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The Battle of The Dragons is About to End. THE LIGHT HAS WON!!

The Battle of The Dragons is About to End. The Light Has Won

Blessings Beautiful family of Light,

As you may have noticed, Posts have been on and off and I haven't been Writing for the last several weeks. The reason for this is we have been very busy with Family things. We are hoping that everything here has settled down. Many of you are already aware that I am the only one running this website and I also care full-time for my aging Mother. So sometimes my time and attention get shifted. However, I always seem to come back to Balance and I am able to continue with the writing and the website.

What sparked this Writing today is I received a Prophetic Dream last Night of 2 Dragons Fighting under Water. These dragons were not just any dragons they were the Historical Dragons of Old, The White, and the Red Dragons of an Ancient Myth.

This Ancient Tale began with a battle.

Near Beddgelert a village and community in the Snowdonia area of Gwynedd, Wales, Lived a man named Vortigern. He was a Celtic king who had decided to Build a Castle near Dinas Emrys.

This King wanted to crest his Castle, by Performing a Sacrifice of a Local Boy. However, The young boy they Chose was thought to have been Merlin the magician. The Boy in Fear of his Life warned Vortigern that the site he had in mind for his castle was directly above an underground lake, where two dragons lay sleeping. So being intrigued by the young boy's claims the King decided to keep him alive.

On digging the ground to start the castle's construction, Vortigern’s men found two dragons, one red and one white, both fighting fiercely. After a very long fight, the red Dragon Finally won.

The Young Boy claimed this was the Prophecy of the coming of King Arthur. The name of King Arthur's father was Uther Pendragon which translates into the ‘Dragon’s Head'. The Red Dragon is still depicted on the Flag of Wales. This is Where my family's Lineage derives from. I'm not sure, but I believe that this is why I envisioned the 2 Dragons, in the Manor that I did.

Even though this story is thought to be myth or mystery, an excavation of Dinas Emrys in 1945 showed evidence of a lake and a fortress dating back to Vortigern’s time.

The story tells us that the White Dragon is the Government and the Red Dragon represented the People. The White Dragon today is used by many White supremacy Groups including the KKK and even Hitler adopted the White Dragon as a symbol.

Even Though many see the Color White as a Pure Sign, The White Dragon has been a symbol held by the very Dark for centuries. and Within my Dream, it was also Evil.

I see it also as the False Light, or a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Type of Feeling.

The Dream itself Showed me the 2 Dragons fighting. Within my Dream I g