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The BIG TEST is Here!!! Message from the High Councils of Light

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The BIG TEST is Here! Message from the High Councils of Light.

Beautiful Blessings Dear Family of Light,

I personally have been visited by a few different multidimensional beings lately. Including the High Councils of the Pleiadian, Sirian, and others. All are Giving me this same message.

The BIG TEST is Here!

We are within a Timeline that humans have never experienced before. This timeline is taking us through an assessment of our consciousness in these moments. From now until the Lion's Gate on the 8 8 Portal humanity is being graded for graduation. The higher councils are in these moments assessing the Planets and Humanities ascension into the higher Light. This has been spoken about by many channels lately, and is spoke of in the Law of One materials and other older channeling as well. This is an individual soul assessment in these times. The collective Consciousness of humanity is also being balanced on the scale of Light, but our personal Light is being weighed. The New Earth of Light is here, her Vibrations are becoming so high now that The Light is intervening with the darks plan. They would wish to keep all souls within the lower vibrations so they can not ascend. The dark has trapped the lower vibrational souls of humanity in a never ending cycle of enslavement. The more souls they trap, the better for them, you are just a commodity to them.

However, each and every one of us can make our own choices in this ascension. This is an individual ascension process. The ones who wish to be of service to others, will be the ones who inherit the New Earth of Light, and escape the darks matrix within the 3D universe.

There is so many ways that they have tried to stop your ascension. Remember to stay Focused within the Heart in these times ahead. There are so many distractions in the 3D world at this Time.

Most are in so much fear that they will be staying within the 3D universe. The Earth herself will be rising to a higher density, so those of the lower vibrations will not be on this earth during her movement through the photon belt. This cycle is a natural cycle of Earth. As we enter into the higher vibrations of space, she changes into a higher 4th to 6th density Planet. This only allowing for higher vibrational beings to reside here. This Earth is far more ancient then any one realizes. and has had many civilizations in times past. Through her cycle She experiences The Light and dark Both, This is what makes earth so special of a Planet. The School of Earth is the Hardest in the Universe because of this. The dark gets custody of the planet for about 11000 years at a time, while the Light has the Earth, during a short 2000 years cycle as she loops around the Alcyone Star of the Pleiades. As a Living Being she Changes herself into a Planet of Light. This is the linear perspective of course. While in the Higher densities you are not limited by Time Space.

However humanity is a very young species and was altered by the 3D rulers to be slaves. So, the dark wished to stop us from ascending into a higher consciousness, surpassing them in our spiritual power. They wanted to keep us enslaved as a species. But once we enter the higher consciousness, its too late for them to stop us. This is why all the dumbing down of Humanity.

Many other species around the Universe have decided to incarnate as humans to help humanities ascension into the Light. This is why the altering of the DNA has taken place. To incarnate as humans we must have their DNA. The Pleiadians, The Arcturians, The Sirians, and many others have added their DNA with ours, so they could incarnate on this planet as Starseeds in these times. The Light is reconnecting our DNA, which the dark had disconnected, to stop us from remembering who we are. Many of us now are already reconnecting back with source Light, and remembering past lives and getting reconnected with our natural intuition. This is the embodiment of the higher frequencies as we change into higher 4th and 5th density beings of Light. The New Earth Human body will change into a less dense form. This may take a few generations to complete fully. But we are the future. We are our ancestors and we will be our Lineage. Our lineages will be of the Higher dimensions from here into the Highest Light.

When Earth must fall back into darkness, we then will leave the planet to stay as a species within the Higher Dimensions. Humanity has Made it. We are finally at the gate of our Ascension. The choice is ours, By staying within the highest frequencies of Love and the service to others mentality we can graduate from 3D Earth. Service to Others is the way of the New Earth of Light.

I do feel that this is a very important time for us as a species. Humans will become Higher density beings along with our Family of Light from the stars and our Families that's still here within the caverns of the Earth. This is a big step for a species to enter the higher consciousness and can only come with Love. Love for your fellow Humans, and This Earth. On the New Earth Love will be the way of Life. Humanity is moving forward into a higher existence. You can be one of those who rise into the Higher Consciousness. It's all up to You.

In so Much Love and Light,

Chellea @


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