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They Are Using Spells and Symbolism to Control Your Mind - The Extraterrestrial Interference (P11)

They Are Using Spells and Symbolism to Control Your Mind - Part 11 of The Extraterrestrial Interference

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

Today I am being Guided to Disclose How the Dark keeps Control over Humanity.

Many of you are aware that The Elites of this world do Rituals to Summon the Dark Entities known as the Archons also known as Reptilians. This Work is done by using very ancient Spells and Magic. But The Dark ones also use their Magic against Humanity and This Earth.

One of the main ways the Dark holds on to control of so many things is the Spells that they Do, and the symbolism that they have projected towards Humanity. Most people in the world today are in total Mind control and are completely oblivious to what is happening to them. Every day we come in contact with Spells and symbols that alter our way of Thinking. The News Channels, TV shows, and Commercials you watch and hear, to The Billboards you see going down the road, everything is a spell down to the colors they use, which are also tools they use to alter your way of Feeling and Thinking.

Spells and Symbolism are everywhere we Look, The Ones who wished for control use their Magic in everything they Do. It's on every Logo, every Building, and every sign. The spells and Symbolism is constantly in our faces. They Use Symbolism for the Purpose of giving Power to their Spells. However, Symbols have been used since the beginning of our Known history, all the way back to Pictographs and hieroglyphs. The pagan understanding of Symbolism is for the Use of Power. Each symbol has its own Unique Power and can be used to push certain Energy by casting the spell it holds upon the unknowing victim. For example, every person in the USA, has a spell cast upon them by the Money they carry in their pocket. The Symbolism on the Dollar Bill is a perfect example of this. The pyramid and the all-seeing eye is their Structure and they Use it to keep us enslaved. They are at the top of the Pyramid and we are at the Bottom holding it all up. As long as you back the Dollar you back their evil plan of enslavement. This is the Darkest secret of all, The more money you have the more you project the Spells and symbolism of the Dark Ones.

Everything we touch can put out energies into our Merkaba field, and when you do it willingly, you are complying to the spell that they have cast.

There are ways to counteract the spells and symbols that we all have been subjected to.

Spells can not be broken just by asking God to do it for you. Spells must be countered or vanquished through Actual Lightwork or Light Magic if you will. Light or White Magic's main purpose besides Healing and protection is the Nulling of the Dark energies. This can be done through Positive Symbolism.

A Positive Symbol can be an image of a Dove, a Trinity Knot, The OM Symbol, and Even The Reiki Symbols that are Used for Healing. These types of Positive symbols also can be placed around us to help Block any vibrations coming in from the dark Symbolism that we are exposed to every day. Some people Use Crosses for Positive work, but I personally do not feel this is a positive symbol because it projects the Energy from the Ones who Killed Jesus, Not Jesus' true Energy that he himself symbolized as a dove.

However, The Dark Ones have Used Spells and