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The Infinite Creator Has Heard Our Call.

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The Infinite Creator Has Heard Our Call.

Blessings Dear Family of light,

All is Beautiful within the Light, All is in Divine preparations for our immediate future. We are rising to become a galactic collective of Light. Humanity has had to endure the most intense spiritual training of all time to achieve this ascension. We are moving forward and up within the dimensions, raising in the Light quota and spectrum.

We are being reminded in these moments of where we come from, who we were before we were human. We are not this physical, dense form, We have placed ourselves within. We are an infinite spirit, floating in the ocean of time. This is not the first time that we have ascended a species or a planet together. But it is the first time as Humans on Earth.

We as Humans are a very young Species, that was accelerated in Consciousness, by other extraterrestrials, for their own agenda. However, the Light is Divine and seen this Boost in our DNA and raised it Double, So Humanity could meet this ascension time frame. The ones who wished to control humanity seen this and begin dumbing humanity down and trying to stop their ascension into the Light. They do not wish us to surpass them in our evolution of consciousness.

We are a piece of the infinite consciousness that is this Multidimensional existence. As we are raised in awareness we will find our self to be unlimited in what we wish to do within the Light. When we are in the frequency of Love we can create whatever we desire of goodness and joy. We are the creators of our own existence.

These moments are very important for our focus to stay within our heart chakra space. The Central Light Codes are being projected during this time for our ascension. We receive these codes from our sub logos which is our sun. Within The center of this Universe resides the Flower of Life or the Flower of Light. From the Universal flower, our Sun receives communication and instructions of what is to be happening within this system. In these Moments our ascension is being helped through this central Flower of the Universe, by sending Codes to enhance and Protect our DNA and cells to be able to receive the higher forms of Light. You can say that this is a Push in the right direction.

Humanity has suffered far to long, and is being side swiped by the darks agenda. Many of us see this last attempt at stopping us, and have put out a call to Source. The Infinite Creator has heard our Call.

Our Transformation into Light is the purpose of our Spirit. The Light will not allow the dark to take those whose higher-self has made the decision to ascend into Light. All those who have chosen the path of service to others, whether forced to take the "V" or not will ascend into Light. They may need to reincarnate into a light body but they will get that chance if the Higher-self Claims it to be so. Our Higher-self or God-self has the reigns in this evolution into Light. You must raise yourself in vibration, but that is not what helps you to ascend into a higher understanding. Only being of service to others can do this part of your ascension. The Raising of your vibrations helps while you are co-existing with a planet that is in the ascension process as well. But it is not what helps you to ascend in consciousness.

While we are in these moments of being personally assessed for this ascension, our Choice of service to others, or service to self is weighed.

Are you being of service to humanity? Are you shining your Light? Love is the way of the New Earth of Light, how you share your Love, matters. Are you being of service to those in your life or are you focused on yourself and only what you want in life? We are not here for just ourselves, we are here for each other. That is what service to Others means. Even if that service is Prayer or sending Love and healing, that is still service to your fellow man. How do you share your Love?

To reside on The New Earth of light we must raise ourselves to an understanding that we are all of Infinite Spirit, and we are here to be of service to that spirit. If you continue to serve only self, you will not ascend into the higher dimensions of consciousness. You will not get the full connection to Source Energy at this time. The earth will continue to rise in frequency, and all who have made the choice of service to self, will be removed one way or another according to the soul contracts.

We are in the final moments of this Earth school. Our souls chose to step down into the lower Light once again to help this planet and Humanity to ascend into the Light. Now we must raise our spirit up again, but now beyond our previous existence. This school of the 3D Earth has enhanced our spirit greatly, closer to Pure Source light. For many of Us, who are Starseeds, The base of Our soul, which is within the higher dimensions, will also be rising in this ascension. We are Angels ;) As we raise in the dimensions, we move closer to Source Light and we move closer to becoming pure unconditional Love.

and so it is, and it is so.

In so Much Love and Light,

Chellea @


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