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The "Universal Theory" The CIA Wanted to Hide

The Genius of Itzhak Bentov | Cosmic Egg Theory (CIA Declassified)

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*Skip to 01:50 to go straight to the C.I.A Declassified document on Cosmic Egg theory. 00:03 - The Genius Of Itzhak Bentov 01:00 - Brief Discussion on Cosmic Egg Theory 01:50 - C.I.A Declassified | From Big Bang To Torus 03:55 - C.I.A Declassified | Our Place In Time 05:45 - The Flawed Logic Of Materialists (Neil deGrasse Tyson Gets OWNED!) #CIADeclassified #Consciousness #CosmicEgg Watch the Full GROANDEAF Podcast: --------------------------------------------------------------- Part 1) C.I.A DECLASSIFIED - The Gateway Experience: Brain Hemisphere Synchronization Part 2) C.I.A Declassified | Holographic Universe (The Consciousness Matrix) Part 3) C.I.A DECLASSIFIED: Intervening Dimensions (Traversing Time Space Reality) Part 4) C.I.A DECLASSIFIED | Advanced Techniques (Time Travel, Energy Healing, Manifestation) Part 5) C.I.A Declassified | Self Knowledge (The Final Chapter) --------------------------------------------------------------- Link to C.I.A Document: LINK TO THE GATEWAY EXPERIENCE: --------------------------------------------------------------- Itzhak "Ben" Bentov was an Israeli American scientist, inventor, mystic and author. His many inventions, including the steerable cardiac catheter, helped pioneer the biomedical engineering industry.[1] He was also an early proponent of what has come to be referred to as consciousness studies and authored several books on the subject. Bentov was fascinated by consciousness, in particular how it related to physiology. In his 1977 book, Stalking the Wild Pendulum: On the Mechanics of Consciousness, he wrote that "consciousness permeates everything". He was a very inventive person, but also a person who was not the type you would normally think would be an inventor. He was a very spiritual person, he did meditation, he was a very soft-spoken person. He was interested in how the brain worked and actually attached electrodes to his head which were connected to a function generator in which he could change the wave shape and the power and learned about how the brain interprets these different frequencies.[6] — John Abele Bentov's invention was a seismographic device to record the heartbeat, in particular the aorta's reverberations. Marc Seifer described the results: "During normal breathing, the reverberations in the aorta are out of phase with the heartbeat and the system is inharmonious. However, during meditation and when the breath is held, the echo off the bifurcation of the aorta (where the aorta forks at the pelvis to go into each leg) is in resonance with the heartbeat and the system becomes synchronized, thus utilizing a minimum amount of energy. This resonant beat is approximately seven cycles per minute, which corresponds not only to the alpha rhythm of the brain but also to the low-level magnetic pulsations of the Earth."[8]


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