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The Intervention by The Light

The Intervention by The Light

Beautiful Blessings Dear Family of Light,

The Darkness is dissolving everywhere, even those who think they are hiding from the Light, will be seen, and removed. The Light is engulfing all that's within this solar system, through the Suns events, Cosmic Energies from the Photon Belt, and many Different Light beings assistance at this moment. We will begin to see much more of a complete removal of all dark forces and fleets that still exist here within this solar system, and are trying to stay in control. This has been confirmed through the Galactic Federation. Plus This Planet is Getting excited, she is about to transform into the Higher Light, so many will be removed here. A lot of Truths are being shown about several of the well known Elites, who are involved with the Space programs, are also involved in the betrayal of humanity by "Mind Control". These things will come out, but, the issue is will anyone see it. The higher Light confirms that there are already many who have been Mind controlled. But again the Dark Plans are vanquished by the Light. When Their agenda didn't happen the way the dark wished them too, they have had to back track and now have had to reprogram their mind controlled victims to new Plans of Action. This is new information that is now beginning to be exposed. Nothing that the Dark is trying will work. it's too late for them. Darkness will not survive on this Planet. All of the chaos in this world will soon be calmed. The dark is trying to elevate your emotions, by their horrific actions with planned events, that cause you to react. The Emotional state as collective beings can help or hinder the evolution of the Planet that they reside on. So during these times, be conscious of your reaction to the dramas that's being played out. Always try an stay in the heart space of the Love energy, having compassion and forgiveness.

The Earth is becoming a higher 4th dimensional Planetary body. You see, if a Planet is still alive, it can ascend into a Higher Being of Light. but, if a Planet Dies, it becomes uninhabitable on the surface, it becomes an empty shell with caverns like a sponge. This is why the Dark has tried so hard to kill Mother Earth, if she ascends they no longer can reside here, they must leave, and find shelter inside one of their dead planets, outside of the photon belt. This whole Solar System will be cleared. The Dark ones who are left here right now, know that their time is up on this planet and within the Solar system. Many have been trapped here by being abandoned by their controllers, and are just trying to keep hold as long as they can. But again Nothing that the Dark tries will work. All is under the Divine order. They are to be Removed by the Light. This will happen through the coming celestial events and the work of many Light beings, sending the Love energies to this entire solar system, and also with the help of the Universal Light Grid Programmers, who are in these moments awakening to their truth, here on this Planet. These beings literally have given their Eternity to the All. And will do what is needed within the Lights Intervention. Many of us are now being guided in a more direct way to help with the process focusing the Light in different places. This is the Night Time work that I am doing during sleep. I asked to remember and this is what I was given. I Personally have experienced the Light Grid work of the clearing of Different areas on this planet and throughout this solar system. This was done from the Grid platform itself and with the guidance of 7 other Universal Light Grid Programmers. During the interaction, I am in what I have come to know as my Higher-self's form, Which is a transparent blue, where I can see my nervous system inside myself. My nerves are like rainbow colored wiring, throughout my body. Once I have embodied this Higher-self, I first begin to focus in on the Planet I am about to clear, It's like a hologram, where I can enlarge and shrink whatever I am viewing. I am then projected, almost like the old time projection monitors, into a Massive Light being, able to scan the entire solar system at will. This form is of a giant planet sized holographic version of my human Form. This started happening several months ago, Like I was being trained for this Specific position. However, the work is now becoming much more clear and vivid in my remembrance, and it seems Now, I can have total control of the grid. I am able to embody my higher-self at will, and within moments, I am a Massive being scanning this solar system for darkness. When I find it, I am projecting Pure Source Love, which vanquishes all the darkness in that location. I found it a little strange though, that the last time I was there, I was by myself, just my higher-self and the Grid, and my projection. The other beings who taught me was not there. No other grid workers were there either. Like maybe something else is happening. I know that My soul purpose in these moments is to focus on the Earth and this Solar System and projecting the Light where needed. Whatever is happening, Nothing is going to Stop this planet and Our ascension, This is happening Now. This is Confirmed By Divine Light.

and so it is and it is so.

in so much Love and Light,