"The Art of True Healing" by Israel Regardie (Full Audio and Ebook)

The Art of True Healing details a powerful exercise that stimulates the body, mind, and spirit to help us create physical health and personal success. Originally published in 1932, predating by more than a half century the current interest in the mind’s power to heal, this concise work guides readers through what Israel Regardie calls the Middle Pillar meditation — a technique that combines the mystical concepts of yoga’s chakras and the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life to create a simple and effective healing tool.

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The Art of True Healing.

by Israel Regardie.

Chapter 1.

Within every man and woman is a force which directs and controls the entire course of life. Properly used, it can heal every affliction and ailment to which mankind is heir. Every single religion affirms this fact. All forms of mental or spiritual healing, no matter under what name they travel, promise the same thing. Even psychoanalysis employs this power, though indirectly, using the now popular word libido. For the critical insight and understanding which it brings to bear upon the psyche releases tensions of various kinds, and through this

release the healing power latent within and natural to the human system operates more freely. Each of these systems undertakes to teach its devotees technical methods of thinking or contemplation or prayer such as will, according to the a priori terms of their own philosophies, renew their bodies and transform their whole environment.

None or few of them, however, actually fulfil in a complete way the high promise made at the outset. There seems but little understanding of the practical means whereby the spiritual forces underlying the universe and permeating the entire nature of man may be utilised and directed towards the creation of a new heaven and a new earth. Naturally, without universal co-operation, such an ideal is impossible for all mankind. Nevertheless, each

one for himself may commence the task of reconstruction.

The crucial question, then, is how are we to become aware of this force? What are its nature and properties? What is the mechanism whereby we can use it?

Untapped Currents.

As I have said before, different systems have evolved widely differing processes by which the student might divine the presence of such a power. Meditation, prayer, invocation, emotional exaltation, and demands made at random upon the universe or the Universal Mind, have been a few of such methods. In the last resort, if we ignore petty details of a trivial nature, all have this in common. By turning the fiery penetrating power of the mind inwards upon itself, and exalting the emotional system to a certain pitch, we may become aware of previously unsuspected currents of force. Currents, moreover, almost electric in their interior sensation, healing and integrating in their effect.

It is the willed use of such a force that is capable of bringing health to body and mind. When directed it acts magnet-like. By this I mean that it attracts to whomsoever employs these methods just those necessities of life, material or spiritual, that he urgently requires or which are needed for his further evolution.

Fundamentally, the underlying idea of the mental healing systems is this. In the ambient atmosphere surrounding us and pervading the structure of each minute body-cell is a spiritual force. This force is omnipresent and infinite. It is present in the most infinitesimal object as it is in the most proportion-staggering nebula or island universe. It is this force which is life itself. Nothing in the vast expanse of space is dead.

Everything pulsates with vibrant life. Even the ultra-microscopic particles of the atom are alive; in fact the electron is a crystallisation of its electric power.

This life force being infinite it follows that man must be saturated - permeated through and through with spiritual force. It constitutes his higher self, it is his link with godhead, it is God in man. Every molecule in his physical system must be soaked with its dynamic energy. Each cell in the body contains it in its plenitude. Thus we are brought face to face with the enormous problem underlying all disease, the enigmatical problem of nervous depletion.

What is Fatigue?

How can there be depletion if vitality and cosmic currents of force daily pour through man, simply saturating his mind and body with its power? Primarily, it is because he offers so much resistance to its flow through him that he becomes tired and ill, the conflict finally culminating in death. How is puny man able to

defy the universe? Nay more, offer resistance and opposition to the very force which underlies, and continually evolves in, the universe? The complacency and confusion of his mental outlook, the moral cowardice by which he was reared, and his false perception of the nature of life - these are the causes of resistance to the inward flow of the spirit. That this is unconscious is no logical obstacle to the force of this argument, as all the depth psychologies have demonstrated.

What man is really aware of all the involuntary processes going on within him?

Who is conscious of the intricate mechanism of his mental processes, of that by which his food is assimilated and digested, of the circulation of his blood, of the arterial distribution of nourishment to every bodily organ? All these are purely involuntary processes: to a large degree so are his resistance’s to life. Man has surrounded himself with a crystallised shell of prejudices and ill-conceived fantasies, an armour which affords no entrance to light of life without.

What wonder he ails? What wonder he is so ill and impotent, helpless and poor? Why should there be surprise that the average individual is so unable to deal with life?

