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The Crystalline Grid Has Just Been Activated!!!

The Crystalline Grid Has Just Been Activated!!!

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

There is so much happening in the world today, it is hard to keep track of it all. One thing to remember during this very critical time is that there are 2 sides to every story, sometimes 3 or 4 depending on what story you are talking about. This is causing confusion amongst the people because the mainstream only brings in 1 narrative. The world's chaos is coming from many different directions, but I am being shown that many things are also moving into place to transform this Earth and our reality. There are major steps being taken at this moment to protect and ensure Humanities Ascension. One of these major actions that I was shown by the Karistus, I actually got to participate in. During my sleep, I was led to a massive clear White Crystal the size of a skyscraper. It was surrounded by 144,000 of us who are the Karistus Angel Incarnates. I then saw the Archangel's Power up or turn on this massive structure., When they turned it On I saw Blue Lightning or electricity start shooting from its core, and into the Sky. The Lightning was connecting a web-like grid, that encircled this planet. I am being told the weblike grid that I experienced, is what we know as the Crystalline Grid. For years now I have heard about the Crystalline grid through the Lightworker communities. Many Channelers have claimed it was already activated years ago. However, I am being shown that it was not. It just recently got activated for the protection of Humanity. Many things I am finding out, that we as Lightworkers were told years ago, is just now truly beginning to happen. The reason for the Crystal Activation is because the Dark species are trying to implement an Armageddon type of Event. The Karistus are working very hard to stop this from happening. They are not going to allow the Dark to go to the extreme of world domination. As I have explained before, The Angels are now working on the Offensive against the Dark Ones. This Crystalline structure that I witnessed is a very ancient Energy device that used to be in working order back in Atlantis Times. It is what controls The Earths Collective Vibration. However, The Dark Ones have been working diligently to create their own Artificial Grid Structure. The very same one that they wish to connect us all to, through their AI God. They have been trying to get theirs turned on, before the Crystalline Grid was activated, so they could stop this ascension. Their plans have all been foiled. The Crystalline Grid will protect us from attacks from those known as the Archons, the Reptilian and Maitre species, The ones who are still on the Planet, will fight til the last one. They are using every trick they can to turn things in their favor. However, everything they try to do against this Earth and humanity will fail and in most cases backfire on them. Yes there is many places around the world that will feel the suffering that the dark Ones has caused. The Angels heed your calls and Prayers, and will not only defend you but will Fight for you. They are warriors of God. This is their Duty. For so long they have held a defensive stance, due to the Dark ages we went through. Now that the Ascension is underway, The Karistus the Ones known as the Angels and Guides, are now in an offensive stance to rid the darkness on this Planet. The Crystalline Grid will help with this stance. It will block the Darker Species from entering the Planet. The Earth herself is also helping with the removal of the Dark forces. As they are removed you will see many changes taking place around the globe. The Karistus are here and are fighting for humanity and this Earth. I understand that there are many Channellers out there that just want to bring in peace. However, Peace at this Moment can only happen when the Dark lay down their weapons and give up. This won't happen. We always knew this would take place. As stated before they will fight til their end. If someone don't Fight Back and just allow things to happen The dark would Win and humanity would be enslaved. By Staying peaceful within oneself is what is important, and will help with the ascension process. However, Someone has to Fight Back or it's over for humanity and the Earth. This is why the Angels have taken this role for us. No other extraterrestrials out there including the Galactic Federation will help us. They literally have told us to do it ourselves. Nevertheless, the Angels are here to be of Total service and that includes Holding the Sword. They are actively protecting and guarding us, we are not alone in this Battle for our Soul.

Call upon your Angels and Guides when you are in Need, They are listening and will Fight for you. Those of us Angels who are incarnated at this time, We are the Warriors of the Infinite Light. Now is our Time to Shine and stand in the Offensive. and get things done to Bring in the New Earth of Light.

And so it is and it is so,

In so much Love and Light, Chellea, Mystic and Channel of the Aeons Sophia and Christos, and the karistus The New Earth of Light, Full Disclosure, Channeling, and Gnostic guidance. @