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The Chakra Movie: The Definitive Guide to Your Energy Centers

Spirit Science

Looking for a spiritual community to raise your vibration together with? Come and explore Spirit Mysteries: Welcome to the Chakra movie! This special production features nearly an hour and a half of mind-blowing wisdom about the Chakras: What they are, how they work, and what you need to know to make sure they are balanced and healthy. This movie will cover the philosophy and spirituality of the Chakras, where the concept originates, and even what will happen in the world when we actually discover one! If you want to get a hold of our original chakra meditation, check it out here: ~ ~ ~ This video was made with love by Team Spirit Connect with the team at ✨If you liked this video, explore more content here ✨ ❤️ Our Great Transformation Begins Now! ~ 🧡 Spirit Science Episode 1 ~ 💛 Spirit Science Complete Series ~ 💚 The Sumerian Epic ~ 💙 NEW PATCH PARABLES ~ 💜 Hidden Spirituality ~ 🙏 Subscribe to this channel 🙏 ✨ Connect with the Spirit Science Community ✨ ⭐️ Facebook ~ 🔥 Instagram ~ 🌈 Twitter ~ 🦄 Website ~ #spirituality #science #mysteryschool #metaphysics #meditation #newage #spiritualawakening #enlightenment #spiritualteachers #consciousness