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The SECRET to Achieving PEACE, LOVE, and HAPPINESS. ~ A Message of Cosmic Light

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The Secret to Achieving Peace, Love, and Happiness. ~ A Message of Cosmic Light

The Secret to Achieving Peace, Love, and Happiness. ~ A Message of Cosmic Light

Blessings Family of Light,

Much Love and Many Blessings Coming your Way, We have made it through the Lion’s Gate. WooHoo. The Cosmic brilliance is everywhere. Let Go and allow these magnificent Energies to Cleanse your entire being. This Brilliant Light brings forward the Old Hurt from Past experiences, were you were the Victim. Now is the time to forgive all of the built up Pain, from all of that hurt. Forgiveness is the Key to true Healing, and Peace. When we Forgive, We let go of all the Blame Games, and the stories of all the hurt and judgment. When we do this we allow Grace to flow freely into that area of our Lives. Flooding our Beings with Peace, and Healing our Bodies. Look inside of your own heart, is there something that you regret, or are judging within yourself? Or, are you withholding Complete Forgiveness of someone else? Lack of Forgiveness only hurts yourself. It’s the moment to let go of all that hurt and pain. This is letting go of the Ego mind of Judgment. Forgive with all your heart Unconditionally. You will find yourself engulfed in Grace, and resting in Pure Ease of spirit, Which is living in true peace. This is where the Healing comes in, of our Physical selves.

Our physical Bodies have been receiving a lot of Trauma these last few weeks, These energies have been very intense. If Forgiveness is not in your vocabulary, then the hurt and the pain is intensified. Our Bodies are sacred vessels, for us to experience life. So, we must honor it, cherish it, and nourish it. The cells of our bodies, remembers our ancestors. Our DNA is a data base of information from our families. We are our ancestors. This cell memory, can manifest unexplained emotional baggage in our lives, Which can cause illness, and disease. We must learn to forgive even our ancestors, to heal and cleanse our own bodies.

Taking care of ourselves includes not only caring for the physical form, but also caring for our Mind and spirit as well.

What is Unconditional Love, and How do we achieve it?

Love Is a Choice, it is a Choice to have total unconditional compassion, Respect, and forgiveness of others. Their are many forms of Love, But to be Unconditional isn’t so easy. Unconditional, is as a Mothers Love for their new born child. she would give her life for that child. This is the purest form of Love. If this is Lost in someway, it is because of Programing from the outer world. The child knows Love through the safety of the mothers arms, through her love. This is in all creation, Every Mother even in Nature, will give her life for her child. The more evolved the animal is the more Love is given, or the more conscious it becomes. The Parents Love for a Child is the Strongest, because of a Combined Love which is Intensified. This is the Highest form of Love, that the human form can have in the moment. We see Within the Family Unit, that no matter what that child does in their life, that parent will love them Unconditionally. This has been taken away from us through outside programing of the darks Agenda, manipulating and even enforcing separation of the Families.

It is Hard for anyone in a Relationship to Have this Unconditional Love for Each other. But it is Possible. This Means Total Respect, Compassion and Forgiveness of Each other. This Is Done Through Total Honesty, And never wanting to harm the Other. With All Three Qualities, Being present. RESPECT COMPASSION AND FORGIVENESS. When you respect a person, you do not wish to harm them emotionally or physically. You understand that they have their own journey in life and you are not there to try and control their path. You understand that everyone has boundaries that should not be crossed. In this it is Good to have Ground rules for the relationship, for example: You would never cheat on that person. If ever that issue came up you would end the relationship. as not to cause unneeded stress on each other. Just be Kind to one another. It Can Be Done. Compassion and Forgiveness must also be there. You must understand that, We are all Human and Make Mistakes, and that Drugs and Alcohol are a big problem with Relationships today. But, If you truly LOVE the Person you are in relationship with. You would not, Stray in anyway. Period. Just follow your own ground rules. This is also very good guidance for Twinflame Relationships, which tend to be the hardest to bare.

Love must be remembered. You must remember what it was like to be Loved, protected and Nurtured. When you can remember this, you must share it with everyone you meet. I will refer to an ancient story of Jesus washing the stranger’s feet. He was in total service to others. in anyway he could be. He cared for them and nurtured them, even if he never knew them personally.

This Is the Love we Must learn to show others that we meet. In this day and age, we probably wouldn’t wash there feet, But we should definitely smile and greet them with kindness. Having Kindness for others is a Form of Love. Kindness includes service if needed, If asked for help, then Help in the best way possible for the situation. This is Showing Compassion. If your neighbor needs your assistance, have the integrity to give a helping hand. This is being of Service. We have a choice with every person we meet, to be Love. When we are BEING Love, We attract that same energy back to us, we begin to see others sharing their Love with us, You actually begin seeing that pattern of behavior everywhere around you.

One Of the Biggest Questions in the World Is, How Do I Find Happiness?

We Remind you to PLAY.

Sometimes we become so responsible, so serious, so caught up in life’s drama’s, that we forget to play. Playing like a Child is considered spiritual practice. Especially while in Nature. When you are laughing, Dancing, Singing, Being Creative through art and crafts, Or even playing games with friends, you are actually communicating with this Universe. This energy is telling the universe that not everything is a struggle, and allows the creation of more Fun in your life. It also creates a positive happy connection with God. Of course Meditation and Prayer is beautiful connection, but we often forget to be happy. Happiness and smiling, is contagious, and spreads like wildfire. This is Sharing Joy with others.

When focusing on these energies you allow the Light, To bring more Peace, Love, and Happiness into your lives, Making this Journey of life Much Easier. We are not meant to suffer, When we are suffering we our putting the energy out to the universe that this is what we want in our lives. By Having simple forgiveness, we can Change everything, and create Peace within. Which Reflects to Our Outer World. By Being Kind and of Service to Everyone we Meet, we bring more Love into our Lives. And, By Allowing ourselves to Play, We bring more Fun in our lives which Allows Us to BE HAPPY. We are also Raising our Vibration to Meet God's, Being as a Child. With the Combination of becoming more Peaceful through forgiveness, Remembering Love, and By Having Fun,, we are actually becoming the Light.

This Is No Longer a Secret or hidden Knowledge, Spread the Love and Light.

We Love you so much and, We are Honored to be the Light.

A Message of Cosmic Light. Channeled By Chellea

Thank you for Watching Universal Lighthouse. In Love and Light.

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