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The New Moon Brings New Beginnings and a Higher Way of Being / Cosmic Light Update 1/13

Namaste' Beautiful Family of Light,

Well, 2021 has not let us down yet, The Cosmic Light just keeps amplifying with No rest in sight.

These Powerful and Intense Energies are in this moment pushing us to step into the Higher way of Being.

What does it mean to become the Higher Way of Being?

The Higher Way of Being is selflessness. It's putting the Ego in check and becoming a genuinely caring individual. It's Removing all judgment, hate, and greed, and becoming a compassionate, understanding, and Giving person. It is Letting go of all the Lower vibrations that no longer serve you in your highest light.

It is the Understanding and reflection of Unconditional Love.

New Moon energies Jan 13.

The New Moon symbolizes new beginnings and encourages people to reflect on past achievements, start fresh projects, and use the moon’s energy to achieve their own goals. It signifies a rebirth and is generally a good time to set intentions. But because this is the first New Moon of 2021, and because it occurs in the determined sign of Capricorn, it's a good time to dig extra deep, and map out your wishes and goals for the upcoming year.

"This New Moon gives us the energy as well as the drive to come up with a plan to manifest our deepest desires for the year ahead," says Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for

This New Moon is even more intense because it forms a conjunction with Pluto, a planet associated with power and psychology, says Montúfar. "Pluto’s influence can help us transform an area of our lives that is due for a renewal," she explains. "During this time, we will get hints from the universe on what we need to do to reawaken our power."


Trusting in the Spirit of Light

With all the chaos and confusion in the world today, we sometimes seem to forget to Trust that no matter what happens in this Physical world, All is in Divine Light. In this New Year, we are reminded to trust our inner guidance and move forward gracefully. Your divine purpose will naturally show the way.


The Spiritual Meaning Of The January 2021 New Moon Is About Autonomy By Valerie Mesa Jan. 12, 2021

Welcome to the new age. The year 2021 is now in session, and the sun is making its annual debut in Saturn-ruled Capricorn. Though this is the season to persevere toward your goals, the spiritual meaning of the January 2021 new moon is all about tapping into your professional autonomy. This, of course, couldn't be more aligned with the ingenious energies stemming from Jupiter-Saturn in Aquarius, so don't take a second for granted. Happening on Wednesday, Jan. 13 at exactly 23 degrees Capricorn, this lunation will bring forth new beginnings that revolve around career, professional structure, and your soul's contribution in the world. But with Capricorn's planetary ruler, Saturn, officially transiting through rebellious and freedom loving Aquarius, this cardinal earth season will encourage you to take things to the next level. Whether it be venturing into an entrepreneurial solo journey, or restructuring the HTML coding on your website, these celestial energies are challenging you to think outside the box. The Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn that occurred during the 2020 winter solstice marked the beginning of a new era of reality, so something else that's important to consider is, we will be transitioning into the age of the element air, both individually and as a collective, during this time. This is an opportunity to shift your focus from tangible to intellectual, and the physical to virtual. Despite its mystery and dark essence, the fertility of the new moon phase is a reflection of the foundation of your accomplishments. The beginning of the lunar cycle (aka the new moon phase) is symbolic of rebirth, renewal, and new beginnings. Are you ready to cultivate its magic and integrate it into your personal and professional life? Each month, this serendipitous moon phase bestows you with the hope and blessings of a better tomorrow. This takes place the moment the moon, the sun, and earth align via the same longitude line, which is why the moon becomes invisible, as seen from planet Earth. When you look at things from an astrological standpoint, however, this takes place when the moon joins forces with the sun, in the exact same degree of a particular zodiac sign, which in this case is Capricorn. Given that the sun moves a degree per day, and the moon changes degrees every two hours, it takes two to tango during this lunar phase, as it is, essentially, a team effort. In addition to increasing its general potency, the moon is a symbol of your unconscious mind; it governs your intuitive mind, inner world, emotional foundation, sense of comfort, and divine feminine presence. The sun is your ego, physical identity, divine light, soul purpose, and sacred masculine energy.



Intuitive Astrology: Capricorn New Moon January 2021

The first New Moon of 2021 falls in the sign of Capricorn on January 12-13th (depending on your timezone).

This New Moon falls at 23 degrees of Capricorn, which all through 2020, was a sensitive degree in our cosmic skies. It was at this very degree in January of 2020, that Saturn and Pluto aligned, and the stirrings of what was to come for the year ahead kicked into gear.

If only we knew then, what we know now.

The New Moon arriving at this 23rd degree of Capricorn may remind us of the journey we have traveled since January 2020, and stir memories back to this time last year. How much we have all grown. How much our lives have changed.

We experienced so many rare astrological alignments last year, and while 2021 is quieter in comparison, we are still integrating all of these energies.

