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The 3D Illusion is CRUMBLING

The 3D Illusion is CRUMBLING

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

As we move into the Higher Vibrations, we are beginning to witness the crumbling of the 3D perspective. We see This shift within our own awareness, and now we are beginning to see it within the whole of the Collective. It's almost impossible now to do anything against humanity without it being shown to us. All the Old Control Structures are beginning to crumble because We are no Longer giving them Energy. We are now within the Transformation into the Higher state of being.

These are some Messages from our Galactic Family about the crumbling of the 3D Illusion.

We wish to speak of the shock waves that are already reverberating around your collective psyche, as the old structure has collapsed and the new is not yet revealed. Not only have the negatively charged energies been dislodged and actively looking for new ‘homes’ – they seek the negative energy of pain, fear, anxiety, stress to feed off – but the human collective psyche knows that the time has come for the end game. They may not acknowledge it, but the shock of the fall of the cabal and its dependent structures is so profound that all are feeling it, even if they are not aware that is what is increasing their anxiety.

While many are not consciously aware of the changes behind the scenes, their souls are conscious. The time delay in rolling out the awakening Event is, in part, to give the collective psyche time to become aware of what has gone on. This preparation occurs unconsciously, the sure knowing that the evil is defeated, and the old structures are crumbling as we speak. Embedded in that is also the keys each being knows to find their way through this time and remake their lives in a way that resonates with their higher selves.

Excerpt By Channel Jennifer Crokaert

We are seeing The Removal of the Old energies as we Embody the New. This affects us within but as we are witnessing it affects everything around us as well.

The energetic rotation of Earth continues to accelerate and is moving in direct alignment to the pulse of consciousness that is being generated through this resident Universe. These changes are altering the weather systems across the planet and creating a further intensity of the 3rd dimensional drama on the planet. These happenings are leading you into greater change and transformation, they are part of a series of destined monumental shifts that are to take place on Earth leading into the new transition of consciousness on your planet.

Within the sacred texts, it is written that at a certain destined moment Earth will return to playing its pivotal role within the Universe. Many of you have pre agreements that will make up part of that community, which consciously returns to the Universe to interact through communion. Many of you are already in alignment with the Galactic life force groups, and now is the time for a deeper, more complete communication and commitment to take place.

The time is now to step forward and claim your place within this sacred arena of the light that has always been in existence. Through these series of expansive energetic shifts, you may experience a tilting of your senses where there is a powerful sense of being