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The Gnosis of Spirit Animals and Mother Earth Herself

The Gnosis of Spirit Animals and Mother Earth Herself

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

As we move along this journey into the higher consciousness, we have so much support from our guides and Angels. Most of us are aware that these beings are here to protect and serve us as we rise into the Higher dimensions. But there are others that are also here to help us and give us their wisdom and medicine through this Journey that you may not be aware of. In many ancient Native cultures, They connected to the Earth in a much more direct way. They saw Nature as the Living expression of The Great Invisible Spirit. They saw the Light of the infinite Consciousness in everything they experienced. In their eyes, Even the Water is a Living being that can give us wisdom and knowledge, because it is also connected to the Infinite Spirit of God. They even saw the Rocks as ancient consciousness that could tell the Stories of the Ancient Earth Mother. Everything they encountered was Living Wisdom. Their Connection with Nature itself was their connection to God. Many of the Native Tribes have been infiltrated by the Church and have lost these ancient Teachings. However, there are still a few tribes that have stayed with their ancient teaching and are still communicating directly with the Earth.

The Earth herself communicates with us through her nature. You can pick up on her spirit by literally listening to everything around you. She speaks to us through the elements and the animals. Each Animal, insect, fish, and Bird on this planet are a messenger of the Great Spirit. The Natives believed that the Wisdom of the Animal's spirits, guides us along our journey here on Earth. These guides show themselves in our dreams and through synchronicities throughout our daily life.

For example you notice that you have been seeing pictures of butterflies everywhere, and you have just seen one in your garden.

The butterfly is one of the most emblematic totem animals symbolizing personal transformation. If you see the butterfly as your totem or spirit animal, pay attention to the areas in your life, that are in need of profound change or transformation. Perhaps, this animal totem guides you to be sensitive to your personal cycles of expansion and growth, as well as the beauty of life’s continuous unfolding. An important message carried by the spirit of the butterfly is about the ability to go through important changes with grace and lightness.

The Wisdom of the Butterfly is Powerful transformation, metamorphosis in your life.

This is the wisdom of the Butterfly

  • Moving through different life cycles

  • Renewal, rebirth

  • Lightness of being, playfulness

  • Elevation from earthly matters, tuning into emotional or spiritual

  • The world of the soul, the psyche

There are many different websites that give you spirit Animal wisdom. Today I used the website