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There is No Turning Back! It's Happening Now! - Cosmic Light Update MAY 2022

There is No Turning Back! It's Happening Now! Cosmic Light Update MAY 2022

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Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

We have Been being bombarded with so much Solar activity that there is No Turning back Now!!! The Light Codes are coming in very fast and We are Processing them much quicker than ever before. However, these extreme waves of Light has also caused a major boost within this Ascension.

"These Solar flares, solar winds, and coronal mass ejections have been Divinely orchestrated to cast away the dangerous energetics, and the protective shielding of our magnetosphere is being repaired."

It's Happening Now!

Cosmic Update 26 April 2022 - The Energy Of The Flow by Dr Schavi - DNI (

The magnetosphere of our continuing “en-lightening” and swiftly vibrating Earth/Gaia was filled earlier in the morning (Eastern Daylight Time) with dense particle waves while solar wind traveled at over 400 km/s.

At this moment (10:36 AM), the density of the particles has slightly lessened, but wind speeds, however, are above normal traveling at approximately 416.4 km/s.

Another solar wind stream from a coronal hole located directly towards our planet is scheduled to reach our orb on Saturday, April 30th—the same day as the New Moon and Solar Eclispe.

However, because cosmic events have their own “consciousness”, the wind could build-up and flow in strength and greater kilometers per second at any space/time moment. Because we are only a few days away from the new lunar energy and eclipse of our Sun, cosmic vibrational frequencies will certainly elevate. Whenever the wind's are relatively slow-moving and in normal ranges, and particle waves lessen in pressure around our planet, and when solar flares are low in potency (“A-Class”, “B-Class” and lower numbered “C-Class”), these are when our physical vessels, emotions, and mindsets can pause until the next powerful flow of energetics begins in solar flares, solar wind, and coronal mass ejections as each of these events brings particle density and pressure to our magnetosphere.

For those who are new to this information or who need a reminder, the MAGNETOSPHERE is a field surrounding our planet which attracts charged particles from the Great Central Sun which then sends them to our Sun and on to our planet.

This requires that our planet have a very active internal system.

However, when the magnetosphere is damaged due to it being engulfed with a collective human consciousness of disharmony one of whose examples involves chemical experimentations which infiltrates planetary “consciousness”, dangerous distortions in its protective capability occur which allow unnecessary dynamics from beyond our solar system to enter.

Thus, not all cosmic energetics are advantageous to our planet.

As has been discussed previously, this is where the mercy of SOURCE FREQUENCY enters the cosmic picture.

Rather than allowing mankind to destroy itself with dire experimentations, SOURCE is performing a sacred transformational action to “disarm” the potential danger.

Solar flares, solar winds, and coronal mass ejections have been Divinely orchestrated to cast away the dangerous energetics, and the protective shielding of our magnetosphere is being repaired.

We, too, are being “repaired” by being given a gradually increasing crystalline frequency rather than being kept solely carbon-based.

Mainstream science—which sometimes discovers knowledge that is astounding and which is not in their textbooks—has found that the high energy of solar flares, for instance, activates DNA in the mitochondria (which carries information throughout the nervous system).

This portion of our DNA accepts photons (LIGHT) more advantageously. We are , therefore, moving away from electricity (or electro-magnetic frequencies) being the main way of sending messages throughout the aforementioned nervous system.

Therefore, solar flares are encoded messages, and in this new “Now”, LIGHT AND SOUND TRANSMISSION AND RECEPTION has become our primary method of communicating cosmic messages to us and from us.

The flares and coronal mass ejections are types of photonic oscillations (movements of energy) from spiritual atomic frequencies (angels).

They have “ADI SHAKTI” (“Primal Power”, “Life”) taught in the ancient Vedic scriptures and whose powers are described in other world scriptures as well.

Let us remember, for example, a teaching about the Sun from the biblical verse in “Malachi 4:2”: “The Sun will rise with healing in its wings”.

Another very interesting teaching is from Sri Gautama Buddha when he revealed one of the twelve vows of the “Medicine Buddha” as being: “To awaken the minds of all sentient beings through the transference of LIGHT”.

Traveling back further through time, the ancient Kemetu (original inhabitants of Egypt) referred to the Sun as ATEN which translates as “Solar Disk”.

The LIGHT from the Sun was called RA.

One of the aspects of SOURCE was known as AMEN-RA which translates as “Hidden Eternal LIGHT”.

They recognized that SOURCE has numerous attributes or characteristics.

They did not worship a plethora of “Gods” and “Goddesses”. This is a mis-teaching primarily of the Western philosophical framework which must be corrected.

