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The Earth is Headed for Love, Are You Ready?

The Earth is Headed for Love, Are You Ready?

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

These Last several days there has been so much happening in process for our immediate future. This is not things you will see with your eyes but, the changes are within. Yes this will also reflect outward, as we build the New Earth of Light. For many of us we are already receiving the Higher Light energies, and are embodying and experiencing our New upgrades. Some of us will continue to raise in the awareness of the higher dimensions and be able to see and experience the beings within them, and receive guidance in a more direct way. From now throughout this next year things will really be changing within this World. As more of us make the connection with Source, we will, continue to raise into the Higher vibrations of the 5th dimension as a collective. However, this is personal, and we each will step up into the higher consciousness when it is our time. Many will not receive this awakening of the Christ Consciousness by choice of their higher-selves. Only those who are of Service to Others will achieve this Upgrade in Consciousness.

What does Christ Consciousness look Like?

To the average person it would be like us looking at Jesus in all his Glory, He was Connected to the Universal Life Force Energy or what many know as God's Light. He used this energy to Heal the Sick, Raise the Dead, Fed the Hungry with food he created out of this Energy of the Universe, Plus his Mentality was that of Unconditional Love, Loving All of Humanity, In total Forgiveness, In total Gratitude, and In Total Service to Others. To some one who is not of Christ Consciousness, the person who is, may look to them like an angel, or messenger of God, or even the Son of God. The Person of the Higher consciousness may even appear to be engulfed in Light. By stepping up into Christ Consciousness, we will be Transforming in all our Glory, Body, Mind, and Spirit.

What's ahead for Humanity?

The service to self path, will be hard in these times ahead. Many will not understand what is happening to them. Throughout this next year we will experience the Cleansing we have been anticipating as Lightworkers. This Cleansing isn't total destruction, but more like replacing of the Old with the New. We will see the Earth Shift however she needs, to heal herself as she makes her way into the higher dimensions. We as the Earth keepers, will need to allow this cleansing to take place, and assist her in her transformation. Those who are still here fighting the Light and the higher way of being, will be removed from this planet and will be reincarnated within the 3rd Dimensional Universe. Their Souls are not ready for this transformation. However if you can just have simple forgiveness in your heart you can make this Jump.

The Higher Consciousness Levels.

There is Three levels of this New Consciousness we are stepping into. Some will experience Full connection and access with the Light Grid, and even be able to interact with it, changing the Reality of Humanity and the Earth, This will be the Highest Level for Now.

The Next level is that of connection with Source Light and a more direct connection with your guides and Angels. The Third eye will be Opened to be able to astral travel and pull in Universal Life Force energies. You will have access to the Akashic records and gain full remembrance.

The lowest level of consciousness within the Higher Dimension, is that of just being able to forgive Others, These beings will experience a Boost in consciousness and spiritual Awareness, and will be given the chance to raise themselves to the Higher Levels of consciousness within the 5th dimension

The Earth is Headed for Love, whether you are ready to be Love yourself or not. This is a Chance in these times to raise ourselves in a greater awareness of the All. This is a Sacred Time for Humanity. Many will not except to be a Loving, Caring, Forgiving, and Giving person. But those of us who choose this Path will inherit this New Earth of Light.

We are the Ones who will be creating our Higher dimensional reality for ourselves and this Planet.

What will the New Earth of Light Look Like?

The New Earth of Light, will be understood as a LIVING BEING. She is far more ancient then we have ever been told. And she is a living, breathing being with a heart beat. She has had many civilizations living within caverns and upon her surface. The Dark has tried very hard to kill her, stopping her ascension into a higher planetary body.

She will now be respected and Cared for. For those who only see her for her resources, this will be a difficult transformation. We as a 5th Dimensional species will understand our connection to ALL living things, and learn to have respect. All things of Lower vibration will be transformed to the Light.

The health of this Planet and Humanity is a priority. New Technologies must not cause harm in anyway. Communities will help each other. Neighbor helping neighbor. No one goes hungry or without shelter. There will be No control system like we have now. All who will be left on this planet, will be of Love and Light, they would not cause harm to each other and are in service to One another. So, there is no need to Govern those who can govern themselves. This is Total Sovereignty, and total freedom. Our time will be spent growing in the Light, and raising our vibrations.

Those who fight this concept, are not awake yet to their true connections to "God" and all that represents. Their denial of Love and a better way of being will be their ticket back into a 3D body somewhere in the 3D Universe.

We as the Keepers of the New Earth of Light, must move forward and Upward.

I was asked the other day if I was a communist/socialist, I laughed it off because I am not any political point of view. I find it very disturbing to think that being Kind to each other, and being of service to Humanity and the Earth is seen as something negative. This is even happening within the Lightworker communities. Everyone who wishes to Move forward into the higher dimensions must make the choice to be of service to Humanity as a whole, and to this Planet as a Living Being.

Where do you put your energy? Are you even thinking about being Kind and Giving to Others? Are you wanting Mother Earth to Heal or Are you Complaining because the Gas prices and Wood prices are going Up and everything is changing? Things Must Change whether you want it to or Not. If you are fighting to stay within a 3D World, then that is where you will stay, but it won't be here on this Planet as she becomes a 5th Dimensional being. If you are fighting to put everything back the way it was, you will have a hard fight. Light is here to stay on this Planet. Things are changing and All will be directed towards a better way of Being. The Divine Will of God/Source is Love, and that is where we are headed. Love is the Way of the New Earth of Light.

and so it is, and it is so.

In so much Love and Light,

Chellea @

Information channeled through the Andromendan High Council of Light, the High Council of Planets, and Others.


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