This January New Moon will be one of our first major integration points. It may stir up the past, but it may also guide us to reflect and to think about how far we have come over the last 12 months.

As it reactivates this sensitive degree in our cosmic skies, we may feel guided to think about how we have matured, and how facing the challenges of the last 12 months have changed who we are and our priorities moving forward.

How have your priorities shifted? How has your life taken on new meaning?

While New Moons are always a good time to set intentions, it seems like we are being asked to set intentions from a new place of knowing. Rather than falling back into the old ways, we are being asked to think about who we want to be moving forward.

No going back. Only forward movement.

A Capricorn New Moon is always a grounding influence and a good time to reconnect with the Earth, our ancestors, and our roots. We are going to have to keep these gifts in mind as there are some volatile energies surrounding this New Moon that could knock us off balance.

The cosmic weather indicates a chance of upheaval, shock, and restlessness. It seems there may be a push-pull dynamic or some opposing forces that create a feeling of division.

This volatile energy is triggered in part by the dwarf planet Eris, the Goddess of Discord and Strife, which will be in a tense square or 90 degrees angle, to this New Moon.

Uranus, Mars, and Black Moon Lilith will also be active at this time, further pushing this idea of some shocking news or surprising change. We may even notice Mother Earth speaking up by way of some strong weather patterns.

A few days after this New Moon on January 14, Uranus, the planet of awakening, will also turn direct, further enhancing its energetic effects and revealing the true colors of something that was stirring for us back in August 2020, when it first went retrograde.

No matter what challenges come our way, just like the Capricorn Seagoat has the talent and skill to climb to the tallest mountain and swim to the deepest depths of the ocean, we too have the ability to overcome any hurdles that are sent our way.

You are strong enough to handle whatever comes your way.

While there are many layers to this January New Moon, let’s not forget that New Moons also signal new beginnings and the start of a new cycle.

They remind us that there are always opportunities to start new things or to try again, especially if something didn’t quite go according to plan the first time around.

The January New Moon also offers rays of motivation that will inspire and fuel us to tackle any challenging tasks that need to be completed. We may also notice a sudden burst of confidence and clarity, allowing us to make difficult decisions.

There is cosmic support on offer, so know you are not alone under this dark New Moon sky.

Under the first New Moon of the year, as you are climbing your own mountain or perhaps swimming in your own ocean, take a moment to marvel at the journey you have traveled.

Honor just how much you have grown and matured, and how your priorities have shifted for the better.

2020 was not a wasted year. It was a year to wake-up, to realign our values, and to view things in a new way. Use all that you have learnt and apply it to whatever seeds of intention you plant on this New Moon night. Source:


Here are six suggestions for tapping into the driven energy of the 2021 Capricorn new moon.

1. Never, never, never give up.

If at first, you don’t succeed, then try another method for achieving your result! Unassailable Capricorn is symbolized by the persistent Sea Goat tirelessly forging ahead. It’s certainly appropriate since it can take some righteous fortitude to get through Capricorn season (December 21 to January 20): recovering from the holiday hangovers, the lack of sunlight and the buzzkill of having to get back down to business after all the celebrations. Thankfully, the grounding earth sign energy of the 2021 Capricorn new moon keeps you focused and determined.

Just don’t get frustrated if your creative efforts don’t immediately draw a round of funding or millions of TikTok followers. Instead, use this lunar lift to tighten up your game plan and ensure that you’re building on a stable foundation. Even if the project you’re working on has no end in sight, keep your eye on the long-term gains. And when the job is eventually finished, be sure to reward yourself for all your hard work. Remember: Life is messy, and everyone makes mistakes from time to time. But without these learning experiences, how would you grow?

2. Splash some green on your dreams.

Capricorn is the eldest of the three earth signs (a trio that also includes Taurus and Virgo), and these moonbeams sound a wakeup call to conserve and protect natural resources—especially after the holiday season’s waste and excess. Climate change assessments continue to underscore the urgent need for industrial adaptations.

While alarming, there ARE things you can do to cool down your corner of the planet like eating a (more) plant-based diet, walking or biking instead of driving everywhere, and—since refrigeration is the number one climate destabilizer—running the air conditioner as little as possible (if at all) during hot months.

If you own a business, how can you embroider eco-friendly practices into your production processes? Studies show that educating women and girls is one of the primary ways to reduce the threats of climate change worldwide. Donate to an organization like the Malala Fund or the women’s lending arm of to support one of the most powerful global shifts possible.

3. Plan for the future while respecting the past.

In the race to the top, Capricorn is the marathon runner, not the sprinter. Instead of stressing over the little things, try taking the long view. Envision where you’d like to be this time next year. Working backward, start jotting down the simple, practical steps you’ll need to take to make this dream a reality. Then, appoint yourself the CEO of your life and get busy on your “business plan.” And how about a vision board to go along with that?