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The Age of Intuition: Synchronicities Guiding our Life Stories ~ Lisa Clayton

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The Age of Intuition: Synchronicities Guiding our Life Stories

.By Lisa Clayton

In the Age of Intuition, our synchronistic happenings become stronger and stronger. The dynamic of possibilities we can’t imagine is possible. There is something more dynamic and complex that creates the field in which the new world is emerging. Are you willing to be curious and surprised? How do you offer your presence to not knowing, explore new possibilities, and hold a sense of wonder and grace when it happens?

Meaningful coincidences and simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related were the first definitions of synchronicity I received by reading fascinating stories by several authors and studying Carl Jung, who brought the term to light.

Yet, the book that aligned with my intuition and how it could create synchronicities was by Robert H. Hopcke, “There Are No Accidents.” I read this book over 20 years ago and have marveled at how synchronicities have evolved, now more rapidly than ever, as humanity and Mother Gaia are both going through a major ascension process in 2021.

Life stories

All our lives are one big story and synchronistic events reflect our story in which an internal, emotional state, our feelings, and intuitive knowing, are reflected in a chance occurrence in the external world.

Synchronistic events confront us with the fact that sometimes the stories we make up about ourselves and the stories we would like to live are not necessarily the stories we are actually living or meant to live.

This is where I believe and have experienced that our Divine Sovereign Source-Self is what drives the synchronicities of our lives. The conditioned stories we have carried within us or acted out in our lives are not true. The “not enough” has been ingrained in our psyches since we were old enough to take in the information from our families, communities, culture, schools, churches, and every institution where control was deemed essential to our survival in life.

Now we are waking up to create our own thriving lives. As we finally shed the old stories and embrace a new way of living by trusting our intuition, we more consciously engage in the synchronicities of our lives and start to weave a new path for our evolution.

Throughout our lives, we can track and find a deeper meaning to the many synchronistic events that have shaped our stories.

Synchronistic event

One very significant synchronistic event that set a new life focus for me happened when I was asked to present at a conference in San Francisco representing the publishing company my husband and I both worked for. In the last hour, I was asked to take another consultant’s place as a keynote speaker for this conference as she had fallen ill.

Irritated and frustrated feelings surfaced quickly as I had to leave our new home in Atlanta that I was excitedly decorating and creating new living spaces for our family. This news threw me into an unexpected tailspin, yet my intuition kept saying, “Accept the invite and go.”

Upon arriving in California and experiencing the skyline from the plane, I kept thinking and feeling it would be wonderful to be upgraded to a top-floor suite on my first visit; one that overlooked this magical city, San Francisco. My irritation dissipated and my heart filled up with wonder and curious excitement.

As we checked into our hotel, the staff noticed an upgraded suite on the top floor to a panoramic view of the city was available for keynote speakers. I didn’t have to ask! As I pulled back the curtains to our corner suite, a rush of cold chills came over me. This is always a sign of my intuition relating big changes are coming.

As I gasped at the view, I said to my husband, “We are going to move here someday. This feels like home. My heart is on fire.” He laughed out loud reminding me we just built a new home in Atlanta and there was no way we would be moving to this part of the country anytime soon or in fact ever. His comments bounced off me as the synchronistic events started to flow.

All through the conference, I kept receiving signals and signs that made my heart skip a beat. From people I would meet to the places we went to dine, there was always some mention of moving to San Francisco. Even a taxi driver commented, “You will be moving here soon as you have that ‘left my heart in San Francisco’ look in your eyes.”

When we returned to our home in Atlanta, my heart was still racing from each synchronistic event we encountered. Then, out of the blue, we received a phone call the next day from our publishing company’s president, offering my husband his dream position of Regional Vice President. And the location? Yes, San Francisco! The current Regional VP had decided to retire after meeting us at the conference and highly recommended my husband for his replacement.

Six months from the day we first set foot in San Francisco when I pulled the curtains open in our hotel suite with my heart racing and gasped with chills at the magical view, we moved to the San Francisco Bay area. This beautiful area is truly my home of the heart where I still live today.

Take notice of synchronicities

Now is the time to take notice of the synchronicities aligning with your intuition of soul knowing and heart’s intuitive intelligence. They are happening more rapidly now as humanity is waking up to create the new timeline for our evolution; one of love and light.

And the best news? When you let your intuition be the driver in your life, the synchronicities become your road map; not just guesses or random coincidences. They become your real-life story markers of where to go and how to live your authentic, true Source-self story. Enjoy the new chapters of your life story that are coming and honor the synchronicities that light the way.



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