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The PSYCHIC POWERS of Higher Consciousness ~ Channeling and Gnostic Guidance

The PSYCHIC POWERS of Higher Consciousness.

The New Earth of Light, Channeling, and Gnostic Guidance.

Beautiful Blessings Dear family of Light,

The Dreaming or visions is becoming so intense now more than ever before. My Precognitive Dreaming is enhancing greatly, to the point that every night, I receive new foresight about something else about to happen within my life. For many who have followed my writings, you may remember me talking about my Family Gift. This has been something I have learned to deal with my whole life. I received this gift through my Grandfather's side of the Family. He himself had the ability, and so does my Mother, who I now care for full time, and Now My Oldest Son is showing signs of our inherited abilities too. It seems the Gift always develops after the age of 30. Through discussion with my Mother, she says my inner sight is far more advanced than hers or even grandpas ever got. Unfortunately, she has viewed her abilities much differently than I do and is very scared of them. This is highly understandable because part of Our Family Gift is Knowing when someone is about to cross over. It is difficult to experience this because even though you may think it would prepare you, it really doesn't. It is also very important for us to tell others so as to possibly prevent death from happening. We must be careful not to have worry and actually begin to Morn before the event.

But there is also a Positive side to the Gift, We are also aware when there is a Conception, or about to be a birth within the Family. However, My abilities are evolving to a point where I am being shown all aspects of My Life about 2 weeks before it happens. I have connected fully to the Water Element allowing for it to be a Trigger for me within all my Dreams. When I see Water in my Dream no matter in what form, it is a sign of my Precognition. I have for a while been talking to David and my Mother about what is happening, It does make it harder for me to sleep restfully because of being awakened often throughout the night. I am usually awakened suddenly because of seeing the Water in Positive or negative or what I see as Clear or dirty forms. This is where it becomes very difficult to deal with Because I may know that something bad could happen in the near future. I always try and tell those around me when I have them so in most cases to warn them if necessary. I also, Even though the Dreams happen often, do not never know exactly what is going to happen or exactly who it will happen to, But the Enlightenment of the occurrence is there, and I do always know who will be most affected by the event.

I can give an example of when My Cousin Jackie Passed on. Even though Jackie was 2 years older than me, She never really moved past being a teenager in mind, due to disabilities and other issues. We spent lots of time together growing up and were best friends. But due to her issues, she never left home, always living with her mom and dad. So everyone in the family saw Jackie as a Child mind... I had this Dream 2 weeks before she left us. The Dream happened on a baseball field, I walked up to the Home plate and I saw several small Children playing in Muddy water. They were all covered in Mud. I turn and saw a Large circus tent in the outfield. My uncle who is Jackies Dad, and his brother-in-law, her Uncle, both come running out of the tent towards me. Then my Son who was just a Teenager at the Time was standing outside the Fenced Ballfield yelling to Me saying, "They won't let me in"... When seeing this I knew that something was going to happen to probably a child, and it would involve my uncle and his brother-in-law, and My Son was going to be there seeing it all. A Few weeks after having this dream, I heard that Jackie was in the Hospital on Life Support, Happening very suddenly. She was only 45 years old at the time. When I went to see her, in the hospital, Both her Dad and her Uncle were there. My son had come with me because he really liked Jackie. But he was stopped from seeing her because of his Age, he was too young to go into the ICU. My Uncle, Jackies Dad, and his Brother-in-law told me they were going to pull the plug on her. After going into the room by Myself and Seeing her, I was able to get a small reaction from her, and her blood pressure went up. I didn't believe that she was brain dead, so there was a small feud about it. It was her Dad that ended up being the one to actually do it. Needless to say, it wasn't my choice.

This was a very hard time for me losing her in that manner. After seeing the event play out you would see why it would be hard to tell exactly what was going to happen. However, this dream was one of the very first precognitive Dreams that showed me death, and I knew what it was I was dreaming.

Since then this gift has enhanced greatly to where I not only have the base abilities, but I now know when even small everyday stuff is going to happen, like getting extra money or, having to deal with something that may be rough, like illness, or small problems. The only issue is, I am still not for sure about what is going to take place in full or who it will happen to, That is always kept hidden from me.

I am being shown that the reason that our gifts are enhancing in these moments is that the Energies have been intense moving us higher in Light more and more every day. We all have our own special abilities we may have inherited from our ancestry. But As our DNA is being reconnected to Source light, and we are consciously embodying our Higher selves, we are beginning to experience the enhancement of all our Natural Higher Light Power, Such as Telepathy, Astral Projection, Precognition, Remote Viewing, Clairvoyance, and many others. Not everyone will have the Same Gifts, this is due to your personal DNA and your Star Origins. Nevertheless, These are our Natural abilities, and they can be fully connected through rising in vibration by choosing to be Love and Service to Others. Our DNA is where the secrets have been hidden. Once our DNA is reactivated we are awakening fully to the wholeness of Who we are. We are Now receiving the Cosmic Energies that are Enhancing our Psychic Powers. These Abilities are Gifts, Through the divine light. To open yourself to receive them, one must release the fear of What your powers actually are, and what they can become. We are so much more than we have ever been taught to believe. We are a part of the Infinite Consciousness of God.

And so it is and it is so,

in so much Love and Light,

Chellea, Mystic, and Channel of the Aeons Sophia and Christos through divine Light, The New Earth of Light, Channeling and Gnostic Guidance @


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