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The Dissolving of the Timelines ~ It's Happening NOW!!!

The Dissolving of the Timelines. It's Happening NOW!!!

The New Earth of Light, Full Disclosure, Channeling and Gnostic Guidance.

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

Today I am being guided to disclose what is happening within this Ascension Process. As I have explained before, Strangeness is becoming the Normal for those of us who have chosen the Path of Light. However, these strange occurrences can cause some people to see themselves as going crazy or having mental issues, of forgetfulness, or hallucinations. But this is happening to everyone who is experiencing the Ascension. I am being shown that as We are moving through The Ascension Doorway, it is causing all of the Timelines that we have created for ourselves, to merge back into One. How we see this in the reality that we are present in, is like a bleed over from the other timelines. For example, You lay your keys on the table, and then you leave the room. You come back into the room and your Keys are now on the Dresser. What you experienced is a merging or a seep through from your other realities. In your other timeline you had decided to lay your Keys on the Dresser instead of the Table. You then see this joining of the Timelines within your present perception. By witnessing these strange occurrences, we can begin to understand our Multidimensional Self. The Timeline meld can be experienced as anything from stuff missing or being moved to different spots, to straight up experiencing an unknown object appearing from no where. I recently had this type of timeline meld or interaction through the Veil, by receiving a White Feather I had never seen before, appear from no where. The Feather was a personal message or Answer from my Angels.

I am being shown that As we continue through the ascension process, What we will experience is the total collapse of all our Timelines into One. We have created many timelines by the different decisions we have made. Our highest outcome is the perspective we will ultimately experience. All other perspectives will be dissolved into the one reality. This will be done to be able to move through the Ascension Doorway.

We have heard this type of information through channeling before, where they have talked about the Timelines finally coming together. Well, It's Happening Now! The closer you get to your personal ascension, the more you will experience the merging happening.

The Strange and Unusual is a symptom of the Ascension. As the veil Lifts, we will experience more and more strangeness, that just can't be explained through modern science.

Humanity has been blinded by the veil for our whole existence as a species. But now the veil is being removed and We are beginning to experience a completely new perspective of our reality.

I am then Shown, As the Timelines Merge into One, all our other selves within those Timelines, will also merge or be dissolved into the One beingness. This can also cause an emotional bombardment of energies that your other selves has collected. These energies can cause emotional stress because of the Emotions appearing from no where. Even though it's a merging of yourself, these are emotions that you have already chosen to rid yourself from in this reality. Just let Them All go. They too are no longer needed and can be dissolved into the One timeline.