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Stop Playing Their Game ~ Channeled Through Divine Light

Stop Playing Their Game, Channeled Through Divine Light, By Chellea.

Beautiful Blessings Dear Family of Light,

A Lot is being purged right now in our personal Lives as well as on the world stage. All negative is being brought to the surface for us to transmute.

Everything is being shown for it's truth, in whats left of the 3D illusion. All those who wish to bring in the New Earth of Light can see all the old crumbling before our eyes. In some cases its disturbing to witness. This Purge is hard for most who still hold on to the old system and have a lot of fear of letting go of the old way of being. I am being shown by the Divine that this is unfounded Fear. Most of humanity in these moments are focusing on the Worst case scenario's, and they never see a positive outcome. This makes our job as Lightworkers a Little harder as we try and counter the negative thought forms.

The Dark has been Programming humanity for thousands of years. More modernly through Media, Religion, Politics, and Education. Through all of that Programming, many still are waking up to see all the Deception of the 3D illusion. The Dark are still throwing their Curve balls but they all are dropping before ever manifesting. Many people are now seeing that what they bit into, wasn't necessarily what they paid for. In other words, They thought everything was all going to Plan, and Now they are seeing that they were deceived. This is happening on Both sides of the fence in politics here in America. However, I am being shown that things are coming to a head, and there will be public Disclosure of Truth. This is needed for the rest of Humanity that is stuck in this illusion, to be shaken awake. It will not be pleasant for them, they still fear letting go of anything, let alone, being forced by this universe in a since, to let go of everything they thought was real. The illusion is this " governmental control system" that makes you believe that you want it and need it.

I am being given the image of a person who is afraid of himself. What this means is, many people fear other people, other races, and other cultures. This is what has been used in all the deception against Humanity. The Dark have purposely caused humanity, to Fear Themselves. Pitting Race against Race, Religion against Religion, and Political Point of View against Political Point of View.

If you stop allowing yourself to be manipulated in this manner, you stop the darks control over you. You stop playing their Game.

We are a very diverse species, however, we are still One Humanity. When you have unwarranted Fear of Others just because of their differences, You are stuck in the EGO mind.

I am then being shown that this whole thing is a game that the Dark Plays. Both sides in politics play the game, They make you believe they are going to protect and back All Americans. And when placed in Office they do the exact opposite of what they said they were going to do, and only follow the chosen agenda of the moment. This is the Big deception, NO POLITICAL PARTY IS FOR THE PEOPLE, THEY "ALL" WORK FOR THE DARK AGENDA. You can not become a Higher ranking official anywhere in this world without being Chosen for the Job by the dark ones themselves. If Someone gets into office that they don't like, or follows a different agenda, then they have that person removed one way or another. This is something that has been disclosed during the Trump presidency. But now he too, is following the Dark's Agenda and Pushing the vax mandates right a long with the rest of them. He said it himself, everyone has a price.

I am being shown that Humanity is very Angry in these moments. For those who are finally waking up to the big deception, they are becoming very angry. Anger is a very Low vibration, But what anger does, is it causes you to have to look at your feelings towards the situation. This is what is causing the BIG awakening to now take place. Once you are awake to the lies and deceit, you then have to assess what to do with this information. You can either except it and choose to step out of the 3D Game that they deceive you into playing or, you ignore this knowledge and continue playing their Game, and causing your own physical and spiritual destruction.

As we step into Higher Light, We as Humanity must make the Choice to become Sovereign, Stepping away from the need to be governed. We can choose to stop playing the game, by no longer supporting the Darks agenda, through their politics, media, religion, and formal education systems. We know that the whole system is corrupted, so why continue to back either side of politics, or follow any Religion that backs racism, or support any education that teaches Lies. Why do you wished continue being played and deceived. You are the one who makes the choice for yourself to step out of this 3D illusion. As we raise in Light we raise in our awareness of the Truth. You are so much more then the 3D world has ever taught you. You are a child of the Infinite Creator, who's spirit resides within you. You are One with the All.

and so it is, and it is so.

In so much Love and Light,

Channeled Through Divine Light. Chellea @


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