The KARISTUS ANGELS Are Awakening -- Are You One of Them?

The KARISTUS ANGELS are Awakening, are You One of Them?

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

We are almost to the Peak energies of the Lions Gate Portal, and I feel The excitement within the Angelic Realms. They are in celebration because Many Lightworkers are ready for their Graduation Activation Upgrades. Which is a consciousness increase to Balance us within the 5th Dimensional Reality. As we pass through the 4th Dimension we will experience different stages of consciousness Levels. These enhancements will bring very special cognitive abilities that will increase our connection to the Infinite Life Force Energies. We will also become aware of physical body changes and the dissolving of the 3D system of Control. Our outer world must balance with the New Vibration as well. This could take a while and will not be something that will happen over night. As The Earths Vibration Rises, it will demand a certain Frequency of Change. This means Things must change to meet the new Higher base of Vibration. Mother Earth is making lots of Changes herself, and she will continue now that she is Fully aware of the Dark intentions against her and her Nature. She will continue to cleanse and purge all Darkness.

During this Time many Karistus Angel incarnates are awakening across the Globe. We are working in full force to bring in the Light upon this Planet, and to protect and defend her and Humanity as we make this Jump into the Higher Dimensions. Now is the Moment we have all been waiting for. As we rise in Light many new abilities are surfacing. These abilities if used for the purpose of Light are amplified 10 fold. What this means is while working with the Light codes and upgrades, the more in service to Others you are, the More powerful your abilities become. The difference in Dark work and Light work is these very special energies. The Dark can not connect to this Energy so they use the Lower 4th dimensional entities, known as the Archons and Reptilian to help them achieve their desires. However, when working with the Light, It's only God's Infinite Light that Flows through you. You are connected directly with Source Energies from our Infinite Creator. No Lower Entities can achieve this connection.

Many Karistus who are on this planet are awakening in the midst of this turmoil the Earth is in. The difference between an Angel spirit and any other beings in this Universe is... we are not from this Universe. We are from the First Universe or what is referred to in the ancient Nag Hammadi Texts Pistis Sophia, as the First Mystery. The First Mystery is the First Universe or the central core of the Infinite One God. The Karistus are the First creations of the Infinite Mother Father Creation. They are the Angels.

Their are many of us Angels who have incarnated on the Earth at this time, We are here to Protect and defend Humanity and this Earth. The Karistus Angels are directly involved with Humanity. This is a Hands on Mission, and always has been. The reason Karistus Angels can be directly involved is because they are not bound by Karma the way that this Universe is set up. Many Karistus have been forcibly Trapped within the human karmic loop by the ones who wished to control. All beings within this Universe, are subjected to the Laws of this Universe. However, By Being from the First Mystery, the Angels have Battled the Darkness without consequence of the Karmic Loop if they remember who they are. So as an incarnate of the Karistus, you do have a different soul then any others on this Planet, or even in this Universe. But you must remember your Truth, so you are not caught in years of Karmic lives, playing one right after another. This is why it isn't hard to understand the reason why the other species don't get involved and help humanity. They can send the Love light but can not physically do anything. Well, The Karistus can, and do, and have been actively helping Humanity without stopping Humans freewill. However, the More people who wake up to the deception and control of the Dark ones, The more The Karistus are able to do the Work that's needed to protect and defend Humanity and this Earth. Archangel Michael is a prime example of this Energy. He carries a sword and defends humankind from the evil forces of Lucifer. This is his job, this has been his purpose. He was the First creation of the Infinite Mother/Father and he is defending and protecting humanity even still today. Archangel Michael is a Karistus, and as I have stated before is here incarnated at this Time in a Human form, and making Human decisions to actively remove the Darkness on this Planet. There are a few top Archangels incarnated on Earth at this Time, and yes they do know that they are archangels and remember everything. The notorious Battle of Good and Evil is now taking place on this planet. If you are a Karistus Incarnate, this is an active role that you play here on Earth. We are here to actively bring in the Light, and to actively protect and defend Humanity and this Earth. Yes most Starseeds are incarnates from within this Universe. They may be only here to hold the Light. But There is 144,000 of us who are here for another Purpose, and that is to Actively help transform this Planet into The New Earth of Light.

We are the Karistus, and We are the Angels.

and so it is and it is so, In so Much Love and Light, Chellea, Mystic and Channel of the Aeons Sophia and Christos, and The Karistus, The new Earth of Light, Full Disclosure Channeling and Gnostic Guidance. @


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