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The Fake Alien Invasion = The Fake Rapture

The Fake Alien Invasion, = The Fake Rapture.

The Alien Agenda Coming soon.

Universal Lighthouse's Full Disclosure Library

Lately we have seen many Christians beginning to fill the Lightworker communities with a Biblical Narrative. I have noticed a lot of Talk about the "Rapture coming soon". If you are unaware, The Christian Faith, believe that Those who have asked to be "Saved", will be Raptured or " taken away" from this Earth. Literally Taken into the Heavens. This is a Core Belief of most Christians.

We must remember that the Bible is NOT legitimate Ancient Texts, But a Poorly translated Copy of the Jewish Torah, and Other ancient Hebrew Texts. It was Manipulated hundreds of years ago to confuse, deceive, and control the masses.

Humanity has been controlled by this Reptilian Agenda, through our Religions, Politics, and Education for thousands of Years. The Reptilian Hybrid Kings of ancient time, were very brilliant in creating the perfect Cover of Control. Even The Money system itself is a Part of the massive Reptilian Control System.

Revelation of awareness breaks down in details, the attempt at a Global Take over by the Reptilian Species

Next are Excerpts from the Revelation of Awareness.

Hologram Techniques to Project Pictures in the Atmosphere This Awareness wishes to inform entities that there are methods of creating pictures in the sky, as was experienced in a Russian village, whereby certain machines are used, along with a kind of hologram techniques* to project pictures in the atmosphere upon a kind of screen created by vapor and particles placed in the atmosphere at the point images are projected.

This Awareness indicates these relating to ionized particles brought on by the machine projecting the images, or in other techniques, created by aircraft dropping fine particles and chemicals in the atmosphere which serve as reflectors for these projections. (one of the reasons of the chemtrails) ed.)

(* Hologram techniques - projecting lights into a central point through laser-type mechanism from different sources placed apart from each other, with the focal point is in the heaven)

(Revelations of Awareness 81-16)

The Alien Agenda: Coming Soon, -- The Fake Invasion, The Fake Rapture Revelations of Awareness 90-18 Issue No. 371 This Awareness indicates that those who watch television will already have begun to notice the increase of reptilian references on your television, not only in advertisements, which are part of the conditioning process, but also in some of the more educational programs in the sense of discovery programs; that there have been large sums of money given toward the research of reptilians, just during the past few months, and that this is in part a result of the concern by those who understand the nature of the things on your plane in regard to the Reptoids and their threat. This Awareness indicates that by studying the reptilians, the nature of reptiles in great detail, they hope to find information that helps to deal with this threat. This Awareness indicates that it has been suggested in the Isuzu advertisement "When the reptilians come, will you be ready?, will your car be large enough" etcetera. It is done as a kind of a joke, but it is also part of the preparation.

This Awareness indicates the Japanese are far ahead in terms of exposing such information to the public, having played the Cooper tapes and other UFO tapes on Japanese television during the past year quite frequently. Most of the Japanese people are very much informed in regard to this kind of information. It is still being withheld in the United States. ( The Reason is, they Believe they are the Direct descendants of a Reptilian Species) This Awareness indicates that the situation is that the Reptoids are already present on Earth in considerable numbers. There are, of course, the further numbers yet to come, when the timing is right for this action.

This Awareness indicates that in a time as early as one decade ago, many of your scientist discovered a planetoid moving in the direction of the Earth, toward the solar system, and mention of this was made in several of your publications and news papers, then there was suddenly silence in regards to this phenomenon. (see Planet X - Nibiru or The Twelfth Planet) This Awareness indicates that essentially, that planetoid has already arrived and is parked outside of the orbit of Pluto; that from that planetoid are shuttle craft that frequently move through the solar system, to and from Earth, using bases on the moon and Mars, also Titan, a moon of Saturn.