The First Two Steps to Health.

The first step towards freedom and health is a conscious realisation of the vast spiritual reservoir in whichwe live and move and have our being. Repeated intellectual effort to make this part and parcel of one’s mental outlook upon life automatically breaks down or dissolves something of the hard inflexible shell of the mind. And then life and spirit pour abundantly. Health spontaneously arises, and a new life begins as the point of view undergoes this radical change. Moreover, it would appear that the environment attracts just those people who can help in various ways, and precisely those amenities of life that had been longed for.

The second step lies in a slightly different direction. Regulated breathing - quite a simple process. Its necessity follows from the following postulate. If life is - all about one, all penetrating and all pervasive, what more reasonable than that the very air we breathe from one moment to another should be highly charged with

vitality? Our breathing processes we therefore regulate accordingly. We contemplate that life is the active principle in the atmosphere. During the practice of this rhythmical breathing at fixed periods of the day, there should be no strenuous forcing of the mind, no overtaxing of the will. We let the breath flow in while mentally counting very slowly...one, two, three, four. Then we exhale counting the same beat. It is fundamental and important that the initial rhythm, whether it be a four or a ten beat count or any other convenient one, should be maintained. For it is the very rhrythm itself which is responsible for the easy absorption of vitality from without, and the acceleration of the divine power within.


Immutable rhythm is everywhere manifest in the universe. It is a living process whose parts move and are governed in accordance with the cyclic laws. Look at the sun, the stars, and the planets. All move with comparable grace, with a rhythm in their inexorable times. It is only mankind that has wandered, in its ignorance and self-complacency, far from the divine cycles of things. We have interfered with the rhythmic process inherent in nature. And how sadly have we paid for it!

Therefore in attempting to attune ourselves once more to the to the intelligent spiritual power functioning through nature’s mechanism, we attempt, not blindly to copy, but intelligently to adopt her methods. Make, therefore, the breathing rhythmical at certain fixed times of the day, when there is little likelihood of disturbance.

Cultivate above all the art of relaxation. Learn to address each tensed muscle from toe to head as you lie flat on you back in bed. Tell it deliberately to loosen its tension and cease from its unconscious contracture. Think of the blood in response to your command flowing copiously to each organ, carrying life and nourishment everywhere, producing a state of glowing radiant health. Only after these preliminary processes have been accomplished

should you begin your rhythmic breathing, slowly and without haste. Gradually as the mind accustoms itself to the idea, the lungs will take up the rhythm spontaneously. In a few minutes it will have become automatic. The whole process the becomes extremely simple and pleasureable.

It would be impossible to overestimate its importance or efficacy. As the lungs take up the rhythm, automatically inhaling and exhaling to a measured beat, so do they communicate it and gradually extend it to all the surrounding cells and tissue - just as a stone thrown into a pool sends out widely expanding ripples and concentric circles of motion. In a few minutes the whole body is vibrating in unison with their movement. Every cell seems to vibrate sympathetically. And very soon, the whole organism comes to feel as if it were an inexhaustible storage battery of power. The sensation - and it must be a sensation is unmistakable.

Simple as it is, the exercise is not to be despised. It is upon the mastery of this very easy technique that the rest of this system stands. Master it first. Make sure that you can completely relax and then produce the rhythmic breath in a few seconds.

Mental and Spiritual Centres.

I now approach an idea fundamental and highly significant. It is the inability to realise or thoroughly to have grasped its importance which really underlies the frequently observed failure of many mental culture and spiritual healing systems. Just as in the physical body are specialised organs for the performance of specialised functions, so in the mental and spiritual nature exist corresponding centres and organs. Exactly as the teeth, the stomach, liver and intestines are so many mechanisms evolved and devised by nature for the digestion and assimilation of food, so are there similar centres in the other constituents of man’s nature.

The mouth receives food. Digestion occurs in the stomach and small intestines. Likewise there is an apparatus for rejecting waste effete products. In the psychic nature also are focal centres for the absorption of spiritual power from the universe without. Others render its distribution and circulation possible. The dynamic energy and power entering man from without is not uniform or alike in vibratory rate. It may be of too high a voltage, so to say, readily to be endured by him. Within, therefore, is a certain psychic apparatus whereby indiscriminate cosmic currents of energy may be assimilated and digested, their voltage thus becoming stepped down or adjusted to the human level. The process of becoming aware of this psychic apparatus, and using the energy it generates, is an integral part of this healing system.

