The Seven Seals of The Apocalypse, Are Being Broken... Can We Stop it?

The Seven Seals of The Apocalypse, Are Being Broken... Can We Stop it?

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

Today I am being Guided to disclose the truth behind the ancient prophecy, The Seven Seals of The Apocalypse.

There has been many prophecies that have come and gone and never materialized. However, there is a very ancient Prophecy That most people in this World know about and greatly fear.. I first wish to claim that I am not trying to cause Fear, but help others become aware and awake to what is actually happening on this Planet. Through the series the Extraterrestrial interference, I have been trying to disclose The manipulation that has taken place against Humanity. When it comes to This particular Prophecy, everyone believes it has to do with the Forces of God, but does it really?

The Seven Seals of the Apocalypse are one of the Most Feared Prophecies of all time, because it represents a time of great sorrow and destruction according to Christian beliefs.

The prophecy of the Seven Seals is one that comes to us from the last book of the Bible, Revelation.

It speaks of a time when apocalyptic events destroy the world as we know it.

During that time, seven seals will begin to be broken causing different things to happen to humanity and this earth.

I do wish to disclose My personal opinion about this Prophecy and the Bible in general. I know that the Dark has used the Bible for their Control and manipulation from its beginning. The Ancient Kings were also manipulated by the Reptilians. Those in power have always controlled all publications of any texts that have been released to the Public, and that included the Bible. It has been manipulated greatly and has been used as a tool of Fear and control for hundreds of years. The Book has lost any purity that the original texts, may have once had. I feel that the dark have used it to plant the Seeds in humanities consciousness to allow them to take full control, by using this prophecy to do so. They have brained washed the Christians into believing that this must happen, and to just sit back and wait for Jesus to come back and save them.

The prophecy begins with the Opening or breaking of each Seal which causes havoc to humanity one way or another.

The first Four of the Seals is what is referred to as the Four horsemen of the Apocalypse.

In Christianity, the four horsemen, according to the book of Revelation appear with the opening of the first four of the seven seals that bring forth the cataclysm of the apocalypse. The first horseman, a conqueror with a bow and crown, rides a white horse. Many have translated the White horseman as the one who brings pestilence and disease. The second is the Red Horseman, who is given a sword, he brings war. The third is the Black Horseman, and he carries a balance scale, and symbolizes famine. and the fourth horseman rides a pale horse and is identified as Death.

Recently Vladimir Putin in his speech just Mocked The West for Acting like God's Messenger. and also the Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev warned in an interview that the biblical Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are already on their way.

Do they know something we don't ? Are the Seals already being broken?

And who is actually breaking them?

Within the last few years we have witness a virus that has killed and destroyed our way of life.

is this the First seal being broken?

Many of us have refused to follow the mainstream narrative, and refuse to allow the Dark Scenario to play out. The Dark has used the plan-demic as a ploy to remove what's left of any rights we as humanity have. Then it's exposed that the US Leaders are behind the Biolabs and possibly the Wuhan lab incident itself. Is the Dark Ones breaking the Seven Seals? and are we Stopping the Prophecy by not complying with their agenda?

This is Something they didn't believe would happen. They believed they had us brainwashed enough to just roll over and allow for them to take full control.

Plus now it seems they are releasing more viruses because the first one didn't work good enough. and there are still many of us who have chosen to Stay Organic and not get their DNA altering shot.

If the First Seal was broken then the pestilence and disease didn't really work the way they had hoped,

Then they began pushing Russia into a corner, and it responded. They tried to Build the war up in the media and even pushed for it to escalate.

Was this the Second Seal? The War is losing its ground because people are no longer falling for the fake propaganda that is being pushed through western mainstream media. Humanity just don't want to fight anymore. Even Russia has been asking for peace deals to end this conflict.

Did the second Seal work for them? or did Humanities awakening change the prophecy.

It seems they are trying to open the Third Seal now. The Black horse of Famine. Here in America the shelves are becoming bare and the prices are skyrocketing. Is this their attempt at opening the third seal?

We do have a choice whether we wish to participate in the darks game. Their Plans for total control are being foiled by the Light. Humanity is waking up to the Illusions of the 3D realm, and opening their eyes and seeing all the manipulation that has been taking place since the beginning of our existence as a species. We are changing our reality by seeing the darkness in its true form. We are not bound by an ancient written prophecy. We are writing the New Story.

But to actually stop their plans completely we as the Lightworkers must continue seeing Truth. We must continue standing firm in Light and not allowing for the manipulation.

As I have stated before. As much as I too want everything to be pink lace and roses, It is not.

We as Lightworkers are here to hold the Light, and that Light brings truth at all angles.

As we move higher in consciousness and light we are ascending out from under the Darks control and manipulation. The Old Story has ended and is no longer our perception. We have changed our reality, by standing firm in the Light and in our Truth. and now we can write the new Story.

and so it is and it is so,

in so much Love and Light,

Chellea, Mystic and channel of the Aeons Sophia and Christos, The New Earth of Light Full Disclosure, Channeling and Gnostic Guidance. @


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