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The Tsunami / Jesus/Jeshua Through Judith Coates

a message from Jesus/Jeshua

channeled by Judith Coates Saturday, 6 March, 2021


Beloved and holy and only Child of our heavenly Father, Child of the one Source, Child of Light, divine. That is who you are. Take it deeply within the consciousness and contemplate what that means. Child of Light, divine, from before time began. Allow yourself to feel radiantly alive, putting aside all of the thoughts that you have come in with, all of the thoughts that are as baggage, putting them aside and just breathing, feeling the breath of spirit.

Now, shall we have some fun this evening? Of course. It is your divine nature to be happy, to be radiantly alive, to have the smile on the face, the eyes that twinkle, saying, “I am happy to see you, I am happy to be here, I am happy to be divinely alive.”

So in this evening we are going to ask, “How does it feel to be that wave coming up off the ocean that we spoke about last time we met in this way? How does it feel to be the spirit of energy, divine Light energy, coming up, expressing for a while—a short while, a long while—expressing the divine nature of you? How does it feel to come truly alive in that spirit?”

Because as the wave of energy that you are, you can be quite peaceful, just lapping at the shore perhaps, or you can be quite tumultuous and feeling from the power of the physicality of the wave. You have watched the waves. You have gone on the boat and felt the energy of the wave pushing the little boat or the big boat or sometimes what is called the ocean liner that goes on the vast ocean and you did not feel much of any movement, except that you could see some of the waves. You could feel and imagine when you were in the middle of the vast ocean; you could feel an energy that you are.

Think you back to a time when you were on the ocean, and think you to the energy of the ocean with…as you are seeing the waves on the ocean perhaps being stirred up a bit by the wind and you wondered, “Where is that energy coming from? Where is it going to take me? Where are we going?” as you would feel the storm perhaps approaching. And you have been feeling that in the events of your human life in this time. There are all kinds of messages, all kinds of rumors of peace and of tumult. And you have wondered, “Are we going to come through this?”

Well, yes, one way or another, of course you are. But there are times when you are out on the vast ocean and you can see the waves being stirred up by the wind. That is happening right now with your societies, what is happening with what your square box brings you the news of. It is what is happening in your drama of human life. There is much that is being stirred up to ask of you, “How do you feel about this? Do you feel peaceful within? Can you keep the peace within, and looking out, watch everything else that is going on?”

It takes some breathing. It takes some focus of saying, “I know where my center is. I know the energy of my life, and I choose either to ride the waves of energy that are being stirred up with quite a big wave or to come to the place of peace within.

There is much that is changing. There is much that is in movement within your own mind with what you look upon and how you judge it to be. There is much that is happening around you that you can feel, that you are privy to, and it feels that it is coming upon you, and sometimes you feel you have to shake it off and find that place of peace within.

That place of peace is always with you. Anytime you feel the need to be aware of it, what do you do? You take the deep breath, and it brings you to that place of being more centered. And if the energy of agitation –“they say” and this other person says and this other group says—comes at you one more time, you breathe and come to that still- point within you that is always there. That is you. That is the spirit of you, and never can you lose it. Never can it be taken from you.

So do not worry, no matter what you come through, no matter how the waves seem to come up and how tall they are, and you feel that you are going to be overcome by a wave of energy of a thought, of a fear. The body may fear, but the spirit of you abides in peace.

Allow yourself always, when you feel a bit of the tumult that is going around you and sometimes within you as well, to take that deep breath, to feel the peace that comes with the deep breath. It is something that you have known many lifetimes, how to come apart from the world; coming apart not into pieces, but coming apart from all of the chaos that i