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The Atlantis Ring: Ancient Myths and Mysticism Converge

According to the Timaeus and Critias of Plato (435 BC), 10,000 years ago there was a majestic continent island larger than Libya and Asia combined that birthed a mighty people with wonders and technologies bestowed on them by Poseidon himself. They were the Mighty Atlanteans who conquered and enslaved the proto tribes of Northern Europe, North Africa, Egypt, and Greece.

However, in 9445 BC, the tribes of Athens led an international resistance force against the Atlantean empire. The alliance won, forcing the Atlanteans to retreat past the Pillars of Hercules, only to fall to natural disasters and sink to the bottom of Poseidon’s ocean in a single day. Whether it is true or not, according to John Echel all that would remain would be the Atlantis ring of Luxor left behind in Egypt by an evacuating Atlantean priest. It would then disappear into the abstractions of history.

A representation of Atlantis. ( diversepixel / Adobe Stock)

The enslaved people of Europe, Africa, Egypt, and Greece were free once more only to watch as their alliance dissolved as fast as their Atlantean oppressors. With the demise of this ancient international alliance, so the historical memories of the past were lost. All that would remain were fragments of stories told to Socrates, and finally, Plato.

For the next few thousand years after Plato, scholars would argue whether Atlantis ever existed; until 1860 when the French Egyptologist Marquis d’Agrain discovered the ring during an excavation of the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.

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According to the radiesthesist André de Belizal, in 1922, the Atlantis ring was gifted to the archaeologist Howard Carter as an amulet protecting him from the evil curse of Tutankhamun’s tomb - a curse that allegedly took the life of his partner Lord Carnarvon and 18 other people in two years after the opening of Tutankhamun’s tomb. After Carter’s death in 1939, It finally appeared in possession of Belizal to be further explored for its mystical abilities in the 1970s. Belizal has spent close to 30 years deciphering its mysteries.

The ‘original ring of Luxor.’ (

Whether they indeed harken back to the days of Colonial Atlantis, or whether they are nothing more than trinkets from a Cairo market, Atlantis rings have carried significant intrigue throughout the last 50 years since the first discovery - after all its discovery does coincidentally happen during the New Age movement of the 1950s and 1960s and therefore there are suspicions of its authenticity.

Properties and Utility of the Atlantis Ring and Bar

Though some accounts have mentioned that its first discovery occurred in Egypt in 1860, the plethora of stories regarding the Atlantean ring and bar originate in France in the 1900s and are forgotten until the 1960s, when the New Age movement revived its popularity.

As mentioned before, according to Belizal the original Atlantis ring was found in 1860 in the Valley of the Kings by Marquis d’Agrain during an excavation, and it was initially known as the Ring of Luxor. It later gained the name "Atlantean Ring" sometime in the mid-1960s. The ring was reported to be over 5000 years old, and it was made of dark sandstone from the mines of Aswan.

It was adorned with geometric symbols placed following a specific arrangement. It appeared unlike any style indicative of Egyptian culture. Its patterns were simplistic. As claimed by Echel, it seemed to be modern and timeless with the simplicity of lines and shapes.

Basic design of the Atlantean Ring and Bar . (

Three parallel semi-cylindrical strips resembling rectangles ran along the middle of the length of the ring's band. Two holes existed at the points of two isosceles triangles. Its design follows specific measurements associated with sacred geometry proportions of the golden mean. Because of this, the Atlantis ring is said to help in the protection, healing , and intuition of whoever wears it.

De Belizal was a practitioner of radiesthesia, the study of vibrational fields within the human body, which allowed the access of information from animate or inanimate objects. In the mid-1960s, De Belizal conducted vibration tests on the ring using specially calibrated instruments to decode the resonant energy vibrating from the Atlantis ring.

De Belizal’s results discovered that the ring’s geometric shapes created a faint energy forcefield consisting of minute energy vibrations. This effectiveness corresponded to the correct placement and application of the Luxor symbol.

The ring's electromagnetic waves prevented the alteration of its energy signature. This energy acted as a forcefield to whoever wore it. It allegedly was able to increase an individual's ability to access their subconscious mind . With his findings, De Belizal keyed the term "Waveform of Luxor" - which had to do with studying the geometry of the ring. He then proceeded to create a larger and flatter version known as the "Harmonizer of Luxor" in order to see if similar principals could be used to protect more massive places such as a home or office.

In De Belizal’s book “Physique Micro-Vibratoire et forces Invisibles", he details the construction of the "Wave of Luxor" or what was better known as the Atlantis bar. He discovered that when the shapes were flattened, the contraption was able to maintain properties for compensation and balance of the cosmo-telluric energies in a consistent area. According to De Belizal, the Atlantis bar needed to be oriented with the magnetic north-south axis. To rotate the bar's energy, one would require a pendulum to calibrate for the best energy flow.

The Atlantis bar. (

De Belizal also alleged that the Atlantis ring and bar were based on the authentic waveforms found in Egyptian sarcophagi to create a protection zone, to shield against the rupture from certain Cosmo-telluric forces, or negative energies brought forth from men holding bad intentions.

Another alternative scientist which De Belizal based his research on was Dr. Ibrahim Karim and his holistic approach of uniting ancient Egyptian energy science , physical radiesthesia, and modern technologies to create pendulums and devices able to work with both new and old technologies.

Karim's approach, called BioGeometry, was based on three essential qualities that are in resonance with the one harmonizing subtle energy quality: The Horizontal Negative Green (HNG), Higher Harmonic of Ultra Violet (HHUV) and Higher Harmonic of Gold (HHG).

According to his theories, any form of pyramid and planes were energy emitters that focused on a piercing energy wave he termed 'negative green.' Karim believed that this energy wave had two property settings of horizontal and vertical. The horizontal negative green was beneficial for the living systems, while the vertical negative green merely preserved things from decay.

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In Karim’s discussions, he believed that the Atlantis ring was made with precision for the emission of beneficial energies which resonated in the BioGeometry three.

However, even though De Belizal and Dr. Karim attempted various holistic and scientific approaches, most people in the scientific community dismiss their methods as pseudo-science due to the vagueness of their methods, analysis, and conclusions. The question that should be asked is not how they reached their findings, but where the influences of their beliefs came from. Thus, to understand why such tests appealed to believers of the New Age movement, one would need to understand the times in which it took place.

The New Age Movement and Atlantis

Though De Belizal's methods seem unconventional, he was experimenting with techniques that were quite intriguing for those who partook in the New Age movement during the 1960s and 1970s. This was a time when growing interests in the revival of various spiritual beliefs was at an all-time high.

Though some would argue that the New Age movement began in the early 1930s and 1940s, it was strongest during the mid-60’s until the 1990s. The New Agers drew heavily from several older esoteric traditions, specifically from the occultist influences of the 18th century.

A lot of these older occultist beliefs and re-emergence’s of older faiths from antiquity became retrofitted with several mid-20th century influences, primarily in the technological sciences. The counterculture of the 1960s also influenced the New Age's development in its openness to otherworldly perspectives.

There were a number of mid-20th century influences, including the work of 16th-century theologian and spiritualist Emanuel Swedenborg, as well as the 18th-century doctor Franz Mesmer, who theorized the existence of natural energy transference between animate and inanimate objects.