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The Free Nation, Has Never Been Free. ~ The Extraterrestrial Interference

The Free Nation, Has Never Been Free. ~ The Extraterrestrial Interference Part 4

The New Earth of Light, Full Disclosure, Channeling, and Gnostic Guidance.

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

What crazy times we live in. Everything seems so Backwards or Upside Down. This is because of the veil being Lifted in these moments. It's happening! However, The Dark is still trying to Hide and deceive as many as they can. The More they try and confuse humanity the More will begin to wake up to the deep deception that has been taking place.

The Dark manipulation of all US media keeps us seeing only one side of the Coin. While on the Other side they have their hands in the deepest, darkest Agenda yet, against Humanity.

I have told my Readers many times before, "things are not as they seem".

If you are an American, To find the real truth of What is happening in this world, we literally have to view other country's News. All Mainstream News Outlets are Now pushing the same Fake narratives. It's becoming even harder to do real research because they use the Browsers themselves to Block the Content they do not wish you to see. For example, RT news can not be viewed on Many US Browsers, so you have to use outside or little known browsers to view their content.

They may not arrest us for seeing the information But will claim it to be propaganda, and continue to push their Fake narrative of Reality. We have seen this happen with the Last President and Other occurrences that have taken place here in the United States. If you believe anything against the Mainstream Narrative, You are nothing more than a Crazy Conspiracy Theorist, or a Right-wing Nut. Well, now it's becoming quite clear that what has been just a Theory, or plain nutty, is Proven Facts. Just one example is, "Hunter Bidens Laptop." The Media at all levels, and all political points of view, are Blatantly Lying because they want us to forget and ignore the truth when we see it.

The Free Nation, Has Never Been Free.

The Truth behind the Russian and Ukraine conflict has shown that the Free Nation, is nothing more than the Darks Playground of Deceit and control. We must remember that the Tall Grey called the Maitre, and The Vlash Species, which is known as the Reptilians, are in control of the United States, and always have been. It is being disclosed that the United States could actually be the Cause of The Genocide around the World through the Plandemic, with the Biden Family Business in the Middle of it all. They have had their hands in the Wuhan incident, which was a big cover-up, Just ask Fauci, so did he. Now, there is Knowledge of the 300+ more Biolabs around the World, including the 30 in Ukraine, that Russia has just Disclosed. It seems that the US has been doing some very shady experiments on Civilians and Soldiers around the world, including Ukrainian Soldiers as exposed by the discovered documents. Plus The Documents also show evidence that the United States controlled Biolabs, which has released dangerous viruses through the Insect, Bird, and "Bat" populations In Ukraine, and More than likely around other Labs as well. It is illegal to do that type of research here in the United States, so they do the experiments in other countries where they have paid off those in control, where the people have no rights at all and are being used as Guinea Pigs.

The Dark Truth of the United States' involvement in shady BIO WARFARE Experiments is One of the Biggest Wake-up calls to Humanity. The problem is, very few Americans know the real Truth, and if they Do and Voice it, they are being called Russian sympathizers.

The World is watching what is happening in Ukraine because it is just the beginning of what is to come. The Dark structure that has been put in place by the Negative beings Run Deep throughout the World. The System must Fall to allow for the Light to take hold. No one wants war and violence, But this is what it has come down to on this World Stage. The Dark ones, do not want to let go of their control and the world take over and depopulation agenda. They have already implemented one of their depopulation Plans, through the Virus and Shot. With the Other Labs around the World being used also for these Bioweapons against Humanity, Now is the Time that something had to be done, and like I said it's just the beginning. We knew that the Dark must Fall before the Light could take the Reins on this Planet. None of us knew how that would look. And we had hope that the Dark would just give up and stop the attempt to harm humanity. Well, 2 years ago they proved that they were still trying to destroy as many humans as they can. Now The Tide has turned and the Darkness is being exposed, But it also must be removed. The Proof of Obama, the Biden Family, The Clintons, Dr.Fauci, Bill Gates, George Soros, BIG PHARMA, BIG TECH, and the US Militaries' involvement in shady BIO WARFARE Experiments must be seen from a World point of view, and they Must be Stopped!

Another Example of the Proof being hidden is actually on the HUNTER BIDEN LAPTOP itself, as it reportedly contains emails that appear to back up Russian military claims that the US president’s son was involved in financing military research into dangerous pathogens at biolabs in Ukraine.

Biden helped arrange millions of dollars in financing for Metabiota, a Pentagon contractor that specialized in researching pandemic-causing pathogens that could be used as bioweapons, the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper reported on Friday.

As I have stated before within this Series, There are other beings here at this moment working for and are very Loyal to Humanity. However, these beings only consist of about 20% of the Extraterrestrials out there. They derive from 3 main species and These beings do interact and actually Protect us humans from the Darker species. They are known as the Karistus, The Kurs, and the Positive Annunaki who were originally karmically involved with Humanity. These Beings have made it their soul missions to defend and protect Humanity and This Earth.

There is another 20 % that are totally aggressive to Humans and this Planet. Then there is another 60% that stay Neutral and do not interfere by either helping humans or stopping the Negatives from harming us. So they too are nothing to Humanity. They are just here to observe our situation.

Nevertheless, there is good news, The Positive ET that are here to defend Humans, are now starting to step up in a more offensive manner, To end the harm that is still being done to humanity. Now is the Time. We will begin to also see more activity in our Skies, so continue looking up.

As far as the spiritual aspect of things, it's really hard to Balance in these moments and stay positive, so remember that when we send the Vibration of Love towards world events, it Allows for the Light to keep working in that situation for the Transformation of that area. We often have the habit to feel sorrow or sadness when seeing horrific events. These feelings only send more Low vibrations rather than Positive Light for Transformation. Unconditional Love is Key. We also must remember that many have soul contracts to exit the Earth in these times. We may not understand what is happening in this Physical reality, But Spiritually we do, it has been the plan by the divine all along.

It is important to stay focused within the Love vibration. We are getting bombarded with the emotional upheaval that is being amplified by the media. When seeing or hearing things of this lower disturbance, instead of pointing blame in one direction or another, just send love. This way you know that the right energy is getting sent for the situation. The Light will prevail in bringing down the darkness on this planet. No, it's not the peaceful transformation that we had all hoped for. But that is thanks to the Darks' continued pursuit of more harm towards humanity and this Earth. We must stand strong in the Light and protect the Innocent. That is our purpose as Light Warriors. So, send your Love and Light to null all the Darkness on this Planet, Now is the time. The Light is Here and is actively Transforming this Earth, for hers and Our ascension.

and so it is and it is so.

in so much Love and Light,

Chellea, Mystic, and Channel of the Aeons Sophia and Christos, through Divine Light, The New Earth of Light, Full Disclosure Channeling and Gnostic Guidance @

The Extraterrestrial Interference Series.

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