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The Federation Of Light ❀ 6-11-21 ❀ Through Blossom Goodchild

BLOSSOM GOODCHILD Hello there. I thought we’d have a break last week and give White Cloud a turn! Nice to be back with you. What have you been up to? Welcome to you Blossom and Each one. We have been monitoring. The state of affairs on Earth? And all around. For we are not just ‘The Overseers of the Overseers’ concerning matters of your Planet Earth. So, how much do you oversee? A great deal. Galaxies a plenty. Really?! … and you have the time to chat with me? Yet, as you know Blossom, we are not just chatting with you, we are able to reach many through you … and those that we reach are ever growing in numbers and therefore, uplifting the Vibration of your Planet … which of course is our purpose of communicating with you. So, do you chat with other ‘Blossom-like’ Beings on other Planets? We are in communication with many and those that it is necessary to do so. Yet, in Truth we would say, that our main focus is upon your Planet at this time … for there is much to ‘Rectify’ and ‘Take care of’. A lot to oversee! How exactly is that done? In many varied and complex ways. Yet, technology allowing us to ‘view’ your situations is very much an acceptable and integral part of the journey … you/we … are on. So, when you view us … do you see us as we do? This, of course, is possible on monitors and such screening devices. Yet, our overall participation is from an Energetic viewpoint … and this we are able to measure with instrumentation that is far beyond the knowings of those upon Earth. So, should you see things going Topsy Turvy … what do you do then? We continue to monitor. As you know, we are not here to ‘step in and rectify’ … that is not our position. Yet, we do have permission to do as we do, in assisting your souls … playing the role as Human Beings … as one aspect … to REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE IN YOUR LIGHT AND TRUTH. Which then in turn, allows your Planet to increase in Light. Which in turn … brings about the Divine Plan that is neatly and securely in place. Ok. So … many are feeling dizzy and having vertigo symptoms at this time. Am I assuming correctly that this is due to Higher Vibrational Light Energies coming through? This is correct, Blossom. So, who is responsible for ‘letting the lid’ off that, in order for the Energies to pour down? We see what you are asking … and yet, we would answer by saying that there is not a ‘particular crew’ that has this responsibility. The fact that these Higher Energies are pouring in is due to ‘Evolution’, in a sense. Divine Alchemy … would we say? These Higher Energies have evolved into such, due to the natural course of the Divine Plan. I can feel this is going to get tricky, because I want to ask who devised the Divine Plan? In the knowing and understanding that God is ‘Love’ and not a person sitting at a desk with pen and paper writing this plan down! LOVE devised it … And indeed, Blossom, this will get tricky. LOVE … IN/AS/OF ITSELF … IS OF THE HIGHEST INTELLIGENCE IN EXISTENCE. AS LOVE … it recognised the very low vibration of itself that your Planet has been experimenting with … and due to the lowest level and harm that this experimentation has created … LOVE … in/as/of itself, ‘FELT’ the absolute NEED and DESIRE to change course from this degradation and abhorrence. So … LOVE … in/as/of itself, FELT it necessary to let LIGHT, once again, reign … over /through … your Beloved Gaia. Once that decision was in place … just that very thought of recognition … put the Divine Plan in place, in order for its transition from dark to Light to weave its magic. Divine Intelligence works … in/as/of … itself. So, Love is an intelligence without a … ‘soul/brain’ … if you see what I am trying to get at? LOVE IS EVERYTHING. LOVE IS THE ONE TRUE SOUL … THAT EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU STEMS FROM. Consider this word ‘Stem’. It grows from a root and branches out. In essence … you have been given the honour and privilege to … go/grow … forth from the very roots of the ONE SOUL … OF/THAT IS … LOVE and through your experiences … report back through ENERGY … the extents to which you have reached. Are you following us? Yes. So, is it through ‘our’ reporting back that decisions were made to make this change? Indeed. Yet, take into account also, that the branches spread far and wide and into every possibility of Life itself. So, for terms of understanding, we would say, that perhaps, Planet Earth was created from seeds that fell from a branch from the ALMIGHTY STEM. Perhaps ‘other’ seeds fell from ‘another’ branch which created another Planet. Each ‘species’ depending on the seed that fell and where … creating its own agenda, as an experiment of Life in its different forms … to see what design would ‘Blossom’ from its original blueprint. I think I am following. I … think! You see, Blossom, LOVE IS LIFE. Where there is LOVE there is LIFE. Where there is LIFE there is LOVE … in many billions, upon billions of Vibrational Frequencies. Ever changing. Ever evolving. Ever experimenting … for EVER and EVER … in all its multiple equations. Oh, don’t get me on to maths! You know I shall pass out. Yet, when you say equations … is it literally ALL derived from equations? No. It is ALL derived from LOVE. Yet, in order for a design to express itself, it needed a format to follow to bring it into existence. So then, … Doh! … I don’t even know how to form the question! Let us help you by giving the answer. Yes. Every Vibrational Frequency has many equations to make it arrive at a ‘place’. Yet, keep in mind too, that with every breath … the equation alters … due to every thought … that everyone is having … at any given moment … of that breath. So, how can an equation ever arrive at a ‘place’? Because it does so within every moment of a breath … and a thought … and most of all … A FEELING. Would we best put it, as the FEELING being ‘the place’ … the answer to the equation … that may last for yet another breath … a moment … not in time, for there is none … yet, a moment … of experience. WOW! My head is exploding, yet, not. For I Know it is impossible to even grasp the enormity of it. Yet, even though in your physical human existence, you may feel this is so … remember too, you were part of its creation. So, we shall now return to the point of no return. I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM THE TRUTH … I AM … MRS CONFUSED OF NOOSA! Within the Divine Intelligence … the Divine Plan that is in place upon your Planet … and may we add, as many know … that the journey of this transition and indeed, its outcome and destination … as/in/of … its next phase of itself … AFFECTS EVERYTHING. Because EVERYTHING is part of EVERYTHING … NOTHING … CAN BE/ IS … OUTSIDE OF LOVE … because EVERYTHING … IS IT! Yep. So, the point of no return … is? NOW. Meaning? Within this Divine Plan … due to Love itself ‘making the decision’ that the experiment of darkness, on your Planet in particular, is to go no further … THE LIGHT that is filtering through … combined with the LIGHT ENERGIES of YOU … EACH ONE … is anchoring into the very CORE of the LIFE SOUL that is known as Mother Earth. THIS … WE MUST ADD … IS HEALING HER FROM WOUNDS THAT WERE PUT UPON HER … DUE TO BEING A PART OF THE EXPERIMENT OF HUMAN EXISTENCE. SHE LAY THERE AS THE ROCK TO BE BUILT UPON … AND THROUGHOUT ALL ABUSE INJECTED INTO HER … DOES SHE NOT HAVE THE STRENGTH TO GIVE YOU SUNSHINE …. FLOWERS … WIND AND RAIN … OCEANS … BIRDS… INSECTS … LIFE … MAMMALS … IN ALL THEIR GLORIOUS BEAUTY? THIS STRENGTH THAT IS … WITHIN/OF HER … IS … WITHIN /OF YOU