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The Surprising Benefits of Astral Projection (and how to get started)

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Get started with Astral Projection with leading altered states teacher Jade Shaw 👉 Transcend the limits of body, space & time: and ascend to the ultimate spiritual experience with astral projection. From soaring through faraway lands and alternate dimensions to discovering your life’s most important truths and answers: astral projection opens you to a multiverse of life-changing experiences. In this stage talk, Mindvalley altered states trainer Jade Shaw will help you discover the easiest, most rewarding way you can start exploring reality beyond your body - and the surprising benefits of Astral Projection you've probably never heard about. To go deeper in Astral Projection with Jade, take her 28-day training 'The Art of Astral Projection' 👉 ABOUT JADE SHAW Jade Shaw is a globally recognized expert in astral projection and altered states. Her classes, body of research, and contributions to various high-profile media projects have been instrumental in bringing astral projection into mass consciousness as a tool for personal growth and spiritual discovery. Jade takes a holistic approach to astral projection. In addition to numerous Western qualifications like an Msc in Transpersonal Psychology and a foundation degree in Movement Psychotherapy, she also studies with Eastern spiritual institutions - including a five-year stay in a Buddhist monastery to study dream yoga.


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