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The BIG EARTH SPLIT - The Division of the Dimensions

The BIG EARTH SPLIT - The Division of the Dimensions

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

I am Being Guided By The Angels today to Share some Knowledge that Even Most Lightworkers and way showers are totally unaware of. For years now there has been a Massive Push within the Spiritual Communities to focus on Balance. Balance is very important when actually practiced right, and you are Balancing within the Light vibrations. However, If you have noticed Many wish to focus on balancing between The Light the Dark energies. which causes confusion and chaos within the physical form. Yes within this 3D Universe, The Light and the Dark cannot exist without each other. They are Polar Opposites. To balance within the 3rd dimension, we had to take on the Lower Vibrations to Manifest physically within this realm. However, to Move beyond This Physical Plane of existence, we must make a choice on which vibration to Hold. Within the 3D Plane, our physical bodies had to be able to withstand the Pressures of this very dense reality. As The Earth Raises in Light and Moves closer to the 5th Dimension We must let go of the Lower Vibrations, to be able to physically withstand the New Vibrations of the 5th Dimension. We are at the Point within this Ascension that Vibrations will begin to separate our reality. The Higher Vibrational Beings who have excepted the Love Frequencies of Unity, Care, and Gratitude, will embody the 5th dimension, While those who hold on to the Lower Vibrations of Fear, Hate, and Greed, will fall into the lower 4th Dimension. We are about to have a major split in our reality.

For those who move into the 5th dimension, you will not have the Lower Vibrations of Fear, hate, or greed anymore. You will have already overcome these vibrations. The lower vibrations will not be within the Higher Realms.

This Earth is No longer at 7.8 hertz. Since The Earth entered the Photon Belt, She has been gradually rising in vibration. So trying to stay balanced between Light and Dark Vibrations will just confuse your body and can even cause health problems. We Must raise our Vibration along with the Earth as she rises through her ascension. By Choosing to stay balanced between Light and dark energies you are basically trying to walk a tightrope while one foot wants to step into the light and the other wants to step into darkness. This will not help you ascend faster, it is actually holding you back. To Balance within the Light Vibrations, we must focus on the Positives of all our Chakra Centers. For example, to balance your Root Chakra you must have the vibration of feeling secure and safe. To try and balance between insecurity and security would be ridiculous. When we Meditate we clear all thoughts from our Minds. Allowing for the Divine Light to Fill us with Gnosis. However, If you have the underlying Emotions of Fear because you are trying to walk the Tightrope, then you can not receive the Peace within. Along with Peace comes Joy. Joy is an Emotion, But it is of the Highest Vibration. Only The Higher Vibrational Emotions will be within the 5th Dimension. There will be no more Hate, Greed, Unworthiness, Lust, or any other Emotions Based in the Vibrations of Fear. Even a person who tries to stay emotionless will find it hard in these times. No emotion can put you at a level point but, it does not Raise your Vibrations. it kept you steady in the 3D.

We know by embracing the Frequencies of Love that we raise our Own Vibrations to meet that of the 5th Dimension. So, we make the Choice of which Dimension we wish to Embody, by the emotional state we are in. Yes, you can choose to stay within the Vibrations of 7.8 hertz. but that isn't going to help you ascend. A lot of people use 432 hertz which is the Multiple level of 7.83, for Meditations to calm themselves for healing. However, we should not stay in that Vibration, Because the frequencies are Changing. The Earth's average Base Vibration is Now at 33. 8 Hertz. so if you choose to stay within the same old Base Frequencies, your Vibration is not Balanced with Earth Therefore Not Balanced for Calming or Healing yourselves.

Within the time that we have spent on Earth within the 3D it was important to stay Balanced and walk that Tightrope, But we are no longer in the 3D, we are actually within the 4th dimension moving into the 5th, so our Vibrations must rise Much higher than the 3D Base frequency. You Must remember that it's a Light Spectrum. A 3D Base Mind can not see a being from the 5th Dimension unless that Higher Being Lowers its Vibration.

What worked within the 3D Energies will not work within the 5th Dimensional Energies. This is a Conscious Evolution, however, Our Bodies and our reality is changing as well. Things Like the Food industries, Medical Practices, Education, and Other everyday needs will need to Change to Meet our New Reality.