This Awareness indicates that the Reptoids have this area already under their domain in a sense, in the sense that they direct the behavior and control over the Greys and the Greys have considerable influence over the leaders of many of the countries, the nations. (years later Awareness indicated in a reading that part of the Reptoid fleet on their way towards our Earth has been destroyed and crash landed on Jupiter due to Sirian interference - Ed.) This Awareness there is of course factions within your nation in which there is both support and conflict with the scenario of the aliens. There are many who want to prevent this alien take over of the planet and are working toward that end, while others are currying favor from the aliens in hopes that by compromising with them and licking their boots they will be spared any adverse treatment. This Awareness indicates that the purpose of this discussion at this present time is to present a rough idea of the alien agenda, for there is a chance that this agenda will not be presented in the future, wherein certain of the government/alien control groups will present a different scenario to give a different impression of what is occurring.

This Awareness wishes that you understand the agenda that is promoted before it becomes illegal to talk about any other agenda than that which becomes the official line, for this could occur in the future.

Area 51 to be Staging Ground for Alleged UFO 'Landing'

This Awareness indicates that the plan of the aliens is thus: During the next few years, more and more attention from the media and and other sources will be focussed on UFO's, and the publicity will become more and more popularized for the masses; especially possible is an increased focus on that which is called Area 51 in Nevada, for entities to be given more and more information on this in small articles and various press releases scattered throughout different publications, until the area becomes fairly well known, especially among those who have an interest in UFO's, because this appears to be the staging ground for the alleged landing for the UFO's, which will be publicity, officially announced.

This Awareness indicates by putting this in an area that is classed as secret, it can be controlled so that the press can be selectively chosen to give information regarding this landing. This Awareness indicates that the plan would also call for, (this in reference to the alien's general plan, which may be altered of course, especially since this is being released), world-wide attention to be brought to this along with other sightings and other events pointing to the real existence of UFO's.

The hard-core critics and cynics of UFOlogy will then officially recognize the existence, because spokesmen from the media will have officially recognized the presence, and these critics who class themselves as intellectuals will now have someone officials on whom they can rely, and will then become hard-core believers. They will then be the main supporters of the scenario that is presented, even though it will be part of a facade, a trick, a program, to fool the masses.

This Awareness indicates it will be part of a fake invasion.

This Awareness indicates that this is the reason why this Awareness has referred entities to Stan Deyo's book Cosmic Conspiracy, because Deyo presents detailed information on the fake invasion. He has much other information that is irrelevant and of a personal position, but he does present well the information regarding the fake invasion, which he refers to as the fake rapture. It will give the impression that the aliens are here to protect mankind from a further invasion that is coming, an invasion by Reptoids.

This Awareness indicates the fact is, these aliens will already be representing and working for the Reptoids. The Reptoids will remain out of sight. This Awareness indicates that the true invasion that these entities are protecting you against will be that of the Sirians, those from Sirius and those from the Pleiades and those who are in fact true friends of humanity, and they will be preparing you for war against those entities who plan to come and rescue Earth from the Reptoid forces.

This Awareness indicates that it will thus be a false invasion in that sense; that there will be many who are opposed to the very entities who are trying to preserve humanity's claim to the earth. In creating a false belief that they are fighting one group, when in fact they are actually working for the Reptoids, and believe that the human group whom they are in fact fighting against, are the Reptoids.

Kissinger's "ET Card"--Make Peace or Die from ET Threat (Revelations of Awareness 96-10)

This Awareness reminds you of the statement of Henry Kissinger, after the Oklahoma bombing, when he spoke and said: "It is time to play the ET card." This Awareness indicates that the ET card was used in the Peace Accord at Dayton, Ohio, and this is a continuation of the ET card. In Dayton, Ohio, the leaders of the factions in the Bosnia/Croatian/Serb war were brought in, taken down an elevator underground, shown the remains of the alien bodies, warned of the alien threat to humanity, and told that they had to find peace in their area because there was a great threat to humanity by extraterrestrials.

This Awareness indicates that in this current scenario, it can be seen that the extraterrestrial visitation would be to introduce the Antichrist as the Messiah returned, and to some degree this could be countered by a following scenario of what would be called "hostile forces". In the event true Pleiadian or Sirian invasion were to follow, if the Sirius or true Pleiadian craft came to rescue humanity after the Orions had already come to the planet, the governments could say "We are now being invaded by hostile extraterrestrials and we must fight to keep them from taking the world from us! Our Pleiadian friends will help us to defend against them!" see project Blue Beam and our Galactic Overview file.