It is my contention that prayer and contemplative methods unconsciously employ these inner centres. Hence we would be wiser and far more efficient deliberately to employ for our own ends this spiritual power and the centres it flows through. Let us call these latter, for the moment, psycho-spiritual organs, of which there are five major ones. Since name them we must, inasmuch as the human mind loves to classify and tabulate things,

let me give them the most non-committal and non-compromising titles imaginable so that no system of prejudice may be erected thereon. For convenience’s sake, the first we may name Spirit, the second Air, the succeeding

ones being called Fire, Water and Earth.

To illustrate the concept, I reproduce a simple diagram. It shows the position and location of the centres.

Not for one moment do I wish to be understood as stating that these centres are physical in nature and position (though there may be glandular parallelism).

They exist in a subtler spiritual or psychic part of man’s nature.

We may even consider them, not as realities themselves, but as symbols of realities, great, redeeming and saving symbols. Under certain conditions we may become aware of them in very much the same way as we may become aware of different organs in our physical bodies. We often speak of reason as being situated in the head, referring emotion to the heart and instinct to the belly. Similarly, there exists a natural correspondence between these centres and various parts of the body.

Thought, Colour and Sound.

It is axiomatic to this system that there are three principal engines or means whereby we may become aware of the centres to awaken them from their dormant state so that they may function properly within.

Thought, colour, and sound are the three means. The mind must concentrate itself on the assumed position of these centres one by one. Then certain names which are to be considered as vibratory rates must be intoned and vibrated. Finally, each centre is to be visualised as having a particular colour and shape. The combination of these three agencies gradually awakens the centres from their latency. Slowly they become stimulated into functioning each according to its own nature, pouring forth a stream of highly spiritualized energy and power

into the body and mind. When, ultimately, their operation becomes habitual and stabilised, the spiritual power they generate may be directed by will to heal various ailments and diseases both of a psychological and physical nature. It can also be communicated by mere laying of hands to another person. Simply by thinking fixedly and with intent, the energy, moreover, can be communicated from mind to mind telepathically or transmitted through space to another person miles away - objects in space affording no interruption or obstacle to its passage.

The Coronal Sphere.

First of all, the position of the centres, as shown in the diagram, must be memorised. They are to be stimulated into activity either while sitting upright or whilst lying down flat on the back in a perfectly relaxed state. The hands may be folded in the lap, or else, with fingers interlocked, be permitted to rest loosely below the solar plexus. Calmness of mind should be induced, and several minutes devoted to rhythmic breathing should result in the sensation of a gentle ripple playing over the diaphragm.

Then imagine above the coronal region of the head a ball or sphere of brilliant white light. Do not force the imagination to visualise the light sphere. To force would only result in the development of neuromuscular tension, and this would defeat our end. Let it be done quietly and easily. If the mind wanders, as indeed it will, wait a moment or two and gently lead it back. At the same time vibrate or intone the word Eheieh, pronounced Eh-huh-yeh. After a few days of practice it will become quite easy to imagine the name vibrating above the head in the so called Spirit centre. This is the indwelling or overshadowing divinity in each of us, the basic spiritual self which we can all draw upon. Eheieh means literally I AM, and this centre represents the I AM consciousness within.

The effect of thus mentally directing the vibration is to awaken the centre to dynamic activity. When once it begins to vibrate and rotate light and are felt to emanate downwards upon and into he personality. Enormous charges of spiritual power make their way into the brain, and the entire body feels suffused with vitality and life.

Even the finger-tips and toes react to the awakening of the coronal sphere by a faint pricking sensation at first being felt. The name should be intoned during the first few weeks of practice in a moderately audible and sonorous tone of voice. As skill is acquired, then the vibration may be practised in silence, the name being imagined and mentally placed in the centre. If the mind tends to wander, the frequent repetition of the vibration will be found a great help to concentration.

The Air Centre.

Having let the mind rest here for some five minutes, when it will be seen to glow and scintillate, imagine that it emits a white shaft downwards through the scull and brain, stopping at the throat. Here it expands to form a second ball of light, which should include a large part of the face, up to and including the eyebrows. If the larynx is conceived to be the centre of the sphere, then the distance from it to the cervical vertebrae at the back of the neck will be approximately the radius. Naturally this dimension will vary with different people. A similar technique should be pursued with this sphere, which we name the Air centre, as obtained with the previous one.

