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This Mural Is displayed at the Denver Airport. It is called "The Children Dream of Peace". It is soon to be removed due to renovations (They Say).

First I do wish to say that we normally do not post anything from a political standpoint. We consider ourselves sovereign Beings and do not believe in governmental control of any sort. However, It is time for humanity to finally wake up from their long-lived Nightmare.

The controllers have upped the game with all the fear-based propaganda, whether it's Rumors of World Wars or the Fear of Viral Epidemics. Many major cities around the world, have already been shut down or closed, and Martial Law has been put in place. This has been the Plan of the dark for many years. The facts still remain that their "False Flag" operations are still very dangerous and do cause many deaths to the innocent. However, the main purpose of the recent Propagandas is the outbreak of Fear they are causing. Fear is the Lowest vibration you can have, so if they can keep you in fear, they keep you enslaved to their agenda. No matter what your religion, political, or cultural state is, It all boils down to some sort of governmental control over the People. These outlets are used to bring in their anticipated Martial Law. It doesn't matter if you vote or love or hate Trump, this country Is owned by the very very rich, and you are just a slave to the system. The very wealthy have a very sinister plan, to enslave ALL WORKERS for their benefit. If you are Old, Disabled, or can't work for whatever reason, you are a burden to them. This has already begun under the Trump administration, he has even claimed he's for the Workers, but not the Poor. This is the beginning of a Controlled Slave State. Even before when he wanted his Wall, he shut down the Government and "Threatened" Martial Law then, because he did not get his way. Martial Law is not something that is necessary, it is being used for the purpose of Controlling Humanity.

For many years you have been warned of a "FALSE FLAG" attempt to Take total control of Humanity. Well, it looks like this is it.

It is very difficult these days to have a different opinion than most people out there. The far-Right think that Trump is their "Savior," when actually he is the opposite and is just a puppet of The RICHER (Rothschilds). He has even already turned our wonderful Country into a Corporate Money machine "Illumicorp". They have also used our own conspiracy theories against us and created an Anonymous "Q", to do the dirty work of Lying and leading of The People, so they can bring in their agenda with ease. I wonder why that didn't get brought up in the impeachment trials? (Maybe Because they are on the same side?) Thing is, It has actually worked. Those who have worked so hard trying to expose the elites are the very same ones Backing them now. The elites now think they have no one left to stop them. The far Left is no different and Much worse as far as their evil doings. The Political system of the United States is corrupted by very rich people and so, it does not matter what side you are on, it is just 2 sides of the same coin. They all have played a very dirty trick on Americans. There is one thing that they all agree on and thats the enslavement of humanity.


I know that years ago this video was called a "Hoax", however it is still a very true agenda of the Elites. Everything that this video says is truth and is still the main agenda of the ones we know as the Illuminati.

The following Video is Laura Eisenhower interviewing Eric Raine. They Discuss the Recent Corona Virus outbreak. Eric considers it his duty, his life's purpose, to share this information with the world, to free all of humanity from the ravages of this system and to help create a world filled with Love and light... ​...and Unleashing Natural Humanity was born! https://www.unleashingnaturalhumanity...

The purpose of this article is to awaken others to a hidden agenda that has been set in place for a very long time. Many are still very blind to the actual Darks agenda. We just ask that you take another look at what is happening in your world. It is our duty as Lightworkers and wayshowers to KNOW the truth, so we can share with others.


Welcome to Universal Lighthouse.

We Are Shining Light on the ALL, That is ONE...

We are dedicated to enlightening this Earth with Truth, Knowledge, and Love. You will enjoy: Research and study from Universal Lighthouse including But not limited to, Ancient Text, paranormal and supernatural exploration, Metaphysical Theology and Spiritual Awareness. You will also enjoy: Adventuring into the Unknown, Full Disclosure, UFO/UAP Phenomenon, Forbidden Archeology, New & Ancient Technology, Quantum Exploration, New Discoveries, Our Creative Nature, The Brilliance of The Universe and Much More. Universal Lighthouse offers our own Writings Plus, other information that is found throughout the Internet, We do try and find the original source for this information. However, the opinions, views, statements, and/or information we present are not necessarily the beliefs of Universal Lighthouse. Please use discernment with all the information given. We offer this information free for Research and Study Purposes. Not all information may be a current event but is to be used as a Library of information. It is our goal to raise the consciousness of humanity through knowledge, truth, and love. We are shining Light on the ALL that is One.

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