, which started in 2012, and will continue to enhance us farther into the higher spectrum of existence. Many of us are already experiencing new or heightened abilities, as we raise in higher understanding.

By choosing to step out of the matrix, you stop allowing the darks control over you. But first you have to see the Light, you have to see what the Light shows you. You have to see that which is being hidden from you. Many are so lost in being controlled that they are afraid of real freedom. Real freedom is not waiting on someone to save you, it's saving yourself from the darkness. It's raising your own frequency and awareness to the higher understanding and a higher way of being. It's learning to Love your neighbor no matter what he has done in the past, This is true forgiveness and real unconditional Love. It's about learning to care for those less fortunate than you, this is wanting abundance for all. It's about seeing others as you see yourself, and feeling true unity and oneness. It's about really caring for each other. Do you see it yet? Are you still looking for a savior? Jesus became enlightened before the dark put him on the cross, He was walking on water, healing the sick and raising the dead. He did all of these things prier to his death. He had ascended into his higher form while he was living. He Raised his frequency by feeding the hungry and washing strangers feet, and Teaching to Love thy neighbor as yourself. He was of total service to Others. He understood that he served the Great Spirit in many forms. This is the direction of the Light. If you are looking to be on the path of Light then this is the direction you should be taking. Yes Jesus did love everyone of us, and so do I... but he didn't die to save you, he was murdered, or at least they tried. He wanted us to live like him. That is being Christed, or achieving Christ Consciousness, to ascend in our form as he did. They Killed him and used the symbol of the cross to make you remember his death rather than his life. This was done because the dark didn't want you to know that you too can be raised to a Higher frequency of Light, and become LIKE CHRIST in your Living form, "Ascended".

Jesus and many other Masters that have walked this earth knew the secrets to ascending in the physical form. To achieve the abilities of the higher Light you must "become" the higher Light by your Thoughts, words, and actions, and the clearing and cleansing (This is the Baptism) of the physical body. Literally becoming Love in Every Moment. The Ascension is a true Alchemical process that occurs when the Mind, Body, and Spirit becomes purified. During these times of extreme energy boosts and cycles, it is much easier to achieve this higher purpose or Ascension Process. It's the Moment to Step Out of the Matrix, and Become Truly FREE

In so much Love and Light,

Chelle @ Universal Lighthouse Blog and Radio.



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