It should be strongly and vividly formulated as a scintillating sphere of brilliant white light, shining and glowing from within. The name to be vibrated is Jehovah Elohim - pronounced as Yuh-hoh-voh Eh-loh-heem.

A word or two may not be amiss at this point with regard to the names. In reality they are names ascribed in various part of the Old Testament to God. The variety and variation of these names are attributed to different divine functions. When acting in a certain manner. He is described by the biblical scribes by one name. When doing something else, another name more appropriate to his action is used. The system I am describing now has its roots in the Hebrew mystical tradition. Its ancient innovators were men of exalted religious aspirations and genius. It is only to be expected that a religious bias was projected by them into this scientific psychological system. But it must be explained that for our present-day purposes no religious connotation is implied by my use of these biblical divine names. Anyone can use them without subscribing in the least to the ancient religious views - whether he be a Jew, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist or atheist. It is a purely empirical system which is

successful despite the scepticism or faith of the operator. We today may consider these sacred names in an entirely different and practical light. They are keynotes of different constituents of man’s nature, doorways to so many levels of that part of the psyche of which normally we are unconscious. They are vibratory rates or symbolic signatures of the psychophysical centres we are describing. Their use as vibratory keynotes awakens into activity the centres with which their rate is in sympathy, conveying to our consciousness some recognition of the several levels of the unconscious spiritual side of our personalities. Hence the actual religious significance does not concern us. Nor their literal translation.

To refer back to the air centre in the throat, let the vibratory sounds be intoned a number of times, until its existence is recognised and clearly felt as a definite sensory experience. There is no mistaking the sensation of its awakening. About the same length of time should be spent formulating it and the succeeding centres as was devoted to the contemplation of the coronal sphere. This period having elapsed, let it thrust downward from itself, with the aid of imagination, a shaft of light.

The Fire Centre.

Descending to the region of the solar plexus, just beneath the sternum breast-bone, the shaft expands once again to form a third sphere. This is the position of the Fire centre. The allocation of fire to this centre is particularly appropriate, for the heart is notoriously associated with the emotional nature, with love and the higher feelings. How often do we not speak of ardent passion, and the flame of love, and so forth? The diameter of this ambient cardiac sphere should be such as to extend from the front of the body to the back. Here vibrate the name Jehova Eloah ve-Daas, pronounced as Yuh-hoh-voh Eh-loh ve-Dah-ahs. Take care that the intonation vibrates well within the formulated white sphere. If this is done, at once a radiation of warmth will be felt to emanate from the centre, gently stimulating all the parts and organs about it. Some students have complained that the above divine name is unduly long and difficult to pronounce. After some experimentation, I have substituted the Gnostic name IAO for the Hebrew word. Both are attributed, qabalistically, to the Sephirah of Tiphareth on the Tree of Life, and so are equally valid. I have found it to be every bit as effective as the Hebrew name, and in my own practice of this meditation I have permanently substituted the one for the other.

IAO should be pronounced eee-(as in key) ah-oh, slowly and with vigour. In point of fact, it is simpler to vibrate this name than almost any other, and the vibration it produces is clear and strong.

Since the mind functions in and through the body, being co-extensive with it, the mental and emotional faculties likewise become stimulated by the dynamic flow of energy from the centres. The hard and fast barrier erected between consciousness and the unconscious, an armoured partition which impedes our free expression and hinders spiritual development, slowly becomes dissolved. As time goes on, and the practice continues, it may disappear completely and the personality gradually achieve integration and wholeness. Thus health spreads to every function of mind and body and happiness ensues as a permanent blessing.

The Water Centre.

Continue the shaft downwards from the solar plexus to the pelvic region, the region of the generative organs. Here too, a radiant sphere is to be visualised approximately of the same dimensions as the higher one.

Here also is a name to be intoned so as to produce a rapid vibration in the cells and molecules of the tissue in that region. Shaddai El Chai is to be pronounced Shah-di El Chi (remember the ch is guttural as in ‘loch’). The mind must be permitted to dwell on the imaginative formulation for some minutes, visualising the sphere as of a white brilliance. And each time the mind wanders from such a brilliance, as at the beginning it is bound to do, let it gently be coaxed back by repeated and powerful vibrations of the name.

