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The "Divine Self" is really not the "Self " at All.

Your "Divine Self" or the "God-Self" is the Light of the Infinite Creator that lives within each of us. It's really Not the "Self" at all, Self involves the Ego and is only a human concept, where The "Divine Self", is of Higher Consciousness and is the knowing of your connection to all things. It is actually the opposite of the "self" or the ego. It's the knowing that there is No "you", "me" , and "I", The only"I" that is real is the one in "I AM" that includes all of us. It is the concept that every human, every plant, every animal, every thing that is consciousness, is God, or what we refer to as the infinite Creator, The Father/Mother or "The One".

How do we connect to this Sacred part of Ourselves?

The more pure of heart we become, the closer we are to our Divine Likeness.

As we continue to work on ourselves spiritually, we come across old beliefs that get challenged, and old programing that keeps us separated from knowing our truth. The more we release this old way of being we allow the light to engulf us. Once we begin to think, speak, and act, through Love, we embody the Christ Consciousness, Or our "Divine Self". There is no easy way to do this. You are the only one who can change your thoughts, words and actions to become a Kind and Caring person. We are not here on this planet alone, We have our other-selves here with us. We must learn to Love and care for our "other-selves". This is true spiritual work. The more in service to other's we become, the more we become Light and Love.

Love was not created for just the self, but is to be shared with all others. Those who are on the true path of the Light, care for and help others on this journey. We know we are not doing this alone. The Love of the "self" means nothing, if you can't also share that love with your neighbor.

Talk to your Higher Light

Many people pray or talk to their higher "self". This is a very good way to connect with the Higher spirit or God within yourself. One thing you must remember is that you are not connecting to anything outside of your own being. This Light is right inside of your own heart. The connection to our outer Universe is also from within.

When praying or meditating on Source Connection, ask for the Light within or your Divine Light, to glow brighter to engulf you within a Bubble of Light. This can be done any time you feel disconnected.

The infinite Creator or Source Light, is just a whisper away, and is there to be of service to you on this Journey.

You have never really ever been disconnected from the Infinite Creator.

The infinite Creator has always been right there inside of you. It is you, and it is everyone else, and all of Nature too. Every time you take a walk in Nature you are connecting to your outer "self", which is also the Infinite Creator.

It is there when you make the wrong choices in life, quietly reminding you to turn back towards the Light. It is there when you fall, through the helping hand of someone else. It is there when you are at your brightest, Shining for all to see.

We love all of you and we are truly honored to be able to share our light and knowledge with you. Many Blessings to All, Universal Lighthouse


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