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There is Only"One" Way To Escape The Illusion

There is Only"One" Way To Escape The Illusion.

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

I know you have been told this before, But do you take it to Heart?

All you have ever been taught Is False, a fabrication. From your educational system, to the religious organizations, to Politics, all is a massive Hoax, to sway your emotions and to control your way of thinking in all aspects. They use the Media to enforce these certain ways of thinking. As long as they hold your attention on fighting and separation, they have you. All those lost in this Illusion will not make the ascension. Many Lightworkers themselves are still caught up in fake propaganda rather than focusing on the Inner work that's needed for this ascension. Yes we must stay alert, to all agendas happening in this moment. But, the point is to not get caught up in those agendas. I have said it before nothing of the government is going to help you, so stop looking to them for guidance and salvation. Stop looking to a political party to save you, Stop looking to religion to save you, and stop thinking your Education or career is going to save you. These are the agendas of the Dark, looking for a savior outside of the God within. There is Only "One" way to escape this illusion,and it's by remembering the Love that we are. We do that by going within, and Connecting to Source Light. Once you reach that point you then realize that you are the "One" who is creating your own reality, and creating the Matrix itself which you were imprisoned, through your emotions, words, thoughts, and actions. In these Moments the 3D reality is all about the Fight. The Problem is Many wish to Fight Darkness, and The only way to fight Darkness is with Light. There is really No Fight at all from the Light, There's No Need, It's more Like a vanquishing. Light is the Energy of Source. Even What you have been told about the Eternal Battle of The Light and Dark is all an illusion. Darkness is who Fights and Battles against the Light, The Light Does Not Have to Fight it Just exists, and vanquishes all Darkness when present. Now please understand, that if your Rights are being infringed upon By your Governments, you do have a right to fight for yourself and your families in this physical reality, you are a sovereign being and it's your Right to Choose whats best for you. However,The Light is not Political, or Religious, and doesn't have a doctrine or some degree. The Light is Pure Unconditional Loving Light, and does not need to Fight to win anything. Darkness is the Illusion, it is the Veil of forgetfulness, it is the fight. As this forgetfulness is replaced with remembrance, Humanity will awaken to their truth of who they really are. Nothing of this 3D world is who we are. we are not our doctrines or degrees, we are not any political point of view, we are an infinite spirit that is eternal.

We have had many lifetimes on this planet, and in each Life, you are given the chance to grow in the Light. This is our true educational, religious and political stand point. When you awaken to your past experiences, you begin to see patterns of the learning process. You can actually see what the Higher-Soul's intentions were, for the Life it chose to live. It has nothing to do with anything that is happening on this planet at the Time of the Life, it all has to do with your personal inner advancement. Your spiritual advancement is what is important in these times. We must let go of the need for some one else or something else to save us. The earth Herself is rising to be a higher vibrational planetary body. All who wish to reside here will need to raise in their vibrations as well. To do this you must advance towards the unconditional Love Frequency. Our Emotions, Thoughts, Words and Actions are what emits our vibrations as Humans. The Highest Vibration we can emit is Love which is Service to Others.

Their are 3 levels of The Higher dimensions that Humanity is entering into. The Lowest Level is that of Forgiveness, If a person can have simple forgiveness for Others, they will enter the higher 4th Dimension, this is where most of humanity will be, once we enter the Higher Realm.

The Next Level is that of Service to Others, Many people have a service to Others mentality where they give of their Time and energy to Others, in most cases this reflects into the careers they choose. This will be those of the second Level of Consciousness.

The highest level of consciousness that is happening within the 5th Dimension is the Ones who are in total Service to the ALL. This means the Planet and all of Humanity. In all cases we are also the Other Levels as well. These are your Lightworkers and waysshowers who spent their years trying to awaken Humanity, to this ascension and to their connection to the All. These will be the Ones who will be the Light Grid workers for the Earths Movement through the Photon Belt, and into the Earths Future Timelines.

The Earth is in this ascension and she is the One who is helping us as humanity make the decision to step into the Light. Most have already made their choice of which path to Serve. By serving the Illusion you serve, the Darkness. When we choose to serve the Light, we let go of all the old programing of this 3D reality. We no longer wish to serve fear, hate, fighting, separation, and greed. We wish to Become the Light which removes darkness by just our presence. There is no more Fight. All is within Divine Will, and moving towards a better way of being.

The dark agenda is to keep you separated from knowing your truth and acting on your truth. As Light beings we are far more powerful, when we go within, We receive Sources Guidance. When we are following something outside of ourselves, we are not following Source Light. Especially when whats outside of us wants us to go against our nature and our spirit in these times, by causing the Fight. Stop and question what you are fighting for, Freedom? A Better Way of Being? Source gives us these things from within, not something we are fighting for or against outwardly. This is were they have many trapped, Many think they need to change the 3D to enter the higher dimensions, this is another false narrative. Nothing of this 3D world will be part of the New Earth of Light. All who are real lightworkers know that Things like Money and control systems are not part of the higher dimensions. there is no Need. All will be abundant and free. This is The freedom you desire, this is the Better way of being you desire. You can not change the Old way of being into something New. It must be dissolved in the Light. You must let go of the Old Paradigm to move forward. Don't let your emotions be what holds you back from your ascension. Don't allow your ego to be what stops your spirit from advancing in the Light. Remember all Change must come from within first, before it's reflected outward into our world. Light is Love is Truth is Freedom, Light is not the Fight, It transmutes that energy to Love, Peace and Unity. There is Only One way to escape this Illusion, and that's Through becoming Love, by your forgiveness, your service to Others and your service to this Planet.

We are so much More than this 3D perception of ourselves. We are a piece of The Infinite consciousness that is this Multiverse. We are truly "One".

and so it is, and it is so.

In so much Love and Light,

Channeled Through Divine Light. By Chellea @


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