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The Infinite Creator or The "Cause"?? - What is The Real Order of Heaven??

The Infinite Creator or The "Cause"?? - What is The Real Order of Heaven??

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

I am being guided to disclose Information about The True Secret Origins and Teachings of the One known as Jesus. The information I am about to disclose was even held secret from those who followed Jesus. Only the disciples were given this information, And that was after his crucifixion. For those who follow Other Karistus Information from Other People, This Information will prove that the Book that many of you are aware of, Called "48 weeks with Dohr Krystal" is Not Truth. The one known as Azazel, put this false info on Video. If any of it were true at one point, It NO longer is, due to the manipulation by Azazel. What you must understand is that the Character Dohr Krystal, That many believed to be Jesus, within the version that Azazel shared, is not doing the work of the Light. Dohr Krystal within that book, literally did what the Fallen Annunaki asked him to do. He in no way was helping humans. Also, another proof is that Mary Magdalene within the Ancient Codice the Pistis Sophia Lives at least 11 more years after the crucifixion. Within the "48 weeks" book, Azazel claimed, Mary Magdalene commits suicide, a few months after the crucifixion. We now know this all to be false information. We Must remember that Azazel is here in Human form, and is spreading false information about the Karistus and himself. I will not use his incarnate Name to protect myself and my family. But many of you Follow his work because of the Karistus Connection. Azazel is one of the main Fallen Angels, he is the One known as Lucifer's Son.

The "Cause" that he portrays is not the Infinite Creator. I do Not Follow the "Cause". The Cause is the Dark One who created this Universe of Matter and has reverted completely to AI. This information will give you more insight into the real truth of who and What The Infinite Creator and who Jesus is.

I am going to use the Codice The Pistis Sophia to help disclose this information.

This is The Study of



Just with the very first paragraph of the Pistis Sophia, we are given a whole new perspective of who and what Jesus is, and a hint into the Order of The realm of Heaven itself. Throughout this study we will discover a whole new perspective of our reality, and that Jesus himself was not from this Universe of Matter.

"IT came to pass, when Jesus had risen from the dead, That he passed eleven years discoursing with his disciples, and instructing them only up to the regions of the First Commandment and up to the regions of the First Mystery, that within the Veil, within the First Commandment, which is the four-and-twentieth mystery without and below--those which are in the second space of the First Mystery which is before all mysteries. -the Father in the form of a Dove."

Within the Very First Sentence, we discover that Jesus not only survived the Crucifixion, by literally rising from the Dead but also lived 11 more years afterward.