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The Light is Bringing "Joy" This Solar Eclipse & New Moon (July 2)

During this next Solar eclipse and New Moon, we are being surrounded with Beautiful Positive Energies. This energy is opening us up to have confidence and hope for our Future. Surround yourself with the Love and Light, allowing yourself to feel Joy. When you are Happy and full of bliss, it is contagious. Share your beautiful Light with those around you.


Total Solar Eclipse & New Moon In Cancer, July 2nd: Positive Energies, Enthusiasm & Optimism

July 2nd brings the New Moon in Cancer, but it will double the fun with the Solar Eclipse taking place along with it! When the New Moon has the Solar Eclipse as its companion, optimism comes upon you.

It’s a fresh cycle with loads of positive energy coming your way. Spend this amazing moment with family and friends – share some of the positive energy with them too.

The New Moon is all about health and wealth. Since it is known to bring people together, this might be a good time for peace agreements. Open-mindedness always helps when many people are together; it creates a circle of acceptance.



Reflection During This Solar Eclipse & New Moon

Where do you want to be in the Future

This is the time to focus on where or what you wish for your future. Many of us may have goals to achieve within our lives, this is the moment to visualize these outcomes.

Celebrate What you have learned

During the time we should stop and reflect on what we have learned during this transition. Our life lessons teach us many things. Rejoice in the knowledge obtained during your Journey.

Focus on the Positive

With all the ups and downs in our Lives we often forget how to be Happy. By focusing on the Positive of any situation, you reprogram your thinking to express positive thoughts. This is the Cure for depression. Most people go through their day, being triggered by the negative that bombard them at all angles. When we STOP and Force ourselves to focus on the Positive things in our Life, we become very grateful for whats been given. Gratitude is one of the Highest vibrations we can emit with our physical forms. Plus when the Universe sees our gratitude, it gives us more to be grateful for.

Learn to Love and Appreciate your Family and Friends

One of the Biggest deceptions of the "NEW AGE" movement, is the thinking you have to leave family and friends that don't vibrate at your level. This is totally WRONG. Our Family and friends that we have during this lifetime are the same people that has been in our past Lives. Many wonder how to clear old Karma from past Lives... This is how. We must learn to Love and forgive those individuals in our life. To clear the past karma, Forgiveness is the key. We must Learn to Love the people in our lives unconditionally.


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