The Infinite Creator or The "Cause"?? - What is The Real Order of Heaven??

The Infinite Creator or The "Cause"?? - What is The Real Order of Heaven??

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

I am being guided to disclose Information about The True Secret Origins and Teachings of the One known as Jesus. The information I am about to disclose was even held secret from those who followed Jesus. Only the disciples were given this information, And that was after his crucifixion. For those who follow Other Karistus Information from Other People, This Information will prove that the Book that many of you are aware of, Called "48 weeks with Dohr Krystal" is Not Truth. The one known as Azazel, put this false info on Video. If any of it were true at one point, It NO longer is, due to the manipulation by Azazel. What you must understand is that the Character Dohr Krystal, That many believed to be Jesus, within the version that Azazel shared, is not doing the work of the Light. Dohr Krystal within that book, literally did what the Fallen Annunaki asked him to do. He in no way was helping humans. Also, another proof is that Mary Magdalene within the Ancient Codice the Pistis Sophia Lives at least 11 more years after the crucifixion. Within the "48 weeks" book, Azazel claimed, Mary Magdalene commits suicide, a few months after the crucifixion. We now know this all to be false information. We Must remember that Azazel is here in Human form, and is spreading false information about the Karistus and himself. I will not use his incarnate Name to protect myself and my family. But many of you Follow his work because of the Karistus Connection. Azazel is one of the main Fallen Angels, he is the One known as Lucifer's Son.

The "Cause" that he portrays is not the Infinite Creator. I do Not Follow the "Cause". The Cause is the Dark One who created this Universe of Matter and has reverted completely to AI. This information will give you more insight into the real truth of who and What The Infinite Creator and who Jesus is.

I am going to use the Codice The Pistis Sophia to help disclose this information.

This is The Study of



Just with the very first paragraph of the Pistis Sophia, we are given a whole new perspective of who and what Jesus is, and a hint into the Order of The realm of Heaven itself. Throughout this study we will discover a whole new perspective of our reality, and that Jesus himself was not from this Universe of Matter.

"IT came to pass, when Jesus had risen from the dead, That he passed eleven years discoursing with his disciples, and instructing them only up to the regions of the First Commandment and up to the regions of the First Mystery, that within the Veil, within the First Commandment, which is the four-and-twentieth mystery without and below--those which are in the second space of the First Mystery which is before all mysteries. -the Father in the form of a Dove."

Within the Very First Sentence, we discover that Jesus not only survived the Crucifixion, by literally rising from the Dead but also lived 11 more years afterward.

He continued teaching the disciples for 11 years after he had been on the cross. This information in itself is very different then what we have ever been told. We know from the other codices that Mary Magdalene was one of the disciples along with Martha and Mary Jesus' Mother. However, Mary was given the seat next to Jesus because of their Union.

During the 11 years after he was crucified Jesus hadn't told his disciples of the full Order of Heaven. It says that he instructed them only up to the regions of the First Commandment and up to the regions of the First Mystery, that within the Veil, within the First Commandment. This means that he had not yet revealed that the Universe that we live within is not of the First Mystery or the first Universe. This last part of this sentence we are told that there are 24 Universes, all of which are without and below the first Mystery or First Universe. Which is where the core of the Infinite Creator resides or the One that Jesus Refers to as Father who is above them all. Here as well the Infinite Father is depicted as a dove.

The Creator of this Universe of Matter is not the same being as the Creator of The First Mystery or the Other 24 Universes. We will disclose this in more detail as we continue these studies. The Creator of this Universe is called the "Cause" or the reason for Matter. He vibrated his Voice to Manipulate the Infinite Creators Light that is Omni Present, to Form This physical Reality, He then used the Dense clay to form the Bodies of the Human being, to resemble the Form of The Angels of Light. Throughout Gnostic Studies we learn that Sophia intervened to Help Humanity ascend out of the 3D Form and into the Light. The Infinite Creator is from an invisible Reality, where no Matter exists.

The second paragraph is about when Jesus decided to disclose his true Origins to his disciples.

The disciples up to this point did not have any real Knowledge of where Jesus had come from. So this information even though it was given after Jesus Rose from the dead, was all new to the disciples.

