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Patricia Cota-Robles

June 27, 2021

With the Birth of 2021, the Company of Heaven revealed that the focus for this incredibly important year will be the Transmutation of the self-destructive illusions of separation and duality, thus clearing the way for Awakening Humanity to Cocreate the tangible manifestation of a Quantum Field of Comprehensive Divine Love and an Evolutionary Shift into Unity Consciousness. This level of Enlightened Consciousness reflects the Heart-based patterns of Oneness and Reverence for ALL Life that are imperative for each person to reclaim as we Ascend into the 5th-Dimensional Frequencies of the New Earth.

Due to the incredible Activities of Light that were God Victoriously accomplished in 2020, even in the midst of the pain and suffering people were experiencing, the Company of Heaven has assured us that the Divine Potential for 2021 is Life-transforming. They want us to know, however, that the key to releasing this Divine Potential is up to you and me and the rest of Awakening Humanity.

In spite of the challenges, and in many instances because of the challenges in 2020, millions of people were able to raise their heads above the quagmire of surfacing negativity manifesting in the outer world. This allowed them to see the Light and their own Divine Potential in new ways. People everywhere connected with the Divinity of their I AM Presence in ways they had not previously experienced. At long last, they are beginning to remember that they are Sons and Daughters of God empowered with the Gift of free will and the Creative faculties of thought and feeling.

This is reminding us that through our thoughts, feelings, words and actions we are actually Creating the circumstances in our lives. We are not just victims being buffeted about by random events. We have a purpose and a reason for Being. We embodied on Earth with a mission and a Divine Destiny to become Cocreators of the New Earth with our Father-Mother God and the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth.

Now, we have crossed a threshold and some predominant questions are arising in the hearts and minds of the newly Awakened souls, such as “Do I really have a mission? Can I possibly make a difference? How can my humble efforts create a New Earth?”

The answer to the first question is YES, we all absolutely have a mission. In Richard Bach’s book “Illusions” he has a wonderful test to help us determine whether or not our mission on Earth has been fulfilled. The test is…IF YOU ARE ALIVE, IT HAS NOT.”

So as we Cocreate the unfolding Divine Plan for this year, one of the key factors in helping to release the Divine Potential for 2021 is for each of us to accept and acknowledge that we already ARE what we seek and what we desire to BE through our Highest Level of Consciousness. All we have to do is reclaim that Truth and then live, move and Breathe out of that KNOWING. At this time, we are being Called to join Forces to Cocreate a positive course of action for Generations to come. Our Earthly Bodies will be instrumental in this process. Our physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies are literally comprised of multidimensional technology. In the new paradigm we are Cocreating, we have the ability to hold space within our bodies for the highest frequencies of vibration. All we have to do is consistently pay attention to who we are