The Sun was one of the attributes of the ALL.

It was not worshiped. It was honored.

One of the healing therapies of the Kemetu was to hold a clear quartz crystal pointed on both ends—one point was towards the Sun and the other point was towards the part of the patient that was challenged— and then allow the rays of the Sun to bathe that portion of the physical vessel for several minutes.

The transmission of LIGHT from the Sun into the patient created a healing energy. In so-called “modern times”, quartz crystals are used in various kinds of technology from watches to computers to spacecraft. So much of what mankind thinks it has newly discovered was already known in ancient times. Unfortunately, modern mankind has misused much of the ancient knowledge and is paying a consequence for having done so as well as for telling untruths regarding certain ancient cultures whose lineage walks our planet in this “Now” and whose DNA is from beyond this planet and is connected to many other galaxies. Technically, everyone is from someplace else beyond Earth/Gaia.

However, there are those whose ancestral DNA heritage holds advanced knowledge. As cosmic events back off and then surge forward in the coming hours and days, “Light Activation Symptoms” will lessen and then seemingly suddenly arise again.

This process allows us recess prior to further downloading and upgrading. Many have learned how to “ride the waves” while they are incoming and how to acclimate to them once they have arrived. Some of the symptoms to be aware of as the cosmic energies announce themselves are the following: headaches (sometimes feeling like a migraine), dizziness, congested sinuses, stomach issues, heart palpitations, anxiety, feeling drained of energy, lack of hunger or thirst, sore muscles and joints, strange dreams, awakening between 2:00 AM and 4:00 AM and having difficulty getting back to sleep, heat sensations, tingling in extremities, not feeling like doing the usual daily activities (work, school, community service, etc.), forgetfulness, clumsiness (constantly dropping things), anxiety, and more.

Please remember, not everyone will experience all of these symptoms.

The more that our cellular records are cleansed and cleared of debris from the ancient or recent past, the less the symptoms occur.

This is because greater LIGHT is able to enter our system without hindrance.

Everyone, however, must learn how to relax more and how to allow the energy of the flow to elevate our individual and collective consciousness.

If you have not been writing in a journal, consider doing so.

Your experiences during prayer or meditation or daily activities may have vital messages for you.

Also, please review the article on the GLOBAL ELEVATION MEDITATION for April 30th.

We want to draw forth enhanced “EN-LIGHTENMENT”.

Cosmic Energy Upgrades by Judith Kusel @

We are stepping in huge and accelerated cosmic energy Upgrades and vastly accelerated ascension processes.

Expect the unexpected.

All will intensify as you span dimensions and suddenly find yourself pushed forward so that you can step into the fullness of your soul’s mission and purpose, as all starts falling into place.

You may suddenly be called to be somewhere else.

You may find your clairvoyance increases.

Information comes to you, and suddenly all is crystal clear.

I was leading a group meditation when suddenly I was surrounded by the galactic and universal masters in such a powerful way, that they were there in their true form, and indeed here, present as I was fully present in the 7th dimensional frequency, at the time. Such has never happened so powerfully ever before!

We are being prepared for even greater and more powerful shifts.

Release the old and let go of the ego.

You are in the new creation.

Intuitive Astrology Forecast for May 2022 - Forever Conscious

The cosmic energy of May 2022 feels thick and heavy. There are so many energetic influences swirling through the Universe, and we may have to take extra steps to manage our energy levels and keep ourselves in a state of balance.

The two main astrological events of the month are the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse and the move of Jupiter into Aries for the first time in 12 years.

The Blood Moon Eclipse is a Total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. It peaks on May 15/16, depending on your timezone. A Blood Moon Eclipse is the most potent we can experience and represents a powerful transformation. Blood Moon Eclipses are highly prophetic and can activate our soul contract, bringing about situations that catapult our soul to the next stage of its evolution, sometimes quite abruptly! There is no doubt, we will all be feeling the effects of this Eclipse!

Jupiter moving into Aries will set the tone for most of the year ahead. Jupiter will enter Aries on May 10, staying until October when it will move back into Pisces for one final short stay. As Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, we definitely feel it when it moves into a new corner of the zodiac!

Jupiter in Aries brings a fresh new energy into the collective consciousness and gets us thinking about new beginnings. This energy is highly energetic and innovative.

As there is so much energy unfolding, I walk you through all the key astrological events of the month below. Ultimately, however, May is going to be a turning point month. We may feel stretched to our limits and both weary and excited by any transformations that may come our way. It is also likely we will experience the ending or closing of a chapter in our lives this month.

Your M