Whatever the case may be, whatever the scenario may be, the circumstance will be designed to influence the masses to go along with the delivery aspects of giving their nation to the United Nations for its collective guidance of all nations, and those countries that do not cooperate and go along with this action will be gradually ostracized and possibly even punished in the future.

The ostracizing of the nations would include economic boycotts and a kind of a cut-off of any culture and economic relating, so that the nation loses any foreign trades to or from its borders, so that contacts with the nation would be considered outlawed. Eventually, the hope would be that the nations would join with the United Nations of the world and become part of the New World Order.

This Awareness indicates that in order for these countries to be thus coerced into this action, the leaders would need to be enticed into thinking something for themselves would come of delivering the country to the New World Order, and thus, those in leadership within each country would hope to gain something from the New World order personally, and individually and collectively.

Meanwhile, the people of each nation would be hoping to see something worthwhile come from their country being delivered to the United Nations and losing its own sovereignty. This Awareness indicates that it does appear that once entities begin to get closer to this day of reckoning, more questions will be asked, more skepticism and more suspicion will be spread among the people. Rumors will fly, and even though the media of each country will promote the New World Order, there will be many people who will object and have grave doubts about this NWO and its real purpose.

The Role of the Many Half-Breeds Created from Stolen Eggs

This Awareness indicates that you may wonder: How can this be that humans would be so fooled? This Awareness indicates that this is the other aspects that need to be looked at in the alien plan. This Awareness indicates that for many years, aliens have been abducting humans and have been taken sperm and eggs and for some time, have used fetuses for their own purposes, trying to build up their own race, -- this in reference to the Greys, trying to strengthen their own race, which is weakening and dying because of radiation that has depleted their reproductive abilities, wherein they have to rely on cloning in order to continue, and wherein they have to rely on human glandular substances in order to keep immunity and resistance to disease, and nutrients for themselves.

Therefore, some part of the abduction program of the aliens is for their own survival, but other aspects of the abduction program, especially in more recent times, in the past 20 years especially, has been to create a hybrid or half-breed, half human and half reptilian; these being entities who can serve to interface between the aliens and the humans on some levels at a time in the future; these being created from the collection of eggs from abducted women, whom they use repeatedly, mostly from abductions that take place within the entity's own home.

In some cases, however, women are collected and not returned, and kept in cages underground, where they are used for laying of eggs, or the given of eggs, for the alien purposes. They are often implanted with sperm from the Reptoids for the first trimester, and then the child taken to be raised elsewhere. This Awareness indicates that this purpose is to raise and army of half-breeds who will be able to pilot the ships that have been built and are stored in great underground taverns, which will be brought out at the time of the invasion and used to fight against those from Sirius, the Pleiades, Arcturus and others of the confederation of humans, who have a desire to protect mankind.

A 25 Million Army of Implants Now in U.S. Awaiting the Call

This Awareness indicates that this is essentially an overview of the situation that is coming in the future. There will be announcements, there will be presentations, official lines, if this plan is carried through, and any entities who deviate from the "official" lines will be seen as troublemakers and imprisoned. This Awareness indicates that these entities who have been abducted and implanted, will be likened unto a 25 million person army in the United States, subject to the directions and control of the aliens through the implants and can be trained in further abductions for use in operations as needed. It is because of this that certain factions of the government are most nervous about the implants and may initiate a national emergency to round up all troublemakers, those who do not follow the official line, and those who have received implants other than from the government itself.

This Awareness indicates that one may ask: Why does the Alien Force require so many entities with implants? This Awareness indicates that the Reptilians do not trust humans at all, save the government officials that are working with them. They trust only those whom they can control with the implants placed within them, who have no choice but to obey, and they trust only the Greys also having implants.

The Reptilians being most cautious in their domination of others, do not leave things to chance. They also will trust and use the half-breeds to fight their war for them against the humans from the Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus and Vega. This Awareness indicates that this is essentially the plan of the aliens, and it can take on various shades and alterations from time to time with the appearance of one thing happening, when in fact another is occurring, as described in this plan.