The Extraterrestrial Races Already Interacting with Earth - The Extraterrestrial Interference

The Extraterrestrial Races Already Interacting with Earth - Part 6 of The Extraterrestrial Interference.

The New Earth of Light, Full Disclosure, Channeling, and Gnostic Guidance.

Beautiful Blessings Dear Family of Light,

There are 5 main species which are karmically involved with humanity, they are The Annunaki, The Karistus, The Kurs, the Maitre and the Vlash. But, We have other species that are interacting with humanity on this Planet.

Some of the ones that interact with Earth are not Friendly to Humanity. Many of the side races are controlled by the Dark Alliance of the Maitre and Vlash.

For example, there is a Nordic Tall blonde or Arian race that in many cases are seen along with these dark beings. The reason for this is the Vlash and the Maitre have conquered many other civilizations long before Earth. The Arian Race is originally not from this Planet, Their planet was destroyed by the Dark Alliances. Therefore there is some of those beings who are still enslaved and forced to work for the Dark forces. There is also several different species of the Small Greys. The Zeta Reticula are an example of one of the races of grey. However, it is also discovered that many other species use an android that resembles the Small Grey, to do most of their physical work on Earth.

Humanity is a very young race compared to the Other Races. So Earth has become somewhat of a Pitre Dish for the rest of the Cosmos.

As stated before in this series The Extraterrestrial Interference, there is a positive Alliance as well that is helping us and protecting us from being totally controlled by the Dark Alliance. Those are the Karistus, the positive Anunnaki, and the Kurs. However These beings are not the Only ones who interact positively with Humanity.

Throughout our history there has been many different Species take notice of Humanity. By adding their DNA to our own they have been able to also interact with humans very closely and even in some cases, have made direct contact.

These are some of the Main positive species that is also actively protecting us, and working with us in Raising to the Light.

The Lyranos.

It is a widespread belief that the Lyrans are our oldest ancestors.

In fact, there are those who believe that the Lyrans were actually the first "humans" to form a civilization in the Milky Way galaxy. The world-famous Billy Meier was one of the first to talk about the Lyranos.

"They have described their ancient ancestry, and therefore ours, as originating from a distant solar system in a group of stars close to what we know today as the Lyra Ring Nebula, so we have called them Lyranos in the same way we refer to humans in what we call the Pleiades. These early Lyrans during their numerous migrations into their large Space Arks went to many other star systems and found suitable dwellings, and left colonies, which flourished and eventually launched their own space travelers."

Many thousands of years ago, their civilization reached an advanced technological level.

Tensions between the different factions became an all-out event. The situation worsened to such an extent that many fled and colonized Hyades, the Pleiades and the Vega systems. The offspring of these colonies finally began to settle on Earth about 22 million years ago and have somehow maintained a staff stationed here. Some researchers believe that Lyrano UFOs could be the gods described in many ancient religious texts. If this theory turns out to be true, then the Lyrans could be credited as one of the main influences on the creation and shaping of humanity. By most accounts, the Lyrans are described as Norse in appearance; tall people with blue eyes and long blond hair.

The Arcturians.

After many eons of existence, one of the oldest alien species in our galaxy, the Arcturians, have reached an ascended state in such a way that many of them classify as a fifth-dimensional civilization. Its planet orbits the largest star in the constellation Of Bootes and is located about 200 light-years from Earth. Although seemingly impossible for us to get there, it is proven to be of little importance to the Arcturians because already millions of years ago the Arcturians reached the level of technology we have reached on Earth.

They now possess some of the most advanced technologies in the Milky Way Galaxy.

While few people have interacted directly with the Arcturians, those who have seen them describe them as between 1 and 1.2 meters tall, with large heads and large almond-shaped black eyes.

Their skin is normally a greenish color and they have three fingers on each hand. In addition, they seem to be the owners of telepathic communication and can move objects or interact with their environment through the use of their minds.

On the other hand, old age and death have been virtually eliminated from their society. Its fleet of spacecraft is believed to crisscross the galaxy and one of them, the Athena spacecraft, is believed to be in orbit around Earth to prevent anything from threatening our existence. The Arcturians take their role as 'protectors' very seriously.

The Telosians.

Described as being tall, blond humanoids, Telosians are believed by many to be the last survivors of human civilizations lost long ago on Earth. There are those who say they are the survivors of the cataclysms that sank Atlantis and Lemuria, while another current of opinion believes they are much older than that. Its name derives from the ancient Greek word "telos," which means "end" or "purpose." It seems like a fitting name for its largest city, Telos, which many believe lies beneath Mount Shasta in California. Through psychotronic technology and highly developed brain capabilities, their advanced society has been in constant contact with a number of other extraterrestrial civilizations, including the Pleiadians and Arcturians. The first person to describe the Telosians was Admiral Richard Byrd.

In his diaries that were published after his death, he speaks of a secret mission to the North Pole, home to an advanced underground race. Admiral Byrd wrote that this alien species had been living in a few secret underground cities but it was our nuclear bombs that eventually brought them to the surface.

Thousands of years of scientific advances have given Telosians the ability to elude disease and aging. Telosians are widely known for their longevity and could help us with ours. They are also the true protectors of the terrestrial environment and the possessors of knowledge about our planet's past.

The Alpha Centaurians.

The aliens of Alpha Centauri easily have the power to not only destroy us, but any other aggressive alien species.

They are considered among the most technologically advanced alien species in the Milky Way galaxy. They reached this position as they were reported to be very intelligent and have a natural curiosity which in turn led them to the rapid advances of science and technology.

It also seems that the Alpha Centaurs have learned that with immense power comes immense responsibility.

Over time they became an aquatic species with webbed gills and limbs. They are also believed to have a number of bases operating at the bottom of our seas, oceans and lakes across the planet.

According to their nature, Alpha Centaurs are believed to be very benevolent towards the human race and have a desire to help overcome some of the many challenges that come with the evolution of a species. They are believed to communicate telepathically and their influence, while subtle, is always there. Many researchers believe that alpha centaurs promote social justice and human rights, as they fall under the responsibility of the advanced technology we are developing.

The Pleiadians.

The Pleiadians are believed to be the descendants of the early Lyrans, and in some circles, they are believed to have become one of humanity's most active allies. Their home is located in the Pleiades star cluster, which is a group of stars located about 400 light-years from Earth.

The Pleiadians have always played an important role in human culture. The Pleiadians were the first to warn Earth about the dangers that Grey aliens pose. The Pleiadians accused the Greys of having a lack of wisdom and empathy in using technologically inferior humans to serve their evil and unforgiving purposes.

For this reason, the two alien species have fought each other not only here, but in other star systems. Those who have been in contact with the Pleiadians claim that the Pleiadians have been trying to free us from oppression for quite some time now.

Translated from Types of Extraterrestrials We Live With ( Originally posted on MagicaRealidad Website

Even though we have many species here seeming to protect us from the Dark Alliance, We must wake up to the Truth of our existence. None of these beings are here to save us. We must Save ourselves by awakening to the deception that has controlled us from the Beginning of human existence on this planet. To do this we must step out of the matrix that they have Created to enslave us. Now is the time to rise to meet our Galactic Families. They have been waiting a very long time.

and so it is, and it is so,

In so much Love and Light,

Chellea, Mystic, and Channeling of the Aeons, Sophia, Christos and the Karistus, The New Earth of Light, Full Disclosure, Channeling and Gnostic Guidance. @


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