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The Pink Libra Full Moon Will Bring Renewal Into Your Life This April 19th

Winter’s over and now, we are moving into spring. On April 19th, we will be greeted with the Full Pink Moon in Libra. It is a time for rebirth. The magical energy will be a powerful one and everything will come to life.

It will feel like the magic has made the fairies all around us dance with celebration and bestow their magical charm on us. All it takes is a little bit of openness and faith if we want to be one with this energy.

Once we get infused with this positive energy, we can focus on self-care and make advancements in our professional life. There will be an overall increase in our general well-being and our relationship can become much stronger now than before. It could be the best time of our life.

Why Is It Called Pink?

The Full Moon is called Pink though it does not really change its color. Well, it is called pink because it is named after the pink flowers, known as wild ground phlox, that start blooming during this period. It is also called Egg Moon since this is the egg-laying season too.

Both Egg and Pink mean that something new is coming up – a blooming period. It is an explosion of novelty and positivity. Since the Full Moon comes just before Easter, it conveys the message that although death is natural, life has won over it.

These are some of the questions that we should be asking ourselves when the Moon becomes Full during this period.

How much is excess?

What are our limits?

Are we taking risks while drawing our limits?

How far do we need to go to get what we want?

When is it enough?

These questions will help you connect with the Cosmos. Only we know the answer to these questions. It’s all hidden inside us. Just take a minute and answer them properly. If you want, you can meditate on it too. It will make your mind so much clearer.

It’s a lucky period. You may have had struggles at first but now, you can turn around this period and make it act in your favor.

Just be grateful to the Full Moon when you do so. Since it’s bringing in new opportunities for growth, why don’t you tap into your innate energy to move forward? You know you have to power to do so.

We are all on a spiritual journey of growth. The past is left behind us for the better. It’s time for us to go forward on this spiritual path and start living in the moment. Because in the end, it is the present that matters and will shape the future.

So, if you are willing t