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The Real Evidence of Ancient Aliens & UFOs (Photos, Videos, and Ancient Text)

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There is no doubt about it, Aliens and UFOs are always a big subject. But there are those who still don't believe it, even with real evidence out there, that proves their existence. It has become more fact then fiction that Aliens & UFOs exist, and have visited our earth for thousands of years. There are beings that have manipulated humanity from our beginning, and even taught early man Astrology, Alchemy, Agriculture, and Architecture. These Beings that have been interacting with humanity, are what is refereed to as Extraterrestrial and Multidimensional, and can travel through space, time, and dimension. It is thought that many are from other Planets, But there are those who live here on this Earth with us, many underground, and underwater. These beings and their space craft, is a major part of our history.

Contrary to what mainstream Scientists, Historians and Archaeologists may say, The Evidence is everywhere. We have been shown of their existence and interaction though Art, Cave Paintings, sculptures, Ancient Writings and Architecture.

Here is a compilation of Real Evidence that contact with ET has already been made.




Ancient Paintings, Sculptures and Carving depicting Aliens and UFOs


Alien Architecture


Ancient Writings


Ancient Writings Speaking of Beings from other worlds Manipulating Humanity.

Mauro Biglino was a Translator for the Vatican and was able to re-translate the OLD TESTAMENT. The Old Testament is the Beginning Books of the "Holy Bible" Used in Christianity, and is supposed to be a copy of The Jewish Bible the "Torah". What Mauro discovered is Mind-Blowing. The Word "God" wasn't even in the writings, it described "Beings or Aliens" from another "planet" manipulating our DNA and cloning us, to become slaves for them to use as their Laborers. This was the real Adam and Eve Story. Far Different then the Story that was told to us. The Adam's and Eve's were clones that the ET's had created using their DNA. There where several ET's on the Planet at that time, creating Humans all over the world.

Mauro Biglino is an Italian scholar of religious studies, for about thirty years he has been researching the “sacred texts”, in the belief that only knowledge and direct analysis of the ancient writers’ message can lead to true and profound understanding of the religious thought expressed by humanity.


Here is the incredible Interview with Mauro Biglino

Read Mauro Biglino's Book in English Free

The Book that will forever Change our Ideas about the Bible

The Gods Coming from Space

Wrote By Mauro Biglino


Old Testament writings are generally derived from stories written by other people, such as the ancient Sumerians. These stories have given rise to certain theories, which are summarized here in this first chapter.

These theories, – we can call them truths - that once confirmed will cause the end of a great illusion: Our current religious thought system based on concepts developed by men. This religious thought system which includes Christianity, is being operated by those who have exploited pretentiously-named “sacred texts” in order to build a structure a power structure of control and manipulation. It is time for that all to end; and it is time for the truth



The Emerald Tablets ~ Tablet #4. The Space Born.

Far into space, my SOUL traveled freely into infinity's circle of light.

Strange, beyond knowledge, were some of the planets,

great and gigantic, beyond dreams of men.

Yet found I Law, in all of its beauty, working through and among them as here among men.

Flashed forth my soul through infinity's beauty,

far through space I flew with my thoughts.

Rested I there on a planet of beauty.

Strains of harmony filled all the air.

Shapes there were, moving in Order,

great and majestic as stars in the night;

mounting in harmony, ordered equilibrium,

symbols of the Cosmic, like unto Law.

Many the stars I passed in my journey,

many the races of men on their worlds;

some reaching high as stars of the morning,

some falling low in the blackness of night.

Each and all of them struggling upward,

gaining the heights and plumbing the depths,

moving at times in realms of brightness,

living through darkness, gaining the Light.

Know, O man, that Light is thine heritage.

Know that darkness is only a veil.

Sealed in thine heart is brightness eternal,

waiting the moment of freedom to conquer,

waiting to rend the veil of the night.

Some I found who had conquered the ether.

Free of space were they while yet they were men.

Using the force that is the foundation of ALL things,

far in space constructed they a planet,

drawn by the force that flows through the ALL;

condensing, coalescing the ether into forms,

that grew as they willed. (Source)

Listen to the Full Tablet Here


VIMANAS Ancient Flying Machines