It may be feared that this practice could awaken or stimulate sexual feeling and emotion unnecessarily. In those in whom a sexual conflict is raging such an apprehension is just and legitimate. Actually, however, the fear is groundless. For the contemplation of the Water centre as a sphere of white light connected by a shaft to the higher and more spiritual centres acts rather in a more sedative way. And in point of fact sexual stimulation can be removed, not by ignorant and short-sighted repression, but by the circulation of such energies through the

system by means of this practice. A thoroughgoing and far-reaching process of sublimation, Alchemical almost in effect, may thus be instigated. This is not to be construed as legitimising the avoidance of the sexual problem.

The Earth Centre.

The final step is once more to visualise the shaft descending from the reproductive sphere, moving downwards through the thighs and legs until it strikes the feet. There it expands from a point approximately beneath the ankle, and forms a fifth sphere. We have named this one the Earth centre. Let the mind formulate here exactly as before a brilliant dazzling sphere fop the same size as the others. vibrate the name Adonai ha-

Aretz as Ah-doh-ni hah-Ah-retz. Several minutes having been utilised in awakening this centre by fixed and steady thought and by repeated vibration of the name, pause for a short while.

The try to visualise clearly the entire shaft of silvery light, studded as it were with five gorgeous diamonds of incomparable brilliance, stretching from the crown of the head to the soles of the feet. But a few minutes will suffice to give reality to this concept, bringing about a vivid realisation of the powerful forces which, playing upon the personality, are eventually assimilated into the phychophysical system after their transformation and passage through the imaginative centres. The combination of rhythmic breathing with the willed visualisation of the decent of power through the light shaft or Middle Pillar, as it is also called, produces by far the best results.

Colour Correspondences.

As skill and familiarity are acquired in the formulation of the centres, an addition to the technique may be made. Earlier I remarked that colour was a very important consideration where this technique was concerned.

Each centre has a different colour attribution, though it is wisest for a long period of time to refrain from using any other colour than white.

To the Spirit or coronal centre the colour white is attributed. It is the colour of purity, spirit, divinity, and so on. It represents, not so much a human constituent, but a universal and cosmic principle overshadowing the whole of mankind. As we descend the shaft, however, the colours change.

Lavender is attributed to the Air or throat centre, and it represents particularly the mental faculties - human consciousness as such.

To the Fire centre, red is an obvious association requiring no further comment.

Blue is the colour referred to the Water centre; it is the colour of peace, calmness and tranquillity, concealing enormous strength and virility. In other words, its peace is the peace of strength and power rather than the inertia of mere weakness.

Finally, the colour referred to the lowest centre of Earth is russet, the rich deep colour of the earth itself, the foundation upon which we rest.

From this very brief and concise summary it will be seen that each of these centres has a species of affinity or sympathy with a different spiritual constituent. One centre is peculiarly sympathetic to or is associated with

the emotions and feelings, whilst another has definitely an intellectual bias. Hence it follows logically, and experience demonstrates this fact, that their equilibrated activity and stimulation evokes a sympathetic reaction from every part of man’s nature. And where disease manifesting in the body is directly due to some psychic maladjustment or infirmity, then the activity of the appropriate centre must be affected somehow in a deleterious way. Its stimulation by sound and colour, tends to stimulate the corresponding psychic principle and thus to

disperse the maladjustment. Sooner or later a reaction is induced physically in the disappearance of the disease, and the consequent building up of new cells and tissue - the appearance of health itself.

Chapter 2.

We approach a further and important stage in the development of the Middle Pillar technique. Having brought power and spiritual energy into the system by means of the psycho-spiritual centres, how best are we to use it? That is to say, use it in such a way that every single cell, every atom, and every organ becomes stimulated and vitalised by that dynamic stream?

To begin with, we throw the mind upwards to the coronal sphere again, imagining it to be in a state of vigorous activity. That is, it revolves rapidly, absorbing spiritual energy from space about it, transforming it in such a way that it becomes available for immediate use in any human activity. Imagine then that such transformed energy flows, stream-like, down the left side of the head, down the left side of the trunk and the left leg. While the current is descending the breath should slowly be exhaled to a convenient rhythm. With the slow

inhalation of the breath, imagine that the vital current passes from the sole of the left foot to the right foot, and gradually ascends the right side of the body. In this way it returns to the source from which it issued, the coronal centre, the human source of all energy and vitality, a closed electrical circuit thus being established. Naturally this circulation is visualised as persisting within the body rather than as travelling around the periphery of the physical shape. It is, so to say, and interior psychic circulation rather than a purely physical one.

