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Beautiful Blessings Dear Family of Light,

Happy Day of Independence, We are receiving POWERFUL FIREWORKS Of Energies

We just received an X class Solar Flare yesterday, this is the first one we have had since 2017. This explosion of Light is bringing in mass energies for the next several days. Being the first major flare in such a long time this is bringing massive Light to the Planet, This coinciding with The USA's Independence Day today. SYMBOLIZING FIREWORKS.

And beginning tomorrow, July 5-6, the Sun is conjunct Sirius, beginning the “dog days of summer”, the days leading up to the annual Heliacal Rising of Sirius. (This is around the 11-14th August, when Sirius rises just before the Sun). Plus we have the Galactic New Year on July 26th, With The 8 8 The Lions Gate Portal in the middle of all that. These Moments we are experiencing has been called in ancient times "The Lion Path" or "The Evolutionary Way Forward"

What is The Evolutionary Way Forward, or The Lion Path?

The Lion Path In ancient Egyptian Belief, marked the time for adepts to receive the heightened illuminating life energy of the Star Sirius. (Upgrades for their Ascension)

"Ancient beyond imagination, the Lion Path was the path of Egyptian kings and their families. They believed that within them was a potential”that from it would spring the refulgent and glorious envelope in which the Spirit-Soul (Ka) would take it’s abode”.

During these annual moments in ancient history, Early Egyptians believed they could ascend into a Higher consciousness. This was only meant for the Rulers, Astrologers, Priests and Priestesses, of the time. Only those of Highest lineage and knowledge was given the rights of passage into the Higher realms.

Today these energies are not just for the elites, We know Now that Everyone receives these energies, and everyone has those rights.

During these Powerful Several weeks we can Boost our Ascension into the Higher Consciousness.

"At sunrise, we can be receptive to this inflow of revitalizing stellar energy, to support our fullest potential and greater liberation. The huge solar flare, the conjunction of Sirius and the Sun, all coinciding with Independence Day, offers an opportunity to contemplate true freedom,liberation, which begins within each one of us." Ani Williams

We are in for a Ride these next several Weeks, so LET GO and Allow the Light to take the reigns.

This is way beyond your control. Breathe in the Light and absorb it to your core. Allow the Divine Will to be your guide.

This is a very special time that happens every year. "The Lion Path" is our Path of the Ascension. We all can receive these energies in a positive Light and enhance our spiritual awareness to a higher understanding.

The Ancients were very aware of the powerful energies of this time of year. They were also very aware of the growth of the spiritual aspect of themselves.

The Ancients knew that this time of year is a very sacred time to ascend into a higher awareness beyond the self. They seen it as a time when the energies can Boost or Jump us into heightened consciousness.

One thing is for sure This next month and into August will be very intense. Stay within the heart, being the energies of Love, Compassion, and Gratitude. Let go of all lower emotions of fear and hate.

In these times the dark have tried everything they can to distract you from your purpose. Your Purpose is much more than the titles you give to yourself. Our Purpose is to Grow in the Light. Our purpose is to become Loving and compassionate beings. The Lion Path or "The ascension" is a learning process, it doesn't happen over night, It takes work and dedication to become the Light. These boosts of Light give us an acceleration or a jump in this ascension process, as long as we are receptive of the energies. By staying focused on your intentions, you can stay open to the transforming Light of Sirius. This allows the energies to give you the upgrades needed during this ascension.

and so it is, and it is so.

In so much Love and Light,

Chellea @


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