"And Jesus said to his disciples: "I am come forth out of that First Mystery, which is the last mystery, that is the four-and-twentieth mystery." And his disciples have not known nor understood that anything existeth within that mystery; but they thought of that mystery, that it is the head of this universe and the head of all existence; and they thought it is the completion of all completions because Jesus had said to them concerning that mystery, that it surroundeth the First Commandment and the five Impressions and the great Light. and the five Helpers and the whole Treasury of the Light.

The Order of heaven is far more complex than most can understand.

Jesus had not told his disciples anything about the First Mystery where the Infinite Father resides. Because of its complexity. Throughout the next few paragraphs, it is an account of everything Jesus had not told his disciples yet and describes in great detail the Order of The first Mystery of Heaven. Please pause the video to read these next scriptures for yourself.

The regions of the great Invisible.

And moreover Jesus had not told his disciples the total expansion of all the regions of the great Invisible and of the three triple-powers and of the four-and-twenty invisibles, and all their regions and their æons and their orders, how they are extended--those which are the emanations of the great Invisible--and their ungenerated and their self-generated and their generated and their light-givers and their unpaired and their rulers and their authorities and their lords and their archangels and their angels and their decans and their servitors and all the houses of their spheres and all the orders of every one of them.

The Treasury of the Light.

And Jesus had not told his disciples the total expansion of the emanations of the Treasury, nor their orders, how they are extended; nor had he told them their saviours, according to the order of every one, how they are; nor had he told them what guard is at every [gate] of the Treasury of the Light; nor had he told them the region of the Twin-saviour, who is the Child of the Child; nor had he told them the regions of the three Amēns, in what regions they are expanded; nor had he told them into what region the five Trees are expanded; nor as to the seven Amēns, that is the seven Voices, what is their region, how they are expanded.

The Light-world.

And Jesus had not told his disciples of what type are the five Helpers, nor into what region they are brought; nor had he told them how the great Light hath expanded itself, nor into what region it hath been brought; nor had he told them of the five Impressions, nor as to the First Commandment, into what region they have been brought. But he had discoursed with them generally, teaching that they exist, but he had not told them their expansion and the order of their regions, how they are. For this cause they have not known that there were also other regions within that mystery.

Jesus had not yet told his disciples that he comes from the first Mystery

And he had not told his disciples: "I have gone forth out of such and such regions until I entered into that mystery, and until I went forth out of it"; but, in teaching them, he said to them: "I am come forth from that mystery." For this cause then they thought of that mystery, that it is the completion of completions, and that it is the head of the universe and that it is the total Fulness. For Jesus had said to his disciples: "That mystery surroundeth that universe of which I have spoken unto you from the day when I met with you even unto this day." For this cause then the disciples thought there is nothing within that mystery.

What makes this first Chapter so hard to understand is it is a much different type of Writing and word use than most ancient scriptures. Within the Pistis Sophia we discover that Jesus really had 2 separate teachings. One that he taught the masses and One that he only taught his disciples. The truth he disclosed to only those close to him, was much different than his normal teaching and strikes our imagination of what is really going on within the Multiverse. No, he was not from Earth, But he had incarnated here to help Humanity ascend out of this Dark Universe of Matter. The only way for humans to do this is to reject the Darkness on this Planet, and raise in Vibration. In Jesus' point of view, all things of matter are of Darkness. A very Lower Vibration created this Dense 3D Universe. The so-called "Voice of God", or the speaking of the Word, was the demiurge, "roaring" which formed the matter of this Universe. As Many may already know The demi-urge is shaped like a Snake or Dragon with the head of a Lion. This is why we must let go of all things of the physical 3d World to move into the Light. Jesus was and is a Karistus, and he was Known By Many Names, but he was not Dohr Krystal as depicted in Azazels Book. Jesus and Mary had many Children and were together for at least these 11 years after he rose from the Dead. He paved the path for the rest of us to follow along this Journey. But it has all been hidden until now. Everything we have been told is Lies. These ancient Writings can give us more of an un-manipulated look into the Life, death and resurrection of Jesus, and the true Order of Reality. . The Infinite Creator is Omni Present and is the Consciousness of the all. The "Cause" of this 3D Reality was an error, and was not part of the Infinite Light. Sophia gave us her Light, so we could ascend out of the Dark Universe and into the Realms of the Infinite Father, the One Known as "The Dove".

And so it is and it is so,

In so much Love and Light, Chellea, Mystic and channel of the Aeons Sophia and Christos, and the Karistus, The New Earth of Light Full disclosure Channeling and Gnostic guidance. @

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