Stimulating Circulation.

Let this circulation, once firmly established by the mind, flow evenly to the rhythm of the breath for some seconds so that the circuit has been traversed about half a dozen times - or even more, if you wish. Then repeat it in a slightly different direction. Visualise the vital flow as moving from the coronal centre above the head down the front of the face and body. After having turned backwards under the soles of the feet, it ascends at the back

in a fairly wide belt of vibrating energy. This, likewise should accompany the inhalation and exhalation of breath, and should also be persisted in for at least six complete circuits.

The general effect of these two movements will be to establish in and about the physical form an ovoid shape of swiftly circulating substance and power. Since the spiritual energy dealt with by this technique is extremely dynamic and kinetic, it radiates in every direction, spreading outwards to an appreciable distance. It is this radiation which forms, colours and informs the ovoid sphere of sensation which is not conterminous with the shape or dimension of the physical frame. General perception and experience has it that the sphere of luminosity and magnetism extends outwards to a distance more or less identical with the length of the outstretched arm. And it is within this aura, as we call it, that the physical man exists rather like a kernel within a nut. Circulating the

force admitted into the system by the former mental exercises is tantamount to charging it to a considerable degree in every department of its nature with life and energy. Naturally this is bound to exert a considerable influence, so far as general health is concerned, upon the enclosed ‘kernel’ within.

The final method of circulation rather resembles the action of a fountain. Just as water is forced or drawnup through a pipe until it jets up above, falling in a spray on all sides, so does the power directed by this last

circulation. Throw the mind downwards to the Earth centre, imagining it to be the culmination of all the others, the receptacle of power, the storehouse and terminal of he incoming vital force. The imagine that this power

ascends, or is drawn or sucked upwards by the magnetic attraction of the Spirit centre above the crown of the head. The power ascends the shaft and then falls down within the confines of the ovoid aura. When it has descended to the feet it is again gathered together and concentrated in the Earthcentre preparatory to being pushed up the shaft again. As before, the fountain circulation should accompany a definite rhythm of inhalation and exhalation. By these means, the healing force is distributed to every part of the body. No single atom or cell

in any organ or limb is omitted from the influence of its healing regenerative power.

The circulation completed, the mind may be permitted to dwell on the idea of the sphere of light, spiritual and healing in quality, surrounding the entire body. The visualisation should be made as vivid and as powerful as possible. The sensation, following the partial or complete formulation of the aura in the manner described, is so marked and definite as to be quite unmistakable. In the first place it is marked by an extreme sense of calmness and vitality and poise, as though the mind was placid and still. The body, completely at rest in a state of

relaxation, feels in all parts thoroughly charged and permeated by the vibrant current of life. The skin over all the body will throw up symptoms, caused by the intensification of life within, of a gentle pricking and warmth. The eyes become clear and bright, the skin takes on a fresh healthy glow, and every faculty, mental, emotional and physical, becomes enhanced to a considerable degree.

Focusing Energy.

This is the moment when, should there be any functional disturbances in any organ or limb, the attention should be directed and focused on that part. The result of this focus of attention directs a flow of energy over and above the general equilibrium just established. The diseased organ becomes bathed in a sea of light and power.

Diseased tissue and diseased cells, under the stimulus of such power, become gradually broken down and ejected from the personal sphere. The revitalised blood-stream is the able to send to that spot new nourishment and new life so that new tissue, fibre, cells, etc., can easily be built up. In this way, health is restored by the persistent concentration there of the divine power. Carried on for a few days in the case of superficial ailments, and for months in the event of chronic and severe troubles, all symptoms may successfully be banished without others coming to take their place. There is no suppression of symptoms. Elimination is the result of these methods.

Even psychogenic eruptions may thus be cured. For the currents of force arise from the deepest strata of the unconscious, where these psychoneuroses have their origin and where the lock up the nervous energy, preventing spontaneous and free expression of the psyche. The upwelling of the libido, as the vital force is called in psychological circles, dissolves the crystallisation’s and armoured barriers which divide the various strata of psychic function.

Where organic disease is the problem to be attacked, the procedure to be followed is slightly different.

(One should still be under the care of a competent physician.) In this instance a considerably stronger current of force is required such as will dissolve the lesion and be sufficient to set in motion those systemic and metabolic

activities to construct new tissue and cellular structure. T