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The Big Shift is Happening, Whether We Are Ready or Not

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The Big Shift is Happening, Whether We Are Ready or Not.

Beautiful Day Dear Family of Light,

We are in the final days of this 3D world, The Earth is ready for her shift into the Light. The Big question is are we as humanity ready for this Shift? Most humans still don't know what is even happening and really don't care, they are still fighting to keep their old way of being. The Big Shift is happening, whether we are ready or not. Many of us feel excited that this is finally happening for real. We as Lightworkers have spent many years preparing for this Big Shift, some of us our whole lives.

But are you ready?

What is it going to take for us to make this shift into a higher consciousness?

The only understandings we know of the higher density is what the ancients were aware of and remembered, and what we have been given by our guides, beings from the higher dimensions and the knowing within of what is happening.

Most of us who have done this work for a while, know that we must raise our own vibrations up to be able to achieve the higher consciousness density of the New Earth. This is being boosted by the outside forces as well, Cosmic Waves, solar flares, different astrological alignments, and many other cosmic events that can occur. This is the, As within, so without perspective. This works both ways, as without, so within. As is happening now, because the Earth is raising in Vibration due to the Forces of the Universe, and humanity is running behind. This is where the Divine Will has taken over. Our Evolution was being slowed by the Dark. Now, the Divine Light is controlling the situation and the rest of this ascension into the higher Light, and the New Earth. This is raising humanity into the higher Light much quicker. More are excepting a better way of being. Many are finally excepting Love. We will continue as a species within a higher density.

But what does that mean for those who wish to continue in the 3D world?

The Pleiadians and other Higher density beings such as "RA" of "Law of One", have all talked of this Shift as being a "Harvest" of sorts. Most Lightworkers don't like the word Harvest because it sounds impersonal. However, on the contrary. Have you ever met a Farmer? When it comes to the time of the harvest, it is still a sacred time. even for farmers who don't have a clue about what they are doing.

There is a perfect Time for harvest, not before and not after, The crop must be at it's prime. The difference with the Harvest that is spoke about within the Law of One is, The ripe isn't taken, we just evolve to the next stage of development. This is a sacred time for Humanity, it is our Graduation from the 3D density to a Higher 4th density and even higher. This evolution is a spiritual One, and it never ends until we are at the Highest density, of Sources Purest Light..

You must meet the requirements to achieve these higher states of being. It doesn't just happen to you, you must be ready, by doing the inner work needed to become Love and Light. But not all will graduate. They still have more lessons to learn. All our lessons in this 3D school is about Love one way or another.

For years now we have pushed the perspective of LOVE is the only way. It really is. You must learn to become a Loving and caring being. Only Service to Others mentality will achieve the Higher Consciousness.

These are the Higher Consciousness vibrations to stay within During the Moments:

Love, Service to Others, Respect, Compassion, Forgiveness, Caring, Giving, Oneness, and Unity

Those who choose the service to self mentality, will not make the shift into the higher consciousness. But what will that look like?

They to have made a choice in this ascension. Each and every one of us, have a Higher - godself That makes the decisions for our Spirits Growth into the higher densities of awareness. Most will not receive the Higher Consciousness at this time. Only those who are ripe with Light will achieve this evolution in spirit. According to many sources, those who have made the choice to stay within 3D, will continue on a planet somewhere else, still learning the lessons of the 3D reality. What this may look like is up to question. The 3D universe isn't going anywhere. There is still many souls here and elsewhere, who have lost their way, and have not achieved, the Higher consciousness of the Higher densities and dimensions. The Earth is choosing in these moments to become a higher Planetary being vibrating within the higher 4th and 5th densities. If we as a species wish to continue living on this planet while she is in these higher densities, we must raise ourselves as a collective to meet the vibrations of our Mother Earth. This isn't some fantasy or spiritual mumbo jumbo, but actual Science/Quantum Understanding, along with Spiritual Knowing of what is happening within and without. Common since tells us if our Planet is raising in frequency then so must we. The way we raise our vibration is through our thoughts, words, and actions we emit, and the food and activities we choose to interact with.

I don't feel that this shift is over night, or instant, but we will began to witness it within our physical reality throughout the next several months. A lot can happen in a short amount of time, remember that all is within the Divine Will of the Infinite Creator, We may not understand what is happening or why it is happening the way it is. The Light is here and the Earth is rising in Frequency, so must we, to continue into the New Earth of Light. We are receiving Full Light now from the Central Sun of the Universe, and the Central Sun Within, As above, so below. Humanity needs to catch up to this event, by embracing the Love that originally Created us. The Love that All things are made of. The Love and Light of The Infinite Creator.

In so much Love and Light,

Chellea @


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